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(No one's POV)

The atmosphere was tense. So tense and so solemn that you would be able to hear a pin drop on the floor. Everything was mute and only our brave heroes and heroines' heart was thumping against their chest but was oblivious to the sound. The blood red vortex was spinning up ahead of them in the sky so fast that you'd be torn apart if you got stuck in there.

"CHAOS SPEARS!" Shadow made the first move and his golden spears sliced through Iblis leaving only small cuts. Unfortunately, the vortex only spun faster and the force of the wind started to suck the heroes in.
"CHAOS BLAST!" Silver shouted and his blast met its mark.
"FLAMETHROWER!" Blaze yelled right after Silver and her flames swirled around his blast making it twice as strong. Luckily, the force of the wind died down a bit but Iblis wasn't going down easily. Cleverly, the vortex sucked the flames in and transformed into a fiery vortex this time creating a scorching temperature.

"The vortex is going to so supernova! We have to stop this!" Tails shouted. Knuckles pounded his fists on the ground causing the ground to shake like an earthquake. The mobians jumped out of the way as soon as he did it. The shock however was counter attacked by a wave of transparent dark matter coming from the dark self proclaimed lord. The dark wave overpowered the Knuckles shock wave and was sent back at the red mobian. The sheer force of the wave knocked over the guardian as well as the kitsune and cat off of their feet.

"I don't think so!" Amy yelled and threw her golden, upgraded hammer at Iblis however it bounced off of the dark wave and was sent flying back at her. Sonic caught the dangerously flying hammer and flew towards the superless heroes on the floor. Thankfully, they had enough energy to get back on their feet and fight. Thank Chaos they were as stubborn as hell and won't back down!

Iblis has the upper hand and our heroes were losing precious time! The vortex abruptly stopped spinning. The blood red sky was still twisted. Has time stopped again?

Suddenly, a beam of light darted out of the center of the vortex and into Iblis. He screamed in pure agony hurting the mobians' eardrums. The scene flashed like a light going on and off and on and off. The light was so intense that it even overpowered the four hedgehogs' super form. Iblis screeched louder and louder. It was a miracle that the heroes weren't deaf yet!

"TAKE COVER!" Sonic's voice boomed loud enough to be heard. The heroes on the ground started to run but they were no where near out of the danger zone.
"WE NEED TO MAKE A SHIELD!" Silver shouted as loud as he can despite his throat throbbing with pain.
"HOW WILL THAT BE POSSIBLE!" Shadow roared. Amy glanced at the forbidden light and gasped. The eighth chaos emerald was visible and was gleaming with colour shards.
"ALL OF YOU! HOLD ONTO EACH OTHER AND FOCUS!" Amy yelled getting full attention of the Triple S.

"JUST TRUST ME!" Amy pleaded. Sonic glanced at the screeching demon, then at the two male super hedgehogs and then at her beloved. He already lost her once; he doesn't want to lose her again. Shadow and Silver nodded at Sonic. Sonic growled in frustration and grabbed one of Amy's hand. Shadow grabbed her other hand and Silver held onto one of Shadow's and Sonic's hand creating a small circle of hedgehogs.

"Chaos shield...chaos shield..." Amy started to chant and the other three did the same. A golden light sparked in the middle of the circle and started to expand and glow. Knuckles stopped running for a minute and glanced back at his shoulders. A golden orb was growing and was threatening to engulf him, Tails and Blaze. He didn't feel threatened at all; he was awestruck.
"The Chaos Shield? BLAZE! TAILS! STOP RUNNING AND COME LOOK!" He yelled and the lavender cat and honey kitsune joined him observing the scenery.

"Whoa!" Tails gasped and Blaze smiled. The golden orb wasted no time engulfing the three awestruck heroes. The light was full of warmth and bliss caressing their bodies.
"Pure positive chaos energy," Knuckles whispered and breathed in. It was like the Sun's rays were shining on them and spread calmness.
"It's healing us! How did they manage to do that!" Tails spoke. For the first time ever, he couldn't find a logic explanation for this paranormal atmosphere.
"The eighth chaos emerald, they must've found a way to trigger the light powers," Knuckles replied.

