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(Amy's POV)

"No! You can't take her! I won't let you!" the crystal white female hedgehog screamed as her aqua blue eyes shimmered in fear. She was pushing me behind her not letting me see the predator.
"CRYSTAL! RUN! Take Amelia with you and go!" yelled a masculine voice. I couldn't see him but I saw his limping shadow on the already crimson splattered wall. I recognised the one on my pillow case. It was the same fluid that's still oozing down my head making me feel uncomfortable.
"What about you! Come with us! Please..." the female begged.
"No. Yours and Amelia's safety is all that matters! I must finish this demon once and for all." I felt shivers down my spines. I knew this was not going to end well. "I love you, now RUN!" The diamond female grabbed my wrists and ran so fast like our lives depended on it however I couldn't get a glimpse of the male or the strange predator that broke in my room. As soon as the we burst through the door, I gasped.

In front of us was a transparent ghostly figure. Its eyes were were blank with no pupils but bloodshot. Its teeth were daggers that hung irregularly from a crooked line which seemed to be its mouth. It was like a cross between a ghost and a shadow. Suddenly, in sonic speed, it grabbed the crystal hedgehog by the throat and jammed her to a wall. I heard a bone-snapping crack and a painful gasp.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! CRYSTAL!" the same masculine voice cried. The moon reflected the of the masculine figure but only showed a silhouette of the figure. It was a male hedgehog. Not only that, it showed that he had a sword stained with scarlet probably what he used to kill the predator. His neon green eyes flamed in fury. "Amelia, RUN! RUN while you CAN!" he shouted while he lunged at the shadow-ghost. The male hedgehog was slowly transforming into a weird formation but I was petrified to even stay a second longer. I ran and ran with tears leaking out of my eyes and then...
"Amy..." Who's voice is that? "Wake up..." It's there again! "Come on..." What's happening? Why's everything fading?!

Suddenly, I jumped up and opened my eyes. I rubbed them and gained vision.
"AMY! You're awake! Thank goodness!" a nine year old rabbit crushed me in her hug.
"Cream?" I mentally slapped myself, obviously it's Cream, who else has those melting chocolate eyes and peach fur with the trademark orange dress and a chao?
"Miss Amy! I was so worried! You were screaming and shouting and you were even crying in your..."
"Wait. Crying?" I cut her off. I took a quick glance at the wardrobe mirror and saw my cheeks drenched in salty tears. Indeed, I was crying. I took a quick look around and instantly recognised that I was in Cream's room. "What am I doing in your room?"
"Miss Amy? What kind of question is that? We were having a sleepover in my house! Remember?" I face palmed myself for forgetting such a trivial thing. "Why were you crying?" her innocent voice echoed in my ears.
"Chao? Chao?" Cheese added in.
"It's..." should I tell her? "It's nothing, just a silly nightmare, nothing to be worried about!" I chirped. At first I thought Cream was doubting me but then she smiled warmly.
"Awwww, don't worry Miss Amy, it's just images that your brain makes! Anyway, get changed soon, it's time to eat breakfast! Mom made scrambled eggs today!" My mood changed instantly.
"What are we waiting for? Let's get ready!" I replied but deep down inside, the nightmare I had wasn't just something my brain made out of the blue, it as a memory, in the past. Why did it come to me after so many years? Why today out of all days?

After I got changed into my normal attire (red dress with white hem, trademark boots and headband) and ate the scrumptious breakfast that Vanilla kindly made, I headed for home. In an instant, the memories rushed into my head. I sat down on a nearby bench to relieve it. Why couldn't I see the face of the male hedgehog? What was my relation towards both hedgehogs? They're the only ones who knew my real name: Amelia. It's been years since I as called that. Could they be my parents? I let my brain wonder to the shadow-ghosts. What are they and why did they try to kill me? Why am I asking myself questions I don't know the answers to? I can't keep up like this. Am I cursed? Gosh, no I know how Shadow feels when he couldn't remember anything. I looked forwards and saw a blue blur heading into the direction I was in. I squinted but couldn't see who it was. Why isn't it stopping! If I don't move, I'll be it's crash dummy! As soon as I was about to run away...CRASH!

"OWWWW! Crap not again!" a familiar voice groaned. I opened my eyes and my jade eyes came face to face to emerald eyes. It belonged to no other then the world's fastest thing and hero alive. "Amy?" His face was dangerously close to mine and his tanned cheeks reddened at the position we were in. He was on top of me with both hands on the sides. My cheeks instantly flushed. He got off me quickly and helped me up. "Oh God Amy, I'm so sorry! I should've seen where I was going!"
"NO, Sonic, It's alright."
"Are you hurt?"
"No...I think..." however a familiar sensation took over my body as something warm dripped down my head. I touched it and both Sonic's and my eyes widened. Blood.
"Dammit! We should get you cleaned up." Sonic chuckled nervously but I payed no attention to him. My eyes still widened at the sight of the blood. The wound was in the exact same spot as in the memory. "Amy?" I didn't respond. "Amy?" He started to sound worried. I started to lose vision, my body weakened and instantly, I blacked out. "AMY!"