AN: None of the characters belong to me. They belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko but I like to play with their characters.

"Snoozles…euh…Sokka, that's a difficult topic," said Toph to her daughter Lin. "Since the first moment I met him, I had a bit of crush on him. Of course, you'd have to torture me to get me to tell the truth so I was hiding it behind being sarcastic and bit harsh in my judgement. I've always made jokes about his inability to bend and I think it hurt him a bit".

"But he was a great help during the war, wasn't he?", Lin was curious. She knew Sokka and other Team Avatar members but her mother seldom talked about her past. It was a mystery to Lin and she was planning to get as much as she could out of her mum's talkative mood. "Yes, Sokka was a great help. He was an extraordinary strategist, swordsman and our brain. Most our plans came from him and let's face it, we would be lost without him."

"You said you had a crush on him. He never found out?". "Nope. I was younger than him and he was a bit dense sometimes. And he was still in love with Yue and slowly realizing his feelings for Suki. No, I don't believe he knew. He saw me as a sister. And it always stayed this way. And now, it's bedtime for little girls," said Toph and brought Lin to bed.

When Lin lay down in her bed, she fell immediately asleep, dreaming about blue eyes and never saw her mother smile while she was closing her bedroom's door.