Iblis let out a roar and the light that was causing him pain exploded like an atomic bomb. The harsh flames mixed along with a cloud of debris pushed through the atmosphere. Fortunately, the golden chaos energy shield prevented any of the deathly flames and irritating debris from harming any of the mobians. The light died down. The chaos shield fizzed and vanished. The four hedgehogs all collapsed on the floor exhausted and in their normal forms. Amy opened her eyes and gasped. Not in pain, not fear but in horror.

Iblis was obviously there but his appearance; it was...
"Solaris!" Silver breathed and his pupils dilated. Iblis had three shells of light covering his body, giving him a more complex yet spine shilling appearance. He had one shell covering each of his upper arms, and one main shell on his body. The lower part of the main shell covered his chest area, as well as his core, and the top part of it has a figure, resembling an eagle head with glowing yellow eyes and antlers. On his back he had a ring with six triangular pieces attached resembling a sun.

"We haven't even beaten him while he was in the other form, how the hell are we gonna beat him now! We're not even super any more!" Sonic growled. Shadow glared at Solaris for a second and glanced at the Knuckles, Blaze and Tails in the background. "I'm not giving up without a fight!" Sonic concluded and stood up. Shadow did the same and muttered:
"I will fulfill Maria's promise," he gave a small smile as Silver got up. Silver looked at Blaze and she gave him a look of determination.

"What...why?" Iblis whispered as he stared at his appearance. The mobians looked at him confused. Didn't he plan this? Wasn't this what he wanted? If not, what was that light show all about?
"You don't know?" Amy narrowed her eyes at the demon. The angel of darkness. The heartless devil.
"Traitors...TRAITORS! SHOW YOURSELVES!" Iblis roared at no one in particular. Suddenly, seven shadows appeared and each one of them had a drained chaos emerald. They floated towards the heroes and faced Iblis (A.K.A Solaris)
"Shadow ghosts," Sonic blinked and grinned.
"Where's the eighth one?!" Shadow growled. He glared at the villain

"We belong to no one," the shadow ghost with the drained red chaos emerald uttered. Just like Mephiles, neither of them had a mouth.
"We follow Mephiles the Dark and his descendents," the one with the drained cyan chaos emerald added.
"We don't serve the Devil and we never shall!" the one with the drained albino emerald finished the sentence. Solaris stared down at them full of pure rage and disgust.
"Of course, Mephiles did say that they will join our side! Looks like we have the upper hand now!" Sonic declared earning smiles from the rest of the team.

"You shall all die! I WILL KILL YOU ALL! EVEN IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" Solaris fumed and raised his arms. A ginormous fireball grew and he launched it at them.
"NO WAY!" Blaze hissed and ran down towards the hedgehogs. As she accelerated to her full speed, she jumped dangerously high closer to the fireball and with all her strength grabbed hold of it. The flames scorched her gloves and most of her sleeves off however, her hands were unharmed since she was a pyrokinesis.

"Need help!" Silver flew up next to Blaze and using his telekinesis, he threw the fireball back at Solaris. The fireball clashed into the villain causing him to jump back a bit. His injuries were clearly visible judging by the cracks on his shells.
"Not so strong are you!" Knuckles grinned and slipped on his shovel claws. "Rouge! It's our turn!" Knuckles dug under the ground and like a mole dug his way towards Solaris. He suddenly jumped out of the ground directly in front of the villain and slashed his claws against the tough hard shell.

"WHAT THE!" Knuckles yelled. He was frozen mid air in the same pose. Solaris' arm was surrounded in a misty aura and was pointing at the echidna.
"Crap! He stopped time!" Rouge gasped. Luckily or them, Solaris only stopped time around Knuckles. Before he could form another fireball, Rouge flew towards him like a dart and kicked him on the shell that was cracked the most. As a result, the shell was shattered to pieces so only two pieces remained. Solaris' core was visible to the mobians highlighting that they have the upper hand. Knuckles was now unfrozen and started to fall.

"ROUGE!" He cried wanting to avoid the rocky floor below. Rouge swooped down and caught the echidna by his arms and landed safely. She smirked at him.
"Thank God your not heavy," she remarked as Knuckles just rolled his eyes.

