It was 5:15 by the time Isaac reached Brattleboro. However, it wasn't the bright, buzzing Brattleboro Isaac remembered. There were no blue skies, no musicians playing on street corners. Instead there were grey skies, and the silence was almost deafening. From what Isaac could see, there was no traffic, no people walking the streets, not even the sound of buzzing electricity from a transformer could be heard with Isaac's wolf hearing. He kept walking for another 5 minutes and right as he got to the police station, he saw why there wasn't any life in Brattleboro. Bodies filled the streets. Isaac checked on one guy with red hair, he was still alive, but barely had a pulse. He checked a girl that was laying about 12 feet from the guy. Same thing, alive, but with a dismal pulse. What the hell happened here? It's like something sucked all the life out of everything in the to-, Isaac gasped and his heart skipped a beat, HE'S ALIVE!, his inner voice screamed at him. He picked up his pace, speeding passed all the unconscious people laying in the streets and in their cars. Than he came to the church next door to the library. The same library where Andrew bound his sister's powers. Well... what was left of the church. It was in ruins. The only thing still standing was the stairs, but even they had seen better days. They were scorched and broken in different places. Isaac thought it was weird. Could a storm have done that much damage to the church? Or did Andrew blow it to kingdom come after he got freed. Isaac walked on, but made a mental note to try to find the cause of the church's destruction.

"There's evidence that I knocked out everyone in downtown Brattleboro and you're not the least bit concerned?", asked "Andrew" materializing behind Isaac. "Go away.", said Isaac still walking forward. "Why? You know it's true. I wonder what Scott would think about me just randomly knocking people out? Or blowing up a church? Can't say he would be pleased about that. Scott doesn't seem the religious type, but just the fact that I blew up a place people hold sacred... I think he would be quite upset with me.", explained "Andrew" still following Isaac further downtown. Isaac tried ignoring him and walked a bit faster. "Why are you walking away from me? You know I'm right. You know in the back of your disturbed little mind that Scott would cast me out of the pack if he learned that I'd harmed innocent people. I'd have to leave Beacon Hills, maybe even California altogether, than you'd never see me again.", said "Andrew" keeping up with Isaac, even almost passing him. Isaac broke into a full on run at human speed. However, once he got to Malfunction Junction, he was brought to his knees by an intense headache. He leaned forward, groaning and holding his head, he could barely make out what he was hearing. Sentences overlapped each other, some were louder than others, some were just whispers in the breeze. There were also visions of Andrew, both in his stone form and his human form. Isaac could hear Andrew cry, scream, whisper, and shout Isaac's name, but couldn't tell from what direction. The only thing louder than the voices was the thunder booming right above Isaac's location. When he'd finally had enough, and his rage had finally become too much for him to bear, Isaac shifted, leaned back, thrust his arms outwards to his sides, and let out such a loud roar, the windows in the nearby Co-op vibrated, some cracked, others shattered. That's when lightning shot down from the storm clouds above him and struck him in the chest, knocking him unconscious. The last thing he saw was a fleet of Andrews looking down at him.

Meanwhile, Scott and the rest of the pack were almost to Vermont when they decided to pull into a rest stop to stretch their legs a bit after being cooped up in cars all day. Malia and Stiles walked over to an old oak tree and talked about the dagger they found in the hotel door earlier that morning. "We have to show this to Derek.", said Stiles. Malia raised an eyebrow, "Why?", she asked. Stiles gave a quick sigh, "Because, that dagger is extraordinarily similar to the one that was almost used on his sister.", he explained. Malia thought for a moment than, without saying a word, started walking over to Derek despite Stiles' protests because he knew she was going to be extremely blunt about it. "Hey, Derek, look familiar?", she asked tossing the dagger over to Derek who caught it by the hilt.

Derek looked the dagger over and his jaw dropped, "Where did you find this?", he asked. Malia adjusted her stance, "In the motel door this morning. Along with a cryptically written note. 'We're watching you'.", she explained using air quotes. Derek looked to Stiles and saw a corner of a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket and sped over to him to grab it. "Hey! What the hell?", said Stiles after being startled by Derek's sudden appearance next to him. Derek reached into Stiles' pocket and grabbed the note and read it. "Do you know who wrote this?", he asked staring Stiles' down. Stiles furiously shook his head, "No. At first, we thought it might have been that guy from last night, but he didn't seem the type that would go around stabbing notes to motel room doors.", he said. Derek turned his gaze to Scott, "Does this mean what I think it means?", he asked. Scott shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. I didn't even recognize the dagger, at first. The only thing that tipped me off was the symbol engraved into the butt-end of it.", he explained. "And when were you gonna tell me?", asked Derek. "When I had more to go on. Andrew said that the original owners of those daggers were all wiped out. That means anyone could have ended up with one of those daggers. It doesn't automatically mean it's Nykolas. He left Vermont, remember?" Scott explained.

