Raising Hell: Chapter 5


"You don't have a choice here, though."

Bella's stomach turned, and her mind was trying to process the situation they got themselves into. First the dart thing, the woods, and her blindly following the blonde woman into her home. She was much too old to act like a child lost in a superstore.

She stared at the blonde haired man. The smugness that rolled off of him made her feel uneasy.

Emmett moved so that his back was towards the wall and he kept glancing back and forth between the vampires that sat on the couches, towards the man who demanded them to stay.

"What do you want from us, exactly?" Emmett spoke, his tone cold as he stared at the curly haired blonde that shot him earlier.

"For selfish reasons to be honest. I think it's fate that you showed up in our little town right when the ruling is happening." Carlisle spoke.

Emmett snapped his neck towards the leader. "The Ruling?"

Carlisle smiled, something very predator like, and incredibly fitting.

"Ugh, ok you can stop fucking with them now." Rosalie stood up and rolled her eyes while quickly walking towards Bella, pulling her towards the couch. Emmett watching, becoming more confused, and didn't appreciate anything that was happening at the moment.

"Can I at least know your names." Bella spoke as Rosalie pushed her into the seat.

The blonde sitting down on the arm rest next to her, and immediately started playing in the brunette's hair.

"Well sweetie as you know, my names Rosalie." Bella looked up towards her as she spoke. Once again getting practically hypnotized by the golden eyes. Bella squinted, the feeling in her chest completely foreign to her. She assumed the girl was doing something to her, but she didn't mind.

The blonde smiled easily down at her, leaving the brunette stunned at the amount of beauty she held.

"The two quiet people over there." She said pointing towards the longer couch across from them. "That's Alec and Jane. They're just visiting."

They were quite young looking, Bella noted. But she also felt uneasy when they looked at her, like they only held ill intentions.

"And the woman standing up in the corner, that's Esme, the mate of Carlisle, who's the asshole standing up over there." Rosalie said with a tiny smirk. Bella would quickly glance at the people before her eyes settled back towards the Duchess.

"And then Jasper." She said off hand. "The rest of the family is away right now, at the Ruling."

"What the hell is the Ruling?" Bella asked. The term was being thrown around quite a bit.

"You don't know what the ruling is? It's apart of the supernatural world, and you're completely clueless? Hm, that actually explains so much." Carlisle said while trailing off.

Emmett stood in his corner, arms crossed over his chest as he studied everyone. He wanted to call bullshit on them just being "assholes" and "messing" with them.

"If you'd be so kind to explain it, we're listening." He spoke.

"May I?" The small blonde girl spoke from her seat on the couch.

Carlisle waved his hand, gesturing her to continue.

"The ruling occurs every 50 years to change the people in power. Similar to a Democracy. The leaders are called the Volturi and any supernatural is welcome to run for 'office'. There's a series of campaigns that take place through out the years. And The Ruling is when majority of the supernatural show up in Italy and vote, or they can just do it from home and send one person to represent the race as a whole, which is what usually happens. Not all of the supernatural get along. And well this year Rosalie Hale will be in the running, which is why we're here. If she were to win the whole coven would move to Volterra, Italy to stay with her. Part of the rules. Anyway, like I was saying, what was I saying? Oh, yes, since it's been a while since Vampires have actually been in charge in the Volturi, It's very likely that she'll win this years Ruling. Any questions?"

Bella raised her hand, though she felt goofy doing so. Jane raised an eyebrow and nodded to her.

"Ok, so it's basically the government. Which means there's rules in the supernatural world, and what are they, if you don't mind."

"Easy question. The main rule is don't expose yourself. Everything else is based off of where you live. In the western hemisphere there's not many rules because the supernatural realm hardly exists here. Only vampires live here. And I'm told you're Lycan. Which is extremely strange, are you from here?"

Bella shook her head and leaned back in the seat. "New York, I was changed."

"Changed?" Jane seemed contemplative. "Interesting."

Rosalie looked down. "Ooh, what part of New York? I'm also from there."