"Is this all you got!" Solaris cackled and created a force field around himself. He created another fireball above both of his hands only twice as big as the previous ones. Tails spun his namesakes as soon as Solaris threw the deadly fireballs. However, in his arms was Amy and in her hands was her piko piko hammer ready for combat. As soon as the fireballs was in batting distance, Amy (like a cricket bat) hit them both directly at Solaris only to crackle the force field slightly.

Using his super speed, Shadow ran circles around the force field which surrounded Solaris. Sonic smirked and did the same but anti-clockwise. The wind started to pick up and spin around Solaris.
"Take a step back!" Silver warned knowing the consequence of the 'little' run Sonic and Shadow is doing. The others heeded to his warning and ran a few meters back so they were kept safe. A dusty tornado was now revealed courtesy on both Sonic and Shadow. Solaris was fortunately for the mobians, bang in the middle of the tornado. The two rivals soon joined the mobians making them back further away. The tornado however, was spinning rapidly on one space.

Inside the tornado, Solaris tried to keep his force field but it shattered against the sharp wind that was traveling at impossible speed. The tornado was closing in on him. Solaris then tried to throw a fireball; the tornado caught it and instead, let the fire spread through its wind making it look like a fire tornado!

"AAAAGHGAAAAAGH!" Solaris shrilled in agony threatening to burst anyone's eardrums. The force of the tornado grew stronger and it started to tilt from side to side. Silver got in front of the crew who were trying to squint through the wind and with his psychokinetic abilities, formed a cyan shield covering them. It was a bit of a fish bowl shape with the shield covering the front and the sides of the area that the crew was protecting themselves in. Unfortunately, the wind was getting stronger and was forcing Silver's foot to slide back bit by bit.

The seven shadow ghosts floated towards Silver and place their arms on the shield. The shield started to glow in multiple colours of the seven chaos emeralds. The shield grew thicker and more stable. Soon, the force of the wind died down and the shield flickered and disappeared.

"Solaris?" Tails squinted ahead. In place of the villain was a floating flame with six triangles floating around it. Below it was all of its scrapped shells and pieces. "Did we...did we do it?" Tails whispered but one of the shadow ghost shook its head.
"Amelia," the shadow ghost with the drained magenta chaos emerald spoke getting the Rose's attention. She looked at it as it made its way towards the floating flame. It bent down and blew away the scattered shells below the flame like dust revealing the eighth chaos emerald. The emerald was gleaming in a clear white colour with colour fragments.

All of the chaos emeralds in the shadow ghosts started to glow and gleam in their healthy colour indicating that their power's restored. The magenta chaos emerald shadow ghost grabbed the eighth emerald and floated towards Amelia. It gently clutched her hand. Unlike the eighth shadow ghost which was no where to be seen, this shadow ghost's touch was soothing and heartwarming. It lit a spark on ones heart filling it with familiarity.
"You must put out the flame," it spoke and laid the eighth emerald in her palms. The rest of the Sonic team looked intently at the scene. It was so touching and so engrossing. No one dared to make a sound. No one dared to breath out loud.
"H...How?" Amy trembled. She chewed on her bottom lip and stared at the shadow ghost with teary eyes.
"Trust your instincts. Become one with your birth stone. Your chaos emerald. Your life." It breathed. Amy looked around. The shadow ghosts were emotionless and their eyes were impossible to read. She then looked at her friends- whom she considered family.

Blaze's golden eyes was full of curiosity and hope. She gave a small smile towards the female hedgehog. Knuckles gave a small nod and his violet orbs was full of sincere. Rouge clasped her hand with one of Knuckles' mitts. Tails was breathing quite heavily looking confused for the first time ever. The three male hedgehogs, no matter how close she is with them, she can't seem to read their expressions; especially her beloved: Sonic.

Amy held the emerald close to her chest and began humming a tune. A tune that her Mom used to hum to her every night. The emerald started to glow and engulfed her body in pure light. She stood in front of the flame, cupped her hands together and a light beam shot out of it hitting the flame. At first it did nothing but...

