Raising Hell: Chapter 4

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"What is it that you want? I'm a little busy Jasper." Rosalie breathed.

Jasper stretched his back unnecessarily, peeking down at the two teenagers he took out.

"A couple of wolves crossed over our territory so I shot 'em with that cross bow Carlisle got me. I gotta say it's pretty sweet, shoot's way faster than that other one. Plus it's more sturdy, takes a lot more pressure to put dents in it."

"You don't seem phased that you just shot someone –should I be worried you're going to turn into some sick serial killer?"

Jasper could almost hear her smirking. He chuckled in response.

"I shot a lot of things while I was still human, I'd say I'm used to it by now." He waited a beat before continuing. "You gonna help me or what? I'd rather not carry them both."

"Oh right, right. You did have a point in calling me. Mm, I'll be there soon, you owe me."

The line went dead shortly after. And he counted the seconds until Rosalie arrived. He tilted his head, sniffing the air, noticing the scent of these wolves seemed completely different from the ones at the reservation.

"Well that's strange." He mumbled to himself while staring down at them. He did notice they were white. Purely, and lacking any form of trait that would make him believe they had a lick Native American in them.

He stared down at the wolf that was slowly shifting back into his human form. His skin prickling, bones deformed and it was almost too grotesque to look at.

"What the fuck are you?" He whispered in what sounded almost like fear. He was suddenly aware that he shot a creature that he had no rights to touch.

The girl he shot first was twitching. Her right arm coming back to life, he figured the wolfsbane was wearing off, either that or she was actually immune to a long term effect. Which was a problem…

Bella could feel the cloud behind her eyes as she worked her way back to consciousness. She could hear clearly and she knew someone was standing over her. She could hear how the wind seemed to shift around this person, creating a broad image of a man in her mind.

We're always getting ambushed, she thought.

Jasper stared down at the girl. Listening to her heart beat speed up to its regular interval, and he was tempted to shoot her again. But he didn't want to waste the darts he spent hours making.

"Why're you staring at them, let's go." Rosalie said, her hair in a low bun, and her body clad in a loose t-shirt and running shoes. She figured she didn't need to change into anything fancy just to go to the run-down reservation.

Jasper snapped his head up at Rosalie, surprised he didn't hear her approach.

"Getting lighter on your feet I see." He raised an eyebrow up at her before glancing down at the boy this time. Relieved his body finally looked normal and not like someone spilled acid all over him.

"I actually don't think they belong at the reservation. They smell, strong. Does that make sense?" He asked, truly curious as he glanced at the other blonde vampire.

"No, but we'll go with that. Just leave them here then." Rosalie suggested with a shrug, already turning back around.

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm sure they could just track our scents back to the house." Jasper gritted out, becoming frustrated with his "sister".

"Ok, so what do you want to do?"


"All of that talking for no reason Jasper, we could've done this earlier, instead we wasted time." Rosalie complained while carrying an unconscious Bella on her back.

Jasper and Rosalie were speeding through the woods towards the reservation where they decided they'd drop the bodies off at the border and make a run for it.

Though luck was not on their side that evening as they heard heavy footsteps approaching them at an increasing speed.

Jasper looked around the woods, the trees passing by in a blur but he could see the approach of the reservation mutts aggressively barreling towards them. So he stopped running and threw Emmett off of his back, not caring how he landed.

He smirked as one of the dark grey wolves leaped towards him, head butting him in the shoulder but Jasper quickly twisted his body, catching the wolf's head under his left arm, hooking it around until he locked it and squeezed the wolf's neck until it started whimpering and shaking.

And with the feeling of a shimmer the wolf turned into a young native boy who couldn't have been any older than the age of 17.

"That's enough Jasper." A deep voice echoed through the woods. Jasper only tilted his head slightly towards the voice.

"I think he deserves to have his neck broken actually." Jasper whispered, his eyes pitch black from the anger.

Surrounding him were 7 other wolves, two unconscious bodies, and Rosalie, who leaned against a tree, completely bored by the whole situation.

"Why are you on our land? You're aware of the rules." Sam, the Alpha, spoke.

"I was just returning something that I assumed belonged to you, I was just being friendly, then I get attacked?" He squeezed his arm harder around the boys neck.

The boy couldn't breathe and he was scratching desperately at Jaspers arm, hands shaky and his eyes bugging out of his head.

"Let Collin go please, he's a new member, can't control his temper yet."

Jasper rolled his eyes and grunted, squeezing the young wolf's neck once more before letting him go.

The boy dropped to the forest floor quickly. Desperately trying to get air back into his lungs. He was ignored by Jasper as the vampire stepped over his struggling body and walked back towards the wolves he shot earlier.

