Authors' Note: Well this is my first story actually published in like forever. I've been working on stories in the last few years but really sporadically and never to the site. So hopefully getting feedback on this will help me out and get me back into the swing of things. As you can probably tell I've been playing a lot of The Old Republic and these are my ideas on what should have happened in it. I already have at least one other snippet idea in the works. So enjoy.

Snarky Light-Side Smuggler for Killed In Custody

"I can't use this!" Cried Paus. "This completely ruins my story!"

At that statement the Smuggler looks at Corso, they share a look, and the Smuggler then turns back to Paus

"So you're telling me that a journalist can't make a story out of a holo recording of a son of a prominent family admitting to being a high level member of a crime syndicate?" The Smuggler asked, while leaning against the nearby pillar. At that statement Paus stopped in the middle of his wallowing and thought about it.

"...Right…." He said after a few seconds. At that the Smuggler rolled their eyes.

"Journalism is dead."