I Won't Say I'm in love

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A/N: Hey, guys. I'm back with a new songfic. This one is gonna be for Sailor Moon, using the song "I Won't Say I'm in Love" by Meg from Hercules. So here it is. ;)

One normal, slow, boring Friday, Serena and the girls were walking around town since they had a free day of non-fighting. They were headed into the Crown Game Center and were talking animatedly while Serena was walking faster than they were and bumped into somebody who was walking out.

"Serena!" The girls cried out.

She fell down onto the ground and looked up at the person that she ran into.

"Darien?!" she shrieked as she scrambled to her feet.

"Geez, Serena. Tone it down some, will ya?" Darien said, holding his ears.

"What are you doing here?"

"What does it look like? I'm leaving. Or I was until you bumped into me."

"Well, sorry. I'll just let you be on your merry way, then, your majesty." Serena stepped to the side and bowed dramatically.

Darien scoffed and walked away, slightly embarrassed that the girls had to watch their little spat.

Serena stood back up and smiled in triumph. "Ha ha. That'll teach him." She turned towards her friends and saw that they all had the same look on their faces.


"Oh, come off it, Serena. We know you and Darien love each other," Mina said smugly.

Serena looked at her in shock. "I do not!" She knew that wasn't true, but she couldn't them know.

Raye looked at her in disbelief and continued to taunt her. "We know you do. Meatball-head." She stuck her tongue out at Serena, which then led to their usual mini-war.

"Give it a rest, you guys," Lita spoke up. Serena and Raye turned their backs on each other with their arms crossed.

Amy shook her head at her friends' antics. "Come on, guys. Let's just go."

They all agreed and continued their walk, forgetting that they were going to the game center.

Serena knew she loved Darien, but she wasn't sure if he would reciprocate her feelings if she were to tell him.

So, in order to get her friends off her back about it, a certain song popped into her head, and she began to sing as she walked ahead of the girls.


If there's a prize for rotten judgment

I guess I've already won that

No man is worth the aggravation

That's ancient history been there, done that


Who d'ya think you're kiddin'

He's the Earth and heaven to you

Try to keep it hidden

Honey, we can see right through you

Girl, ya can't conceal it

We know how you feel and who you're thinking of


Ohh, no chance, no way!

I won't say it, no, no!


You swoon, you sigh

Why deny it, uh-oh


It's too cliché

I won't say I'm in love


Shoo-doo, shoo-doo. Oooooo-ooooh


I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming, get a grip, girl

Unless you're dying to cry your heart out


You keep on denying

Who you are and how you're feeling

Baby, we're not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad


Ohh, no chance, no way

I won't say I'm in love


Give up, give in

Check the grin you're in love


This scene won't play

I'm won't say I'm in love


You're doin' flips read our lips

You're in love


You're way off base

I won't say it (Girls: She won't say it, no!)

Get off my case

I won't say it


Girl, don't be proud

It's O.K. you're in love



Oh, at least out loud

I won't say I'm in



Sha-la-la-la-la-la haaaa

Once they finished singing the song, Serena turned to the girls and finally confessed to them what had been eating away at her heart for the longest.

"Okay. I admit it," she said. "I am deeply and madly in love with Darien. Happy now?" She puffed out her cheeks, waiting for her friends' responses.

The girls looked at each other, and then looked back at Serena with small smirks.

"Yes, meatball-head!"

They all laughed joyously and continued their stroll through the town.

A/N: Here's the end. I know the beginning and ending is kinda crappy, but I hope you all enjoyed it, anyway. This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Disney movies. I learned a lot from this song. It means a lot to me. I guess you could say I'm kinda like Meg, never being able to find the person who wouldn't hurt or betray me.

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