"I found these two by my property. Would you care to explain?" Jasper spoke, now facing the Alpha himself with one hand outstretched, gesturing towards the prone forms.

"I don't know who those two are." Sam spoke looking straight into the dark eyes of Jasper.

Jasper stared at him for a while. "Well, neither do we. We figured they'd be better off here anyway. So… ciao."

Jasper sprinted off and Rosalie watched him leave while rolling her eyes.

"Your brother's an asshole." Sam said to Rosalie.

Rosalie nodded. "I know." She glanced at the coughing boy who was still struggling to gain oxygen, then she glanced over at the two bodies that used to be unconscious but were now sitting up looking around curiously.

Sam stared at the two, a perplexed look on his face. To him, they smelled like normal humans, but it was obvious that they weren't. Or the vampires wouldn't have bothered bringing them to the treaty line.

"Stand up you two. State your names." Sam bellowed, the alpha command mixing into his words.

They just stared at him and looked at each other, the girl, shrugged and stood up. Looking only at Sam.

"My name is Bella." She nodded out of respect towards Sam. "And yours?"

"I'm Sam. I'm the Alpha of the pack."

She nodded while glancing at the members behind him. Some were still in wolf form, others standing half nude, arms crossed with pensive faces.

"Why are me and my brother here?" She asked.

The brother she spoke of had already stood up, arms also crossed. Their backs towards Rosalie who was staying only out of curiosity.

"You were brought here for some reason. Apparently you were considered lost so they returned you." He put air quotes around the words, chuckling at the stupidity.

Bella nodded and sighed. "Well we're not lost, actually we live around here." She looked around. "Somewhere around here." She nodded again.

Sam put his hands up in surrender. "I'm not forcing you to stay but… I'm curious as to why you were brought here in the first place. Are you also a shifter?"

Emmett looked at Bella with a confused look. The fuck is a shifter.

"What's that." Emmett spoke up. "Sorry, uh my name's Emmett"

"A shifter is what we call people with the magic in them. They're allowed to shift into the animal that would best protect them and the people they love against their biggest threat, so for example we're wolves so that we can kill vampires easily." He smirked while looking past Bella, and looking straight at Rosalie.

Bella didn't catch that there was somebody behind them, it was when she heard Rosalie scoff did she almost break her neck looking behind her.

And when she did her mouth fell open in shock. To her, Rosalie was a goddess just casually leaning against that tree. She felt her breathing picking up as she scanned Rosalie from bottom to top. Her eyes landing on golden eyes, and parted pink lips that later turned into a smirk that basically hypnotized Bella.

Soon the brunette was walking towards Rosalie slowly, while everyone watched with confusion etched on their face.

"Hi" Bella smiled goofily towards the slightly taller vampire.

"Hello" The blonde responded, her voice, to Bella, sounded what rich honey probably would sound like…. Wait no that doesn't make sense.

"I'm Bella, Bella McCarty."

"I know." Rosalie tilted her head, scanning the girl up and down.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Rosalie Hale." She held out her hand, palm down, and limp at the wrist. And invitation that Bella hadn't seen in years.

Bella smiled, and Rosalie's eyes caught the dimples on her cheeks and inwardly thought about how attractive this Bella was.

Bella gently took Rosalie's hand and kissed her knuckles. Rubbing them with her thumb afterwards.

"It's a pleasure."

And for a moment Bella and Rosalie just stared at each other, some type of connection was being made until Emmett interrupted.

"Hale? I knew a girl with that last name." He spoke, his memory of Virginia, slightly hazy but still there.

Rosalie looked over. "It's not uncommon" she spoke, dismissing him while her attention went back to his sister.

The wolves silently walked away, not seeing a reason to stay around any longer since it was obvious that there was no danger.

Emmett had his arms crossed, a pout on his face as he watched his sister basically pick up a girl in the middle of the woods. He had so many questions that no body really answered.

Like, were they considered shifters, vampires actually exist?, were they the only supernatural, or was everything he read as a kid, real. Witches, and fairies, all of these things, he wanted someone to tell him.

"How about you come with me, we can talk."

Rosalie spoke only to Bella, grabbing her hand and leading her out of the woods while Emmett walked slowly behind them.

He never liked that Bella trusted people so quickly, that's why he was always there to make sure she stayed out of trouble.

He looked down at the ground, watching his bare feet break twigs, and push muddy leaves further into the ground.

All three walked slowly through the woods. Rosalie and Bella speaking softly, and Emmett feeling left out and highly suspicious of this woman with the same last name of his childhood love.

When they broke the tree line they were already on the other side of the creek approaching the house made of nothing but windows. It was huge, nothing that Emmett has ever seen.

He was on edge, someone shot them down, dragged them into the woods, and here's his sister walking a long as if all of that didn't happen.

