"Elena Dreyar, she's your Master's ex-wife." Natsu says with a hint of venom in his voice while looking at a shocked Mira. The old geezer used to be married? Yes he has a son and a grandson, but the most common thought was that the son was born out of a one night stand with Porlyusica. Although he seems like a perfect Gramps for a rowdy family, nobody really could picture him being married.

"Who would be able to put up with the old pervert?" Mira asks herself out loud. Natsu let out a soft laugh at those words, making Lucy look at him worried. The laughter sounded sad and broken.

"She put up with him for a lot of reasons." He says softly, his gaze faraway. Mira could finally see what Erza was talking about. His visible eye was hollow and devoid of emotion, the kind of eye(s) only war veterans and people put through the hardest and most gruesome experiences have. She looked at his blonde companion. Her eyes were still bright and her thoughts and emotions could be easily read from them, worry in this case. Looks like the blonde wasn't around during whatever happened.

"Natsu…" Lucy called softly, trying to get his attention. Natsu's eye focused again and he looked at her.

"Sorry about that Luce. Anyways Goth Girl," Natsu asked while focusing his attention on Mira again. "could you please get your Master, I still need to deliver a letter to him from Elena."

"My name is Mirajane Strauss, not Goth Girl." Mira replies in an annoyed tone. It's bad enough that she has to be called that by Fire Crotch, she doesn't need a stranger calling her that as well.

"My apologies, could you please bring your Master up Miss Mirajane?" Natsu asks again politely.

"There won't be a need for that my boy, I'm right here." An old man the size of a toddler says while walking inside, Erza following silently. The tiny guy has a bushy mustache and two tufts of hair on the side of his head, sporting a smile. 'he matches the description.' Natsu thinks while observing the old man. He may look old and fragile, but his eyes betray his power and wisdom. Natsu gets up slowly, minding his cuts, and takes a letter out of his scarf before handing it to Makarov.

"Elena asked me to give this to you." He says before seating himself next to Lucy and pulling a plate towards him. Lucy looks at him for a second before sighing and grabs his scarf.

"We'll bandage you up again before we start eating." She says while effortlessly dragging him to the nearest bed thanks to Natsu playing along, not wanting to get into another argument, or get sent a mile away thanks to the tumultuous water beam of an angry mermaid. Once was enough, thank you very much. When Lucy looked around for the bandages, Mira sighed and pushed the girl back to the food. Her thin frame worried both Erza and Mira enough already without her skipping out on food.

"I'll take care of your boyfriend, you just go and eat." Mira said a bit gruffly. Lucy sighed before seating herself again. "He's not my boyfriend. While he may be cute when he smiles, he's not my type." Lucy replies tiredly, as if she heard the 'boyfriend' comment too much already. Erza looked a bit aloof and curious at her reply.

"Then what is your type?" she asks, hoping to have some sort of friendly conversation with the stranger. Having small talk with people that either view you as uptight or just plain out fear you isn't that easy. Lucy looks at Erza with a mischievous smile, before answering her question in a slightly too loud tone.

"My type are mischievous little kittens who try to listen in. You can come out now." Lucy says with a smile. A girl shyly peeks her head into the doorframe before stepping into view with a smile. She has silver hair that barely reaches her shoulders and bright blue eyes that look kind with a hint of mischief. She wears a red dress that reaches mid-thigh and black knee socks. "I'm sorry for listening in, but it seemed interesting and everyone has their questions." She says in a tone that's anything but regretful. It's most likely the complete opposite. But there's one (not so) little thing that caught Erza's attention.

"Does that mean you're…?" she wants to say the obvious conclusion, but her embarrassment doesn't allow her to ask. Thus, the great and wonderful Mirajane Strauss decided to make it less awkward.

"So, tits or ass?" she asks bluntly while slowly taking care of Natsu and bandaging him.

That didn't help at all, but thank you for trying. Maybe it's because she's holding her drool back while letting her fingers skim more than necessary over the Natsu's delicious abs that boys his age shouldn't have.

"That's a stupid question in my opinion. What good is having is having a large bust or a lovely sculptured behind if it's out of proportion with the rest of your body? I prefer a well taken care of body instead of one asset." Lucy replies in return, and somehow making the conversation less awkward.

"Amen to that." Makarov mumbles while tossing a parchment to his pink haired visitor. The boy catches and quickly reads it, his serious gaze faltering and getting a softer look the further he goes down in the letter. When he's finished, he lets out a sigh and closes his visible eye in resignation.

"That damn woman just had to go and handle things that way, didn't she?" he asks in a rhetorical tone while looking at Makarov with a tired gaze. The old man just laughs and nods his head, seemingly lost in old memories. "That she does. I honestly hoped that she'd tone down a bit, but it seems like that didn't happen. May I ask whether you'll do what she asks or not?"

At this point everyone save the two men aren't able to follow the conversation that seems to take place like they aren't there at all. Natsu puts his feet on the floor before walking towards Makarov. He stops in front of him and holds the gaze of the old Guild Master for a while before sighing.