Derek rolled his eyes, "Scott, he could have been lying. He could have just ran off and hid while we made our way out of town.", he said. Stiles intervened, "Why is this upsetting you so much? Nykolas was never even after Cora. It was a ruse just to get to Andrew.", he explained. Derek took a deep breath and calmed down a little, "I know. I just... I don't like the idea of being stalked by someone who can literally make the trees attack us.", he said. The pack remained silent for a time before deciding it was time to get back on the road again. Derek didn't say anything the rest of the ride to Vermont. He just kept turning the blade in his hand, thinking of the different and violent ways he could return it to Nykolas.

Isaac opened his eyes to a room completely dark accept for the spotlight he was laying in. The air was moist, but dead. It was almost like being stuck in a cavern under a lake. Isaac sat up and looked out into the darkness, hoping to find something that would give an indication as to where he was. That's when Isaac started hearing footsteps. First, they ran around the room, than stopped. Isaac than heard whoever or whatever it was turn on their heel and start running directly for him. Isaac braced himself as best he could, but was confused when the footsteps stopped at the last minute; right before they entered the light. Isaac could tell that whoever or whatever it was, they were still standing directly in front of him; he could just feel their presence in the air. Not knowing what to do next, "W-Who's there?", he asked sounding like a horror movie cliche. Suddenly there was a pair of glowing turquoise eyes starring back at him from the darkness.

"Andrew? Andrew, is that you?" Isaac asked getting to his knees. However, that's as far as he got, for the tattooed arm of whoever was there shot out from the darkness and wrapped their fingers around Isaac's throat. "Andrew,", Isaac gasped between words, "It's me, Isaac.", he said still gasping for air. Suddenly, the arm drew Isaac towards the darkness, than flung him backward into the shadows. He landed with an audible thud and started coughing. The rest of the body attached to the arm finally came into the light. "How do you know my name?", asked Andrew, now visible in the spotlight. Isaac was shocked. Not just by the fact that Andrew wasn't a statue anymore, but the blonde half of his hair was now electric blue and his clothes were not the ones he was wearing the day he "died". Instead, Andrew was wearing finger-less, leather gloves that came to his elbows, a sleeveless leather vest, polyester tights, and knee-high leather boots. The entire outfit was black leather with blue trim. However, as new and intimidating as this look was, it was the belt buckle that Isaac noticed the most. It was a bloody thorn with a black "I" in the middle.

Isaac was speechless. "I will ask you one more time. How do you know my name?" Andrew asked stepping toward Isaac, his eyes still glowing turquoise. "I know your name because you were my boyfriend. Don't you remember?", said Isaac slowly getting up to his feet. Andrew looked down at the ground as if the earth beneath this booted heels had the answers, his glowing eyes darting back and forth. However, just when it seemed like Andrew was finally going to come to his senses, he looked back at Isaac, his eyes narrowing on him. "I don't know what you're talking about. I only dated one man after Liam. And it sure as hell wasn't ANOTHER werewolf.", said Andrew walking past Isaac back into the darkness. "Oh, really? Who was that?", asked Isaac beginning to feel upset but still wanting to retain control over his emotions. It was taking everything for him not to just breakdown right then and there.

"Me.", said a slightly familiar voice. Suddenly, a fire started on one side of the room, where the floor meets the wall, and than started spiraling upwards against the walls. That's when a pair of well-dressed legs came floating down through the hole in the ceiling. The well-dressed legs became a well-dressed body, only to finally reveal who had spoken mere seconds ago. Black hair, black suit with green trim. Isaac recognized the face immediately, "Nykolas.", he gritted through his now fangs, his sadness now warped into anger. "Isaac, so lovely to see you again. I trust you slept well? I hope the floor wasn't too uncomfortable.", he said landing on a high platform. "What have you done to Andrew?" Isaac asked, his eyes now glowing their usual bright yellow. "I've done nothing. This is Andrew's doing. When I freed him from his stone prison, he was lost. He had no recollection of what had happened from his time with Liam to now. So, I took him under my wing; I helped him understand his abilities as an incubus and how to use them for good and not evil and eventually, we fell in love.", explained Nykolas wrapping his arm around Andrew's shoulder and kissing his forehead. The happiness on Andrew's face not only utterly disgusted Isaac, but it enraged him. Without giving it a second thought, he completely wolfed out and lunged at Nykolas.

However, Isaac's fiery anger was quickly extinguished by a blast of ice that caught Isaac mid-air. He wasn't completely frozen, but he couldn't move his arms or legs. Nykolas and Andrew started laughing. Isaac was so angry that he was almost in tears. Nykolas clearly had Andrew under some sort of spell. But, what was he supposed to do? Nykolas blasted a hole in the wall and as he and Andrew stepped through it, for a split second, Andrew looked back at Isaac, who than let the tears flow once Nykolas had resealed the room, filling it with darkness once more.