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High up in the castle was a gorges girl, with long dark green hair and bright violet eyes. She had been put in the tower for a decade, and waited for her hero to come. But an enormous and powerful creature guarded the great castle; every soul that had taken a step in its territory would get executed!

The creature's master loved the mistress in the tower, and didn't want any men to get near, nor woman if they tried.

Up in the everlasting tower was the girl who many had given up on; of course not everyone had an intension of rescuing the damsel in distress… because not everyone cared.


At a bar in a small little town was a boy with an eye patch. He was tall, handsome, with hair the color of blood. But when you looked into his deep emerald eye, you could see no soul.

He grabbed the glass in front of him and gulped the red looking liquid down.

" That's your fifth one, sir. Don't you think you've had enough?" commented the bartender. The redhead lifted his gaze towered the man opposite him. The redhead looked bored, but put on a smile and ran out from the rundown bar.

The bartender snapped out of his trance and tried to catch him.

"You little bastard, you didn't pay for th," but when the bartender was out the doors, the beautiful man was long gone.


"Kanda, are we there yet? I'm staaaarrrrvvving!" wined a short white haired Brittan. His partner Kanda sent him a death glare, and continued walking. The whitehead didn't notice at first, and when he looked up, expecting to see his blue haired partner, but saw that he was a far distance away

" Hey, hey! Wait for me!" the Brittan soon started sprinting to catch up with the brooding Japanese.

They where headed towards the legendary castle, to help the person that wanted to be rescued.


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