And who even was this woman?


Walking closer to the front door of the mansion Emmett could hear people footsteps, or what he thought were footsteps, moving at an extremely fast pace and all settling behind a blindspot by the door.

The blonde let go of Bella's hand before clearing her throat.

The front door opened and a middle aged man stood there. His hair was also blonde, slicked back in an almost sickly perfect way. His eyes however were red, a dark red that startled Emmett. The mans face however was so delicate, still perfect, and kind looking.

"Rosalie, who are your guests?" He spoke while eyeing Emmett, and averting his eyes back to the blonde in question.

"This is Bella, and her friend –"

"I'm Emmett, Bella's brother." He spoke up while also walking towards the blonde man with his hand extended.

Carlisle and Emmett shook hands and looked at each other. Both obviously satisfied with the handshake and what they saw in each other's eyes.

Emmett stood back, slightly behind his sister.

Bella hasn't spoken a word; she was looking around the outside of the house, amazed at the architecture. She also stayed quiet because she herself wasn't sure why she allowed the blonde to lead her to her home.

But she couldn't deny she was immediately attracted to the blonde woman. Though they did meet in a strange place…

"May I ask, why you brought these visitors, Rosalie?" The man spoke. His arms behind his back.

"Because, I like looking at this one. And they're lost." She said while touching the side of Bella's face. Now standing in front of her.

Emmett cleared his throat. "Actually, no we have a home. We're not lost. I just remember waking up in the woods after getting ambushed by someone."

Jasper, who was behind the corner with the rest of the family rolled his eyes before coming to stand beside Carlisle.

"Rosalie, you really brought the puppies back home?"

Carlisle then looked at Jasper with a raised eyebrow. "Oh so you know them."

Jasper shrugged. "Not that I know them. I was the one that took them out earlier when I found them on our territory. Honest mistake I thought they were rez mutts"

Carlisle then looked back towards the two strangers. "And you're not shifters? So then, what are you?"

Bella looked back towards Emmett, considering he was the one that always spoke for them.

"We're wolves, sir."

Carlisle nodded. "Are you able to shift, so that I can see your form. I, personally have a lot of knowledge about the different breeds, please just feed my curiosity."

Emmett shrugged while stepping back. His basketball shorts flapping slightly in the wind.

Bella looked towards Rosalie who's attention was also on her and she just smirked at the brunette. And Bella looked away, a blush starting to form on her cheeks.

Emmett's body started to vibrate and he took a deep breath as the sound of his bone's breaking and growing at the same time created a ripple of the most intense pain he's ever felt.

Soon he was in his fur, and he looked like a regular, over sized wolf. Almost exactly like the "rez mutts".

Carlisle hummed, noticing every detail about the wolf before him.

"And Bella, do you transform like him, as well."

Bella shook her head. "Mine actually, when I shed skin I stand up on two legs still. And I'm much larger than that. I don't shed often because I'm not able to control myself."

Bella said with a hint of shame. She was always bigger than her brothers form, but even he was allowed to take on the form she mentioned as well as turn into a regular wolf.

It left her bitter. Because he always had everything Bella wanted, without ever trying.

She bit her cheek while thinking about their childhood, the struggle of fitting in, the fact that she never fit in. Never really having friends, being considered an outcast, and nobody even knew her real secret. But still, she was treated poorly.

"Please, let's take this inside. I've lost my hospitality for a second, please, please." He made a show of moving his hands inside so they'd hurry.

The vampires that were hidden quickly ran to the couches all spread out in the casual "act normal" scene.

With Bella and Emmett following behind Rosalie into the home, they were met with an open space, the foyer, the staircase right in front of them, but to the left was the opening to what they could only assume was the living room.

With further travel into the room, Emmett and Bella froze up, being around so many people. They weren't sure why the wolf inside of them was filled with apprehension of the golden and blood red eyes that stared back at them.

They didn't walk further, both side by side by the opening.

Rosalie looked back curiously before shrugging and taking a seat on the recliner closest to them.

Carlisle stood in the middle of the room, they could tell he was obviously the leader.

"Everyone. As you've already heard, this is Bella and Emmett, Lycan's. And of course very young ones at that."

He spoke while the smile he wore stayed on his face.


"I thought they were extinct"

"That explains why they're still alive."

Carlisle raised his hand, hushing the room.

"Why don't you two get comfortable, we do have much to discuss."

Emmett shook his head. "We should get going, actually."

"No, you'll stay." Jasper said, a smirk on his face as he stood in the far corner. His red eyes, darker.

Bella snorted. "He said we're leaving. So, we'll be on our way. Lovely home though."

They turned around a full 180 degrees just to be met with Carlisle, a smug look on his face.

"You don't have a choice here, though."

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