Chapter 6

Yata needed a plan. And being the simple guy he was, he thought the best way would be confrontation, again. But this time he would have back up. The next day, as soon as school was out Yata rushed off to the police station. When he got there, he told them his situation: there was a highly dangerous drug boss that he knew about, but he needed backup or else it wouldn't be safe to go to the location. At first the police were skeptical, how could a mere high school student know such things? But Yata persisted, saying that he just knew and couldn't reveal his source. Finally, the police relented and a small squad was assembled. Yata quickly rushed them to the spot he had been at only a few nights ago. But, this time, it was empty. Yata stared in disbelief at his empty could they have left already? The police squad that had accompanied him grumbled in annoyance, calling him a stupid kid under their breaths.

"I-I'm not stupid!" Yata retorted angrily. "They were here! I'm telling the truth!" He started to run, looking all around for a sign, some kind of evidence that had been left behind. But to no avail, the place had been swept clean. Sighing in disappointment, Yata plopped down heavily on a crate but when he did, it creaked loudly, causing him to jump back up in surprise. As he did, the crate fell open, and inside was a white powder, spilling out all over from a plastic wrapped package. "E-eeh?!" He started in surprise as he then called the police squad, who had been just about to leave, over to look. After testing the substance, they confirmed that it was indeed cocaine. Yata grinned triumphantly and once they had brought the evidence back to the station, immediately dashed off to Fushimi's place to tell him the news.

Out of breath, he knocked on the bluenet's door loudly, but there was no answer even though he tried repeatedly. Finally, he thought to try the knob, and it turned easily; it was unlocked. Panicking the redhead pushed his way inside the apartment, but was rooted by the empty sight that met his eyes. The apartment had been completely cleared out, there was nothing left except the basic appliances that had originally come with the place. Shocked, Yata walked to the bedroom, where he was met with an empty mattress. "That stupid monkey..." He grumbled, frustrated by how the other teen had disappeared without so much as a word. Sighing tiredly, he exited the apartment and made his way home. Perhaps he would still see Fushimi in school...

But that was not to be the case. Yata kept a constant eye out for the familiar mop of blue hair, but he never showed. And suddenly, it was the last day off school; they were graduating the very next day. Yata was frustrated, where was the blue-haired teen?! Didn't he care about school, and want to graduate?! What kind of stupid guy doesn't show up to the two weeks of school? He had become a bit withdrawn ever since Fushimi's disappearance, and so instead of hanging out with friends on the last day, he went straight home and tried to play video games by himself to distract thoughts from being centered around Fushimi, even if it was only for a little while. Yata didn't even know why he cared so much about the other teen, other than the fact that he had righted his wrong and he had no way of proving that without the other one being there to explain it to him. But, there was a feeling in Yata's chest that wouldn't go away—it was an anxious feeling that caused Yata to unconsciously long for the other's presence.

The day of graduation arrived, and about every five minutes, Yata nervously looked around for Fushimi—but of course he was nowhere in sight. Then names started to be called, going alphabetical from last names. Yata was towards the end so he still kept searching for the blue haired teen, feeling the anxious pang in his chest grow stronger, making it feel like it was hard to breathe. Fushimi's name was towards the beginning, and when it was called, no one stepped up to the platform, for a moment. After a slight delay, a familiar figure walked up the podium to receive his diploma. Yata felt his breath catch as he spotted the other teen, and his eyes followed the other's every movement, greedily taking in the sight of the other's slim figure. "There he is..." He murmured, as unknowingly, a grin spread across his features as he stared, and the tightness in his chest became even worse for some reason. The rest of the ceremony passed by in a blur as the only thought Yata could focus on was that Fushimi had come back, and he was a mere few feet away. He somehow was able to go through the motions of walking up and receiving his own diploma and when he was up on the stage, proudly grinning, his eyes frantically searched the crowd to see if Fushimi was looking, but he wasn't, he was looking down at his phone. Yata tsked softly as he made his way back to his seat where he anxiously awaited the end of the ceremony. The moment it was over, he made a beeline for Fushimi, whom he had never let out of his sight in his determination to not let him disappear again.

"SARU!" Yata shouted, the bluenet's first name slipping out unintentionally. Fushimi heard his name, and his whole body stiffened as he waited for the redhead to make his way over.