"I have quite a few demands that will have to be followed so that it'll work out and to minimize possible damage ." Natsu breaks the silence with a grin. Makarov shows the same sort of smile before taking him by the shoulder and leading him to the balcony looking over the lower floor. The girls, not wanting to feel left out, follow him as well and see a completely quiet Guild Hall staring back at them.

"You have probably already noticed these two children causing a bit of commotion on their arrival and probably wonder who they are and where they come from. To answer your question, the two of them used to be under the care of my ex-wife, whom the council will probably come asking about in a few days." The people downstairs start murmuring and gossiping among themselves, the hot topic being 'Master used to be married?!'. Hey, it's Fairy Tail, they always get bothered by the council about something and most people have a dark past here. So the fact that nobody knows what the hell Makarov's ex-wife had been doing all this time is easily overlooked.

"Sadly enough is Elena no longer in a position to take care of the two brats, so I decided to take them into the guild since they're practically family of all of us!" Makarov shouts the not so surprising surprise out. While the cheers signal the start of the Welcome party, the old guild master turned his attention to Natsu.

"Well then my boy, what is it that you need, besides what my dear Elena already wrote down in the letter." He asks cheerfully. Natsu looks with a smile at Makarov.

"Give me an office, a rune mage and some privacy and I'll make sure my services are available to the select few you point in my direction."

"Hm, and why would I allow something as shifty as that?" Makarov asks curiously. Natsu lets out a fake sigh before handing him a stack of papers out of his cloak… again. Makarov reads it for a few seconds before his eyes widen and his mouth falls open in shock.

"That is just the tip of the iceberg. I'd have more if I had the things I requested. So, do we have a deal Gramps?"

"… Freed, get over here! I need you to do something for me!"

While Natsu is no doubt doing something shady together with Makarov and Freed (who had to swear an oath to write the runes exactly as told, without any loopholes. Just for safety measures, it's not like Natsu's paranoid or something.) Lucy sat downstairs, trying to answer as much questions as she could.

"Are you guys from a dark guild or something?"

"Are you really lesbian?"

"Are you and Pinky together?"

Yes it's true, for some reason the fact that Lucy might be lesbian is more important than the fact that they might be raised by a Dark Guild. To be honest, I don't know what expect from them either. But let's return to the story right after Erza made everyone deaf in her everlasting quest for order.

"Uhm, to answer a few from your questions I'm not dating Natsu, I'm not lesbian," some of the men (and a few girls) groaned at that "I'm don't really have a preference for boys or girls." Cue loud and perverted cheers while a few start having nosebleeds.

"As for the Dark Guild part, I can't answer that question." Lucy exclaimed loudly, silencing most of the people who weren't in their own perverted world. Feeling the stares on her Lucy decides to explain. "I'm not from Natsu's former guild. I started travelling with him a few weeks ago." She says with a smile.

"Then how did you guysh meet?" a voice from above asks. Lucy looks up to see a tiny blue cat flying around her head.

"You guys have a cat that can talk and fly?" Lucy asked with a surprised expression. The only response is an "Aye!" from the happy cat. After shaking of her shock, she stares at him with what can only be called 'cuddle eyes'.

"Oh my god, he's so cute!" she says excited while the one year old kitten comes down into her arms, already plotting to use his 'cuteness' to get more fish from the blonde stranger. Some people start laughing, remembering their first reaction to Happy the flying and talking blue cat.

"Sho how did you two meet?" Happy asks again, wanting to know how the clueless little blonde girl that probably knows nothing of the world started travelling with the guy that had the hair color of his favorite fish.

"Let's see, we met each other a little over a year ago…"

(not so) Epic fun story flashback time!

March X778, Heartfilia Estate

A lonely Lucy sat on her balcony with a book, the sounds of the festival in the next town could be heard all the way to her bedroom. With a sigh she looked up from her reading material and towards the direction of the pleasant noise. Her dad didn't allow her to go out at all and her mother wasn't healthy enough anymore to go together with her. One of the maids and butlers could take her, but then they'd be fired by Jude Heartfilia. Why couldn't anything interesting happen to her? As she pondered that question she saw a blur of pink landing in her room with a crash. With a baffled look she regarded the pink haired boy that at the moment is trying to get his head out of the thick stone wall.

"Hgrmmmphhphphph." The boy said, the wall clearly not allowing him to talk properly. With a giggle, Lucy grabs the boy's legs and starts pulling.

"Don't worry, I'll help you." She says to calm down the boy, even while she's not sure that said boy understands her. But to her surprise, the boys hears her and puts his hands on the wall right next to his head.

"On three, push as hard as you can. Ready?" she asks, getting an impatient thump against the wall as a response.

"I'll take that as a yes. 1, 2, 3." With strength the little heiress didn't know she had, she starts pulling the boy's legs. The boy's head gets out of the wall pretty easily, but smacks down on the floor instead. Lucy lets his legs go in surprise and carefully takes a step forward.

