Your cobalt fur is made out of the clouds of heaven,
I set my eyes on you ever since you were eleven,
Your voice is so smooth like butter on toast,
It makes me feel like I'm drifting off the coast,
Of course, you wouldn't dare to dream of the sea,
You don't like to get wet and sometimes...I think you don't like me,
Behind those emerald eyes, you're hiding something,
No matter how I try, I can't solve anything,
You always run away from me,
Even if I just want to say hi,
But all I ever see,
Is your sonic boom saying bye,
I love you so much, I just can't help it,
Every time I see you, my eyes lit,
All I want is some answers, do you love me or not?
If not, I'll let you forget me like a forget-me-not,
If you do, you have a strange way of showing it...

The emerald eyes finished scanning the piece of paper and smiled. He looked at the bubblegum pink hedgehog who was sleeping on by her desk, pen in hand and a lamp illuminating the room. The cerulean male hedgehog tiptoed next to her not wanting to wake her up.
"One day Ames, you'll get your answers, just wait..." he whispered and kissed her head leaving the piece of paper on her desk. He carefully picked her up bridal style and tucked her into her bed. She smiled in her sleep. The male grinned and quickly wrote something on the piece of paper.
"Goodnight, my Ames.." he opened the window, jumped out of it and closed it steadily then sprinted off.

The next day...

The female hedgehog woke up and stretched her arms. Soon, she realised something.
"Huh? How did I get here?" she questioned but then shrugged it off. She went into the bathroom to get changed. What she didn't notice was that behind the piece of paper she wrote on was a message:
'All your questions will be answered if you follow the wind...'