"AAAAAGHGHAAA!" the same high pitched scream rang through everyone's ears. Out of the flames, a shadow crawled out of it. It was Iblis but in his shadow ghost form. Blood was pouring out of his eyes like he was crying. His mouth dribbled with blood and he started to choke. Even though the light was hitting directly at him, the vulnerable devil wasn't close to dying. It was just standing still absorbing the harmful lights that was only wounding it internally.

"Why isn't it dead yet!" Sonic hissed and glared at the demon. The shadow ghosts nodded to each other and each of them floated towards one member of the Sonic team. The shadow ghost with the red chaos emerald threw itself into Shadow's body making him glow a piercing red colour. The one with the green chaos emerald threw itself inside of Knuckles' body. He started to glow green as well. Blaze glowed magenta, Rouge glowed a silverish colour, Tails glowed yellowish-gold, Silver glowed cyan and Sonic glowed in a deep blue colour. Their eyes glowed the same as the shadow ghost that entered their body.

"What are you doing!" Knuckles roared.
"Don't worry, trust us," the shadow ghosts whispered in a childish harmony. They started to control our heroes' and heroines' bodies and made them walk to either sides of Amy. They all cupped their hands and a light beam (that was the same colour as the shadow ghost inside of them) shot out of it but hitting Amy's back. Amy hissed from the contact.
"YOU'RE HURTING HER!" Sonic yelled as he was unable to control his body except for his mouth.
"Watch," the shadow ghosts ordered. The beam that was still shooting from their cupped hands started to wrap around Amy's back and thus her beam was infused with the colours.

"NO! I AM IMMORTAL! YOU CANNOT STOP ME!" Iblis cried in agony. The chaos infused beam only forced itself onto the demon stronger and no chance of giving up. "NOOOOOO!" Iblis disintegrated and the beam exploded creating a sonic boom that blew the mobians away onto the ground at least a hundred meters away from the explosion. The chaos emeralds slipped out of their bodies and landed first.
"Kyaaaaaa!" Amy screamed. Sonic opened his eyes to see Amy was falling head first to the ground. He realised he was upside down and forced a twist and dived for the sakura being. Because of his streamlined strategy, he caught her and he landed on the ground on his back with Amy on top of him.

The dust cleared and as soon as the mobians opened their eyes only to see a deja vu. Fragments of chaos energy was falling down from the sky like snow. It was as refreshing as rain. The fragments reflected the long lost Sun which hasn't shined on the Dark Kingdom's land after many years of hiding.

Amy quickly got up off Sonic and glanced at her surroundings. The hard rocky ground turned to soft blades of grass as the chaos rain made contact with it. The black roses transformed and revealed itself as the original red, green and yellow roses that were there to make the Rosedaree sign. The demonic flame was extinguished and the ashes were blown away. What got her the most excited though was all the dead, the decomposed skeletons started to form flesh, a real body and...a smile. The bodies stood up and looked at each other with awestruck face. Sonic put one hand on Amy's shoulder. Shadow stood on the other side next to her. Tails stood by Sonic along with Knuckles and Rouge. Silver stood by Shadow along with Blaze. They all smiled (well, Shadow hardly wore a smile) at the resurrected beings that were whooping with joy and hugging each other.

"You did it Ames," Sonic mused. Amy shook her head and glomped him almost catching him off guard.
"No silly!" Sonic looked confused at her answer. "We did it! We stopped him!" She let go of him and started to get lost into his eyes.

"Ah-hem!" Knuckles cleared his voice purposely snapping the two love-hogs out of their dazes. Knuckles earned a light slap from Rouge.
"You ruined their momentum!" Rouge teased.
"Yeah! I was gonna finally get my first kiss from Sonikku!" She looked at him deviously "After all, I heard you say 'I love you' to me, hmm?" she playfully pointed at his chest.
"I wouldn't say first, per-Se," Sonic looked away rubbing his ear.
"Wait! What do you mean!" Amy snapped.

"He revived you through a kiss, Amelia," a fatherly voice interrupted. Amy gawked at Sonic "So that's why it isn't your first,"
"I was gonna tell her Mephiles," Sonic groaned. A feminine giggle was heard. Amy turned towards the source and almost stumbled backwards. She tried to speak and so did Sonic but all that came was stutters.
"Crystal, your awake," Mephiles whispered at the approaching female. Her long quills flowed along with the wind and her topaz eyes sparkled under the sun light.
"That's Amy's mom!" Silver blinked and received a glare from Blaze.

