The first of my SP/BT One-Shot Series!

The patrol wasn't Boring.

At least not entirely. Batgirl never spotted any crime to fight, but the view from the tallest building in Gotham was making up for that big time. From up here, the lights didn't blind her and people wouldn't stare and gawk. The city seemed much more peaceful from her height, and that was how she liked it. She swayed her Kevlar wrapped legs on the edge of the building, not hearing someone sneak up behind her...


Batgirl jumped, perhaps too far and Immediately fell over the edge. A web line caught her arm shortly after. As she was pulled back up, she had a right mind to shout his ears off for scaring her. After seeing Spider-Man's regretful look However, all she could do was Semi-glare at her Boyfriend.

"I am SO sorry! I was hoping you'd know it was me by now."

"I always know it's you. I just don't like being given Heart attacks!" She stopped frowning and gave a small grin. "Oh..Hi."

"Hi to you too!" He reached for his Backpack and unzipped it. "I,uh, brought you something. Hope you wanted tacos. Got these after beating up the Blob."

"The Who?"

"Oh. You haven't fought him yet. Can you imagine a really, really, reaaally Obese guy being to walk around and Rob stores?"

" Not really."

"Me neither..."

Batgirl nodded. They ate in silence for a moment.

"You know," Babs began. "I've never really thanked you."

"Thanked me?"

"Mm-hmm. Before you came here, I had to do these patrols myself. No company at all. That sounds pretty weird, but you could get paranoid being up here by yourself. Now, you visit me all the time."

"It's nothing."

Awkward silence.

"...although I wouldn't mind a little reward for it." He pretended to stretch, then gestured to his mouth mid way. Babs got the idea and let out a really adorable giggle. Spider-Man beamed as his mask was lifted halfway, but blinked in surprise when she only pecked his cheek.

"How's that?" She asked, smirking seductively.

"Well, you missed a spot."

"So I see."

Batgirl leaned in and kissed his lips, which he did to her as well. Spider-Man's hand raised to stroke hair, then slid to hold her soft cheek. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed the gap their bodies made. They hugged and made out for a few more seconds, then separated for air.

"...So, did I get the spot?"

"I reckon so."

"Good." She stood up. "Let's go. My shift's over."

"I'll race you to that building! 321GO!" Spider-Man lept away in a red and blue blur. Batgirl tried to figure out how she could possibly catch up with him from this far a distance.

"'s not a race!" She whined, gliding after him.