Before the shorter teen could say another word, Fushimi cut him off brusquely, "Not here." He began walking with long strides toward the back of the building where it was isolated. Yata had complied quietly because his eyes had been too busy absorbing the image of the bluenet who was finally actually in front of him.

But once they had stopped behind the school building, he blurted out what was on his mind, "Why didn't you say goodbye? Where have you been?"

Fushimi remained tensed up, his eyes as cold as the first time they had talked. "I couldn't stay in that place any longer, after what you had done. HE knew that I lived there and would have come looking for me."

Yata visibly flinched at his harsh words, "B-but...I went to the police...and I found a spilled package of cocaine that they found fingerprints on, and they were able to start tracking him down..." Fushimi's eyes widened, it wasn't like that man to be so careless so as to leave such telling evidence behind like that.

"Maybe he made a mistake..." he mused out loud.

Yata cocked his head in confusion before pouting, "Why didn't you at least tell me that you were going to disappear like that?"

Fushimi sighed, "I couldn't risk it. If HE had somehow found you and tried to get you to tell him where I went, it would put your life in danger. It's better off you not knowing."

Yata frowned, "But! B-but...I was worried..." He said softly, and in an even lower voice he added, "I missed you..." his cheeks began to get a slight flush.

Fushimi's breath hitched at the redhead's honest admission. "You...missed me?" He echoed, his face showing surprise.

Yata flushed even more, ducking his head, "I-I guess..." His hand unconsciously went up to clench his shirt over where his heart was, as if to show how much he had been hurting. Fushimi didn't know what to say, so even though his mind was screaming at him to stop, his body moved on its own accord: stepping forward to close the distance between them, wrapping one arm around the redhead's waist, while using the other to tip his face up in order to meet his own descending lips.

The moment their lips touched, a frisson of shock passed through both of them. It made Fushimi press Yata closer to him, and the redhead tentatively brought his arms around Fushimi's waist. The kiss deepened and they pressed themselves closer and closer together, and yet still didn't feel like enough. They broke apart, both breathing heavily, their eyes dilated with lust.

"Come with me." Fushimi grabbed Yata's hand and dragged him quickly to his car, which was actually a rental, and drove quickly to the hotel where he was temporarily staying. Dragging Yata along some more, he finally reached his room which he hastily unlocked so that he could pull Yata inside and embrace him. As he held the redhead tightly in his arms, he buried his face in his hair, asking huskily, "Are you sure this is really what you want?"

Yata was in a daze, unable to fully comprehend what was happen, but one thing he knew was that being in Fushimi's arms felt right, and he didn't want it to end. "Don't stop." He said softly as he nodded.

Fushimi groaned softly as he dipped his head to kiss the other teen again. And again, he passionately devoured Yata's lips as he lifted him and carried him to the bed where he deposited him gently. Breaking the kiss, he stared down at Yata, taking in the teen's flushed face and swollen lips. Yata in return gazed up at Fushimi, enraptured by the dark, lustful light that shone from his normally cold blue eyes. Fushimi slowly moved to removed first Yata's clothes, then his own, till they were both naked save their boxers.

"Beautiful..." Fushimi whispered, looking at Yata's exposed body.

Yata blushed, "S-stupid, guys can't be beautiful...and" he blushed even more as he continued, shyly eyeing Fushimi's body, "if anyone would be called beautiful, i-it'd be y-you."

At his words, Fushimi's lips curled into a soft smile, "Oh?" He leaned down and joined their lips once more as he let his hands wander all over Yata's body. His fingers brushed Yata's nipples, which with a few flick, were hard. His hands eventually made their way down to Yata's crotch, where his member was already starting to tent his underwear. Humming softly Fushimi took off his boxers before grasping Yata's cock in his hand, stroking it firmly until he could hear his soft whimpers against his lips. His hand moved to press gently into Yata's asshole. At the intrusion the redhead made a soft noise of pain. "I'm sorry, it'll get better soon." Fushimi murmured softly, trying to reassure him. He took out his finger and brought it to his mouth to wet it all over before returning to press gently against Yata's ass. Yata continued to whimper softly as Fushimi's finger went deeper into his hole.