Crystal walked towards Amy and put her hand on Amy's cheeks. Her smile held the same motherly love as Creams mother: Vanilla. Her eyes twinkled at the sight of her child. The chaos rain sparkled and looked like dew drops glittering every colour of the spectrum.
"My sweety, my darling, my Rose, you have bloomed. You have bloomed indeed!" She gave a kiss on Amy's forehead and stroked her three petite bangs. Amy didn't dare to blink. After a second of quiet, Amy launched herself at Crystal enveloping her in an embrace. She sobbed and sobbed. Crystal only smiled and stroked Amy's strawberry scented quills.

"I missed you," Amy managed to croak out. The rest of the crew smiled at the mother and daughter reunion. Crystal let go of Amy with a sad smile. "What's wrong?" Amy squeaked.
"I can't stay here for long, heaven calls for your father and I." she whispered. Everyone except Mephiles and Crystal gasped.
"H...Heaven?" Amy cocked her head. Like magic, a pair of feathery wings scrolled out of both Crystal's and Mephiles' back. Crystal's was pure white in colour while Mephiles' pair contrasted it with pure black.

"Angels!?" Shadow breathed out.
"No...NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME AGAIN!" Amy wailed and dropped towards the floor. She just got her parents back. She just got her mother back. Why is it that everything she loves has to go away?
"Amelia, my rose," Mephiles spoke and both he and Crystal hugged Amy. "You must understand, we were both dead anyway. Look at all the innocent souls." He pointed towards the celebrating crowd that was oblivious towards them. "You gave them a second chance of life, look behind you, don't you consider them as family?" Amy opened her eyes to catch a few glimpse of her friends.
"Everything is born once, loves once and dies once. Despite the people below with the second lifetime, we unfortunately lived once. You have Shadow as your big brother figure..." Shadow gave a small nod "...Tails as your little brother..." Tails flashed a goofy grin but had tears erupting out of his eyes. "...Rouge and Blaze as your close friends and sisters not to mention Cream...". Rouge sighed and Blaze's eyes was teary. "...Silver sees you as a mother..." Silver blushed at this statement and shrugged his shoulders. "...and lastly, your blue knight, your savior, Sonic." Crystal finished as Sonic gave a genuine smile.

The angelic parents got up and took Amy towards the Sonic letting him hold her in his arms. Amy sniffed not taking her eyes away from them.
"Take care, our little Rose, we shall always love you," Mephiles took a step back. Crystal however put her hands behind Amy's neck and clipped on a chain. Amy peered at the chain to see the Rosedaree locket.
"Keep the locket with you; it will show that you are never alone and that we will always love you." Crystal stood by Mephiles and let a tear drop escape her eyes.
"I will...Mother...Father..." Amy whispered. As the chaos rain fell, the angelic parents started to fade slowly till...they disappeared. Sonic took hold of Amy's chin and sighed.

"Lets go home," Amy nodded. She gave a small smile to her friends and peered at her locket. She looked deep and could've swore that she saw her parents smiling back at her.
"I got all the chaos emeralds," Shadow muttered.
"That was fast," Sonic remarked. Shadow scoffed and held the green chaos emerald in the air.
"Everyone gather around and hold onto each other," Everybody did so.
"You know, you still owe me that kiss," Amy smirked. Sonic faked a worry face but grabbed hold of her cheeks and as soon as Shadow shouted:
"CHAOS CONTROL!" his lips instantly embraced the Rose's lips. It may not be their first but they shall always treasure this moment. Our heroes and heroines chaos controlled away leaving the crowd that was enjoying their life to their hearts content.

As you see, Amy discovered her dark secret throughout this event. She was completely oblivious to it. All her life she has been helping Sonic and co fight Eggman and go on adventures and this event hit her like a tonne of bricks.

What secrets are you yet to discover in your life... A rose with a dark secret part 17by FireWitch25

Literature / Fan Fiction / Horror©2014 FireWitch25

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