It's been a week since Natsu and Lucy joined Fairy Tail, and a few things went better than expected according to the worst case scenario Makarov came up with (if you lead the most destructive guild in Fiore, it becomes something of a second nature. You know, to estimate the bills and accounts of destroyed property each month). Lucy fitted right in from the start, her open and sunny demeanor winning the heart of many. The strange combination of using Celestial keys and using Gun Magic to support quickly became a topic of conversation with some members, some about the strategic value and others about whether they could talk the girl into wearing a cowgirl outfit to go with her guns. Makarov may call the ones he hear talking about the outfit perverts, but secretly he wants to see it as well, the rotten pervert.

While he looks over his children from the top of his perch he starts thinking about the other child that arrived, Natsu Dragneel. It's been almost four days since he left the office he was given, nonstop trying to re-establish some of the more legal connections Elena's guild had with fences and information brokers. The only one that got to see him was Lucy when she brought him meals and for some reason Happy. Probably because the runes are only effective against humans and never said anything about flying cats. Besides the boy could use some kind of company. Maybe when he's finally done whatever he's doing in that room he can talk to the other members of the guild and get out of his shell.

"Natsu Dragneel, come out of that office! I demand a rematch, excuses be damned!" Makarov and most of the guild looks to the angry Erza Scarlet being held away from the door by the runes Freed wrote for him. Ever since that incident in the infirmary, Erza wanted a rematch to reinstate her dominant position from before. The iron rule she had in this guild was slipping little by little out of her grasp with each act of defiance coming from the new kid. It doesn't help that Laxus and Mira use this as ammo against her, driving her even further up the wall. Lucy just sighs and walks to Erza, a polite smile on her face.

"Come now Erza-san, Natsu is busy at the moment and his wounds probably aren't healed yet. Are you really going to force an injured person to fight?" Lucy asks in a cheerful tone, making Erza remember her hand coated in blood after their first encounter. As she was about to respond, the door swung open, showing Natsu with a carefully guarded look. Without saying anything, he brushes past Erza and looks at Lucy with a little smile.

"You found it at last?" Lucy asks in an excited tone. Natsu just nods and looks at Makarov.

"Oi old man, I'll be gone for a few days so don't wait up for me." Natsu calls out ignoring the silence that suddenly accompanied the guild. Happy lazily flies over to the boy and lands on his shoulder, intent on going along with him. Natsu is pretty fun when it's just the two of them and now he's going on an adventure! Who knows what he'll get to see with his new friend.

"Where we going Natshu?" Happy asks happily. Natsu shows a frown before taking Happy off of his shoulder.

"Somewhere that the Magic Council won't like to pick some stuff up, so it'll be dangerous." Natsu says seriously, hoping that the cat realizes it's better that he won't come along. But sadly enough it has the opposite effect.

"You're going on a treashure hunt?!" happy shouts with glee, imagining the adventure in his little head. He knew that his new friend would do something fun!

"Oi oi, if you're going to do something like that I want in as well." Mira says with a cocky smirk while walking to the mysterious boy. A punk like her sometimes has to break the law 'And spend some alone time with the cute boy, maybe see how long it'll last until he'll worship me and do my every whim.' Yes, Mira is still in that stage where boyfriends are those who do whatever she wants. We all had that one phase in our life where we thought that a cute person gushing over you without any personality whatsoever is the best kind of lover (or are still going through it).

Natsu sighs before looking at the punk girl. "Are you some kind of idiot? I'm going to retrieve items and money from a recently captured Grey Guild, making it illegal to possess them and using that for my own gains. Furthermore I'm an ex-member of that guild, which means that if I get captured and you're seen with me this guild could very well be shut down as well." He lectures Mira in an annoyed tone, letting it sink in what exactly could happen if things go wrong. There's a reason Natsu isn't carrying the guild mark yet.

"So IT ISH a treashure hunt!" Happy yells like his dream just came true. See, his friend really is amazing, exploring the land and finding old treasures. Maybe they could go and look for legendary fishes after this! However, the eldest Strauss is not so easily deterred as well.

"Pff, you're talking like the Magic council is after you because you were in some scary guild." She says while trying to hold back her laughter. This kid really is cute, trying to scare her into not coming along.

"I'm going after the Vault of the Howling Wolves." Natsu says in a serious tone, watching the girl's expression going from amused to a combination of nervousness and annoyance.

