Friendship is all You Need

Chapter 3

I've been mentally writing this all day.

The meaning of this chapter is to make you cry, or at least to make you think about your life. Enjoy.


Pinkie Pie happily galloped down town. A gleeful grin brightened her face, letting all of Ponyville know that she was indeed happy. Her mane was in its normal state: tangled and knotted from top to bottom. Her shiny blue eyes were opened as wide as plates.

Today, she had a very special duty: A party. Cheese sandwich and she agreed to team up to throw the ultimate birthday party for Scootaloo. And she wasn't about to disappoint the young filly on her big day.

Right now, she was on her way to the schoolhouse, the one that Scootaloo went to.

When she entered the schoolroom, she was greeted by Cheese Sandwich and about twenty fillies and colts.

"Hi, Pinkie!" Cheese Sandwich exclaimed.

"What's up, Pinkie?" Scootaloo slanged, hoof bumping the pink earth pony.

Just as Pinkie was about to reply, Fluttershy opened the door, and entered the classroom.

Scootaloo grimaced. Fluttershy slowly and carefully walked over to the snack bar, while Scootaloo watched every move.

A low growl was heard from Scootaloo's throat.

"It's her." Scootaloo said darkly.

'It's who?" Pinkie asked. "Fluttershy?"

Scootaloo growled again.

"Pinkie, could you ask her to leave?" Scootaloo requested, perking up.


"I want her gone."


Pinkie gave a worried expression, and trotted up to Fluttershy.

"I think Scootaloo wants you to leave. I have no idea why. But since it's her birthday, do you mind? I'm so sorry." Pinkie whispered to Fluttershy.

Scootaloo felt rage build up inside her. She groaned, and stomped over to Pinkie and Fluttershy.

"Leave." Scootaloo demanded to Fluttershy. "NOW."

Just then, Applejack joined the conversation, and walked over to the group.

"What in tarnation?" She said. "Why are ya'll arguing?"

"I just want Fluttershy to go." Scootaloo stated.

"Why?" Applejack asked.

"Fluttershy, just go! I don't want you here… Not after what you did to my sister."

"What do you mean?" Fluttershy questioned.

Scootaloo's eyes watered.

"You let my sister die!" Scootaloo yelled. "You stood there… Knowing my sister was dying…And yet you did nothing…You just let her fall to her death."


"Scootaloo…I…I'm sorry. I didn't know that it effected you that much." Fluttershy explained.

"GO! GET AWAY FROM ME! MONSTER! I HATE YOU AND I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Scootaloo raged, face red, and tears streaming down her cheeks like a waterfall.

Fluttershy ran out the door, also crying, and yelling "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry!".

An eerie silence fell over the classroom, every pony starring at the screaming filly.

Scootaloo scoffed.

A large tear rolled down her face.

Then, she dashed out the door.

All of the other ponies stood around, and looked at each other awkwardly.

That night…

Rain fell from the sky above, wetting the land below it.

And on this rainy night, Scootaloo sat at a gravestone planted at the Ponyville graveyard.

She sobbed, holding her head with her front hooves.

Thunder crashed and boomed.

But the young Pegasus couldn't hear it.

All she could hear was her own pitiful self. And nothing else. All outside noises were blocked.

Etched on the gravestone was a carving of Rainbow Dash's cutie mark, a lightning bolt, and the following words:



Scootaloo began to talk to herself.

"It's not fair. My own sister is violently ripped away from me, without any say in the matter. All I wanted was a family member. Someone that I could say 'I love you, big sis.' To. But now I can't. I'll never have that chance again. My life is ruined. What do I have that's worth living for? Nothing." Scootaloo said out loud.

She had nothing to live for.


That's it for this Ch. I'm sorry of you didn't cry. I did. But I'm sensitive. Oh, I have a twitter account! Check me out. ( MLP_SuperNova )