"I-It feels weird..." he complained as Fushimi began slowly thrusting his finger in and out. The bluenet laughed softly at the complaint and resumed stroking Yata's cock with his other hand to distract him. The smaller teen's whimpers soon turned into soft moans and he began rocking his hips into Fushimi's hands.

"You want more?" He murmured, quickening his pace as he studied Yata's flushed cheeks, to which Yata responded by bucking his hips more and moaning a little louder. Fushimi hummed in approval, and removed his own boxers, revealing his own hard cock that was already dripping precum. "Misaki..." He said softly as he moved his hands to stroke his own cock and spread the precum all over. "Would you like to lick my cock Misaki? It needs to be wetter so that I don't hurt you..." Yata flushed as he heard his name fall from the bluenet's lips, no one had ever made his name sound so sexy before. Hazy with desire he obediently opened his mouth, even though he was a little scared what to do, since this was all new to him. Fushimi groaned softly at the sight of Yata's open mouth waiting patiently for his cock, it took all of his self-control to push it in slowly, and to not roughly fuck the redhead's mouth. Yata choked at first from how big Fushimi's cock felt, but he soon got used to it and started sucking on it hard and fast. Fushimi started moaning and softly rocking his hips into Yata's mouth, but then restrained himself and pulled out, chuckling when he heard a soft whimper of protest. "Don't worry, I'm going to fill a different hole instead." He licked his lips as positioned his cock at the entrance to Yata's ass, and slowly pushed in, watching his face all the while for signs of pain. Slowly he pushed deeper and deeper until he was fully seated inside Yata. "I'm...all the way in..." He said breathlessly, trying not to move and give Yata some time to adjust.

But Yata didn't want Fushimi to stay still, he started squirming against him, "D-dont just stay still.." He panted. Fushimi groaned and slowly began moving, sliding his cock in and out of Yata's tight ass. "So...tight. Oh Misaki, you feel so good." He gasped, feeling his cock being squeezed tighter than he had ever felt before, making it hard for him to hold his cum back. Yata was starting to moan loudly, rocking his hips in time with Fushimi's thrusts. "A-ahh! feels good..." The redhead panted, his mind hazy with lust. Fushimi sped up the pace, "Ahh, Misaki..." He whispered huskily, capturing other's lips with his own and kissing him deeply. "Misaki, Misaki..." He repeated the teen's name over and over, almost like an endearment. "Misaki, call my name..."

Yata's back arched as Fushimi's cock went in especially deep, "Ahhh! F-Fushimi!"

The bluenet groaned, " first you did before..."

The reference to the last time they were intimate caused Yata to flush bright red, "S-saru..." He saw Fushimi's eyes glow when he heard his name, so he said it again, this time with more confidence. "Saru...Saru..." He reached up and wrapped his arms around Fushimi's neck and tugged him down to kiss him.

Fushimi moaned into the kiss, shivers running through him as he heard his name. "I'm gonna cum soon..." He panted, reaching down to stroke Yata's cock again. "I want to come together with you, Misaki." Yata moaned, thrusting his hips into Fushimi's hand.

"Y-yes I want cum for you." he panted, reddening at his own lustful words. Fushimi thrusted faster and faster, until he could feel himself getting close to the edge.

"Misaki, I'm gonna—cum with me!" He groaned loudly as his cum spurted deep inside Yata. At the same time, Yata moaned as his cock twitched and he came all over their chests. Fushimi grinned scooped up all of Yata's cum onto his fingers and swallowed it, licking his lips before pulling out and flopping onto his back and wrapping an arm around Yata.

The little redhead was out of breath as he snuggled up against Fushimi, still trying to process what had just happened. Fushimi gently ran his hands through Yata's hair, "Misaki..." Yata hummed in response, he was starting to feel sleepy. "Misaki...I love you." Fushimi proclaimed softly.

Yata looked up at the bluenet in surprise, "E-eh?" He flushed, "I, l-like you too!" He blurted out, and then realized that he had used a different word. "O-oh…I'm sorry…it's just…"

But Fushimi just smiled gently, "It's okay. It's still early."

Yata blushed, embarrassed that he was not yet on the same level as Fushimi. "Saru…I-I really l-like you…a lot." He stammered shyly, trying again to convey his feelings properly. Fushimi hummed and kissed Yata's forehead gently, "I know...I understand…just rest for now." And with that, they fell asleep in each others arms.

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