"You're joking right?" she asks in a shaking tone. The dragon slayer just removes his right gauntlet and shows the ruby bite marks on his forearm, before putting it back on.

"I do not joke about things like this. The only kind of people I'm willing to take are those who know how to be silent, efficient and that understand the value of necessary evils. Sadly I haven't seen anyone here that fit the bill." Natsu says before turning towards the door, dropping Happy in Lisanna's arms.

"Sorry little guy, but this is going to be dangerous. How about we go on an adventure of our own once I get back?" he says in a kind and gentle voice. Happy looks at Natsu with tears in his eyes and a paw stretched out.

"Promise?" the little cat asks his new friend. Natsu shows a huge toothy grin before shaking it.

"Promise. I'll see you in a few days Happy." He says before looking at Lucy, his smile turning into a smirk. "I expect your crappy aim to have improved by the time I return, Luce." He says before turning to the door and walking outside.

"Oh shut up and get yourself arrested Pinky."

"You wish Princess!" Was the last thing they heard before the doors closed behind the mysterious child the guild has taken in. Maybe they should start to reconsider their 'everyone is welcome' policy…

Nah, if they did, at least three quarter of the current members wouldn't have been able to find their nakama here.

Out of the city and on the road leading into the forest, Natsu lets out a happy sigh, his features visibly relaxing. Shifting his backpack into a more comfortable position, he resumes walking while thinking about the moments he took a break and observed the guild. They certainly were a special bunch with all kinds of clashing personalities, yet they were as close as any family could be. Though there were a few who really caught his eye. Shame the bandage isn't allowed to come off of his right eye yet, he really should see a doctor to assess the damage.

First of all the annoying redhead who keeps trying to break the door open, Erza Scarlet. So he's able to fend her off while still injured, big freaking deal! She's acting like he screwed her over in the worst way possible. Or more likely she feels threatened by the new guy who's possibly just as good as her. 'She hasn't seen anything yet. When I'm back to 100 percent I'll fight her. Hopefully she'll shut up then.' Natsu thought annoyed. The people who he talked to over lacrima might have found it funny to hear the redhead shouting about how he 'should fight her if he's a man' and such but it served only to giving him a headache.

Speaking of headaches, there's the white haired punk/goth (seriously, which one is it?) who obviously is trying to flirt with him and trying to turn him into her follower. The girl, Mira she was called he thinks, is evidently engaged in some kind of rivalry (or it could be called a power struggle) with the redheaded 'knight'. 'Those two are the perfect example of Order versus Chaos.' Luce's comment rings through his head. Yet she obviously cares for her siblings and takes care of them well. 'Maybe the whole rebel attitude is some kind of stress relief for her.' Natsu concludes his thoughts about the Gothic Punk girl. 'Is that even a legitimate style?' the dragon slayer lets out a dry chuckle when he notices himself using all those big words Elena tried to teach him.

Which brings him to the third person that caught his eye. Laxus Dreyar, grandson of Makarov and Elena and someone pretty guarded. From what Natsu could observe, Laxus is always surrounded by three other people, a vain woman, a crazy guy who uses Seith Magic and has the guild mark on his tongue (I really hope they sanitized the stamp after using it on him. Who even wants his tongue tattooed?!) and Freed, the polite guy who wrote the runes for him. He'd have loved to take the Rune mage with him, but he probably follows the rules religiously, or Laxus. It's quite unnerving that no one ever noticed that he was out of the office except for hi- Natsu's thoughts where interrupted when a particular scent caught his nose.

"Shit, should've known they would follow me." He silently cursed before running into the forest, seemingly disappearing into the foliage. Not noticing the totem floating up in the air a bit above him, covered in runes.

Further behind on the path Freed lets out a sigh, dismissing the runes that connected one of his eyes with the sight of one of Bixlow's babies. "He somehow noticed us following him but not the totem and ran into the forest. What shall we do Laxus-sama?" Freed asks the leader of their group walking a few steps ahead of them.

"You guys double time it and head towards the next town on this path. I'll contact you if I end up somewhere else with the new kid." He orders before sniffing the air subtly.

"And what're you gonna do then?" Bixlow asked, somehow able to talk coherently while his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. The grin on Laxus' face turns into something almost feral.

"I'll be hunting the kid down in the woods."