Bella smiled a bit. "Really? Rochester."

"Me too. I don't remember much about my childhood. But that's expected. That's cool though." Rosalie smiled down at the young Lycan, she was absolutely smitten with her.

"Back to the important thing. So I'm assuming it's just you and your brother, which means you two don't have a pack, which is something that you need." Carlisle spoke.

"It's not completely unlawful that you two aren't with a pack, but I think it'd be a good idea for you two, considering you obviously haven't reached maturity." The boy spoke. "If you're with a pack you can't get sold, which is what most likely will happen if you don't join one soon."

"Wouldn't want that to happen." Jasper spoke, a smirk on his lips.

Bella didn't really like that guy too much. And Emmett just glared at him. If he wasn't still feeling sore from being shot earlier he might've done something about this ass hole.

"What do you mean sold? Slavery is unlawful. And ended quite some years ago." He gritted out.

"You're not human, their laws don't count for you." Jasper spoke back, even more cocky.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Don't mind him. Selling Lycans is extremely hard to do. Considering, catching one is almost impossible."

Bella nodded and glanced at her brother. She was sure he could feel her anxiety rising. She wasn't aware these things could happen to her for just existing. Plus, they moved here to avoid the trouble they seemed to have just walked into.

"So uhm, you're running for um president?" Bella spoke to Rosalie.

She giggled at the term. "No, it's more like being a queen. So much power comes with it. I figured why not, I have a coven that's known for their gifts, and I'm bored."

Bella nodded and decided she really wanted to leave.

"Well we're going to get going, have to rest up for school. We haven't gone in a week so I'm sure it looks suspicious."

Rosalie nodded and Bella shot up and basically ran out the front door, her brother behind her.


Once Bella and Emmett returned to their home, they spotted a police car in their driveway.

Charles Swan was in the process of knocking on the door, apparently he just pulled up. Though it was Sunday and they were unsure of his business. They were still in the woods and watched as he went around the house, looking into their windows, eventually they made their presence known, making a lot of noise as they walked barefoot through the grass of the backyard.

Charles seemed to be stunned that they were coming from the woods but he straightened up. He thought these kids were trouble.

Once close enough for communication he spoke.

"I'm here to give you guys your first, and last warning. Show up to school. Where are your parents?"

Bella shrugged. "They left earlier this weekend, went out of town." She was proud of her lie, she was working on speaking to strangers more.

"When they get back they need to show up at my office to sign papers that the school released to me. Just proof that they understand that skipping school is against the law, and counts for jail time or probation, understand? If they don't I'll track you both down and you'll leave in handcuffs."

"So, sign the papers or jail?" Emmett asked, cocking his head to the side. He didn't see how that added up.

"Yep, that's how it works." Charles walked off their property and got back into vehicle and peeled off.

Emmett sighed and rubbed his hands on his face, trying to get rid of the stress.

"We're leaving." Emmett spoke as he stormed into the back door of the house, Bella following behind him silently.

"Where the hell are we going to go?" Bella huffed. Sitting down on the couch, she started playing with her hands. She stared at them as if they'll give her the answers to all of her question.

"I don't know. But we're getting the fuck out of this town. Start packing. We'll leave this here and just start somewhere else." Emmett commanded while grumbling about how he needed to research about the new information they were just told.

Bella went upstairs immediately and started working on packing her clothes up into a small suitcase. Finishing in minutes she was downstairs and put her suitcase by the door.

Emmett came around the corner, his hair looking disarrayed as if he's been running his hands through them repeatedly.

"I bought us plane tickets that leave in about two hours. We're going to head back to New York, go to our old estate and figure things out from there. For now let's just focus on leaving."

Bella sighed. "Well, can I go for another run in the mean time? Just to kill an hour?"

Emmett looked pensive and thought about it for a second. "Just, come back if you feel unsafe at anytime, remember one hour, that's all I'm giving you. Then we need to head to Seattle."

Bella nodded and went back out.

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