"Uhm, are you alright?" she asks carefully while examining the boy who entered her room by unusual means. His pink hair stands out, together with the black cloak he wears. It's pretty warm right now, why does he need it?

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for helping me out." the boy says with a large grin, before looking around confused at her room. The girl sighs and lets him explore for a bit while she starts looking in the direction of the village again. With another sigh (she seems to be doing that a lot today) she closes her window and turns around, only to see the strange boy staring at her.

"Are you alright?" he asked confused, not really knowing why the girl sighs. The girl looks at him and flashes a sad smile.

"I'm fine, just wishing that I could go to the fair in the next town." She says honestly. The boy starts thinking, before showing a devious grin. The one that spells trouble and mayhem for all. Lucy backs up a bit carefully.

"Then lets tell your dad where you're going and head out." he says with a confident look.

"It's not going to work, he'll never let me out." Lucy replies tiredly. She would know, she tried over and over again to get out. The boy lets out an laugh and takes her hand.

"Trust me, you'll be on the fair within two hours tops." He says while pulling Lucy towards her door, only for it to be opened by an angry man in an expensive suit with a mustache.

"What is going on here?! Why is there a commoner child in here?!" he shouts angrily. Lucy makes herself smaller and hides behind Natsu, who is still holding her hand and keeps smiling.

"Oi old man, you know where I can find this girl's dad?" he asks without flinching at his face or voice.

"I am her father and you are somewhere you're not supposed to be!" he keeps shouting angrily.

"Riiiiiight." The boy draws out the word like he doesn't really care. "Anyways, I'mma take da gurl heya to da fun place ova' yondah, problem brah?" he asks in the most irritating way possible, because let's face it, Jude Heartfilia is someone that rubs us all in the wrong way.

"Absolutely not! I will not allow some commoner to take my daughter outside for some boorish things you might consider fun!" Jude shouts at the boy who only shrugs.

"Alright, time for plan KFC then." He says with a shrug.

"Plan KFC?" both Lucy and Jude ask confused. The boy just nods before taking off his cloak and draping it around Lucy. He then shows a grin before throwing down a smoke bomb, blinding everyone in the room, and quickly picks Lucy up and throws her over his shoulder. With crazy maniacal laughter he jumps off the balcony (which is on the third floor) and runs towards the wall. Lucy, too stunned to really react sees her mansion growing smaller and smaller before disappearing behind the wall that divides the property of the mansion with the forest behind it. When Natsu puts her down, she turns and sees him talking to two men.

"Why would we give you money?" a guy with an afro asks with a smile.

"Because I wanna take uhm… what's your name actually?" he asks the girl he kidnapped.

"Lucy Heartfilia." She mutters surprised.

"I'm Natsu. Anyways we need money so that me and Luce can have fun at the fair we passed this morning." Natsu says with a huge grin. The two men look at each other before laughing and handing him a roll of bills.

"Here ya go, have fun kid!" the guy with the afro says.

"And don't blow everything on food." The other guy adds with a teasing grin. He's bald and wears an eyepatch, but is a bit taller than the Afro guy.

"I won't. thanks Johnny and Yusaku." Natsu says with a smile before looking at Luce.

"Now then, let's get going to the fair!" he says excited. Lucy looks dumbfounded at him.

"You did all that just to get me to the fair?" Lucy asks surprised. He just nods and holds out his hand.

"I told ya, I'd get you there in two hours tops. It should only be an hour walk if we hurry." Natsu says before taking Lucy's hand and starts walking. She just follows with a smile and waves at Johnny and Yusaku, who see them off with a smile.

"Thank you Natsu." She says with a huge beaming smile. Natsu just grins and laughs.

"No problem, I keep my promises after all. Still, Operation KFC is a success!"

"What does Operation KFC stand for?"

"Operation Kidnap the girl with Force if necessary and stay with her at the fair until it Closes."

"Those are too much words for those three letters!"

"I know, I picked KFC because it sounded yummy."

Lucy had no answer for that, so she did the only thing her mind could come up with at that time. She started laughing at his logic. Natsu looked at the girl who looked a bit gloomy when he crashed into her room (Thanks for that Yusaku) and started laughing as well. He didn't know what brought the giggle fit, but if she's happy that's good enough for him.

End of Flashback

"And that's how Natsu and I met." Lucy ends her tale. Everyone looks at her amazed in silence. Mirajane was the one who broke the silence.

"Is he an idiot?" she asks while trying to process the story. 'At least he's a cute idiot with nice muscles.' She thinks for herself.

"He's not stupid, he just lacks common sense." Lucy answers with a nervous smile.

"Aye." Happy says… well… happily.

'Aye indeed.' The whole guild seems to think.

I'm back after a half year long Hiatus. I apologize for those waiting but I had to deal with quite a lot lately which didn't give me enough time to write. Anyways, I apologize if the chapter is a bit subpar (it's been a while since I could write) and I hope you enjoyed. This is Kurasabe, signing out