Nature had seemingly fallen quiet for the last hour, aware of the two dangerous predators playing cat and mouse with each other. One brave little bunny decided to put its head out of his little bunny hole to see if the danger has passed, only to duck back inside quickly to avoid a stray lightning bolt. Laxus scoffed as he missed both his target and dinner, taking a deep breath to calm down.

"I know you're here kid, just come out and I won't hurt you… much." He said the last word in a near whisper but Natsu still heard it. There was something bothering him, something he seemingly forgot. But what was it? It had to do with Laxus, but the main focus was- Natsu's mind shut down for a second before an evil smirk crossed his face. He silently kept moving in circles around Laxus, throwing his voice so that it seems like he's talking from another position.

"You know Sparky, those are some interesting sorts of magic you use. A normal person would've been thrown off of my trail already. But you're not a tracker, not an animal so that leaves enhanced senses. But how oh how could you have gotten those?"

Laxus is straining his ears to try and hear where he's coming from, keeping his nervousness at bay with anger. It can't be possible that the little shit knows his secret!

"But then I remembered an interesting rumour that devastated Elena a few years ago, considering her son, Ivan Dreyar." Natsu continued, already hearing the telltale crackle of Laxus charging his lightning. With a roar the blonde boy throws a barrage of thunder to the far right of Natsu, missing him by quite a bit. Holding down the urge to gulp, Natsu keeps moving, trying to ignore the path of devastation Laxus' attack left.

"He was apparently a vain and selfish man that sacrificed his own team to get away safely from a dark guild. Those captured were either killed or sold in slavery. Yet he tried to play it off like he was the victim. For that he was exiled from Fairy Tail." Natsu was once again interrupted by a huge torrent of thunder right in front of him.

"SHUT UP! You know nothing!" Laxus roars, his pupils slowly disappearing.

"But the second reason no one in the guild knows is apparently a huge buzz in the underground community. Ivan bought a lacrima filled with Dragon Slaying magic and implanted into his own son, hoping to turn the little boy into a powerhouse." Natsu kept talking, trying his very best to stay calm. But that proved useless when he felt Laxus' magic rising farther and farther up with each roar of anger. Abandoning any sense of stealth, Natsu started running as fast as he could, breathing already labored from the previous exercise. 'I should've stayed quiet and just leave my cloak somewhere as a distraction.' Natsu thought dryly before turning around as he felt the magic pressure increase even further. A deafening roar filled the sky as Freed, Bixlow and Evergreen could see a dome of thunder destroying part of the forest.

The smell of dinner and a campfire slowly roused the dragon slayer from his slumber. Letting out a yawn he looks at the night sky, admiring the stars for a faint moment. "What the hell happened?" he asks himself softly.

"Glad to see you're awake Sparky." Laxus hears a dry voice besides him. The blonde turns his head to see the little brat he was chasing, clothes completely ruined and covered in burns and bruises. "By the way, you're paying for a new wardrobe. Seriously keep your leader's temper in check, Lightning Magic is really hard to master without his anger issues." Natsu comments to Freed, who is sitting Next to Natsu at the campfire, stirring in a pot.

"Oi oi, it's not his fault you know how to push his buttons. I've never seen anyone getting Laxus pissed enough to blow up a forest." Bixlow says while playing with his 'babies'. Natsu just smirks and shrugs. "What can I say, it's a talent." He responds before the two of them start laughing. While looking at the strange sighting of his team relaxing with Natsu around a campfire, Laxus tries to remember what happened.

As Laxus forces every ounce of his magic outwards into a destructive dome, Natsu is trying to outrun the destructive force. Though it seems pretty useless because the dome keeps gaining on him. While the pink headed boy is running, he's wrecking his mind for a way to gain a burst of speed. "That's it!" he yells excited before taking a deep breath, his belly blowing up like a balloon. He quickly jumps into the sky and turns around, praying that this won't blow up in his face.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu fires his signature attack to the dome, hoping the force behind it would propel him away from the blast radius. But sadly it wasn't meant to be and the dome starts crackling ominously before exploding.


"Still, the two of you must have had quite the grand battle to end up both unconscious and having caused so much damage." Freed comments before tasting the stew he was cooking. With a satisfied nod he takes some bowls and serves dinner. After giving everyone some the group starts eating in silence, no idea how to breach the main subject.

"So why the hell are you guys following me? Orders or voluntarily for some strange reason?"

Or we can forget the social awkwardness and just kick in the door with the subtlety of a rampaging dragon. Great job Natsu.