There is going to be foul language in this story which I don't normally do. But I will say that I wrote this fanfic for Ginger Snaps fans. If I would have used no kind of profanity for the characters, it would take from them dramatically. I do not own any of the original characters from the original three movies, but I do own quite a few in this story. I hope it's okay. Warning: This is a long story. Please, please, please comment.

The werewolf was thrown in the trap in the basement set by Brigitte and Ghost. As few seconds went by, the wolf made no movement, indicating that it was dead. Afterward, Brigitte was beginning to turn herself. She demanded that Ghost kill her, but instead she closed Brigitte beneath the basement floor and locked her down there with the corpse of the dead wolf.

Ghost intended to use Brigitte as her own personal demon from hell. While the night was getting older, Brigitte was succumbing to her Lycanthropy. Although she was turning, she still had a piece of her mind left.

The transformation was painful and it brought her to her knees. Once she was down on the floor, she saw the wolf on the trap beginning to twitch and move. Even though she herself was going to be like that, she still ached to be away from it.

Brigitte made herself come to her feet. She saw a small window and began to crawl out. The wolf was only unconscious for a while and stayed there only to regain its strength. The glass that was there wasn't deep enough to pierce through his organ in order to kill it completely.

Brigitte was halfway out of the window when the wolf got up and began to pursue her again. He grabbed her by the leg with his teeth and tried to pull her back . Although she was transformed just a little, it granted her more strength than before.

She was able to kick the wolf off of her and continue out of the window. The wolf was too big to fit through the window so it tried the cellar doors. Unfortunately for him, Ghost locked the doors to the cellar really tight and he was still too weak from his blood loss; he couldn't get out.

Brigitte crawled away into the woods away from the wolf but her transformation slowed her down, so she couldn't get any farther. She rested on the ground and decided to stop fighting and just let the transformation take her over.

Unbeknownst to her, she was surrounded by numerous counts of leeches as the area was infested due to a nearby lake. They were able to seek her heat trail and they began to attach themselves to her. Once they made contact with her body, they began to grow bigger, hairy, and monstrous.

They began to suck more and more blood the bigger they got. Brigitte screamed in pain as she felt their sharp teeth go into her body. One was biting into her shoulder, five were on her legs; she had one on her neck, two on her face and one on her arm.

Brigitte began to snatch them off of her. When she did, some of her skin came off with them. Little did she know, the leeches actually helped somewhat with her transformation. They sucked out some of her infected blood and thinned her blood which slowed the transformation further.

Her nose had reverted back and her teeth began to retract back into her gums, but she still had the sharp canine teeth; her eyes remained yellow, her ears remained pointy, and she grew pale from the cold and loss of blood.

When all of the leeches were off of her, she crawled away from that spot and made her way to the edge of the road from the woods. She was so weak, she could barely go on. She rolled over to her back and stared at the first quarter moon. Though halfway full, it was huge and white, also very tempting. She fainted with that being her last sight for that night.

She had been out cold for two days. In the early morning of the third day, Brigitte found herself in the same spot. She had been in the cold with nothing to warm her. Her skin was so pale that it was becoming blue. She had a mild case of hypothermia.

Thanks to her Lycanthropy, she was able to warm herself rather quickly. Due to the fact that she was out for a while, her blood circulation came to a slow and was thin; it was barely salvation. She wanted to go back to Barbara's and warn Ghost that the wolf was still alive, but she could barely stand.

At that moment, she came to the realization that she had not gone under a transformation. Her skin still looked like skin with no hair, and she had hands and no paws, though her fingernails were still sharp.

She also saw the places where she had been bitten by leeches. "Why haven't I transformed yet?" she asked herself weakly while still staring at her arm in awe. Just then, she heard Ginger's voice. "Looks like you got lucky B." She mocked.

Brigitte tried to ignore the voice and shake her head to get rid of her delusion. "You think I'm going to just go away like that. Just go away because you want me to? Well it's not going to happen! You're going to listen to me." She finished.

"I'm tired of listening to you. You don't do anything but make things worst." Brigitte said obviously annoyed. "You're wrong B. I do everything to make things better so we can be together again. You were close. Too close. But if it hadn't have been for the leeches, everything would have been perfect! And I have to admit that I was really proud of you, just giving in like that." Ginger teased some more.

"Well I'm glad I didn't turn. That gives me more time to find a cure." Brigitte said.

"A cure for what?! Don't you get it Brigitte, there is no fucking cure! There's no cure for this curse! You're stuck with it forever and you're not coming back from it! Ever!" Ginger snapped.

"If there was no cure I guess there would be a lot more of them, but there aren't." Brigitte retorted.

"You're still stuck on the same stupid shit Sam told you years ago. Wouldn't he be proud that you take his theories so seriously." Ginger mocked. Brigitte dusted herself off and got to her feet. "Where are going B?" Ginger questioned.

"I'm going back to warn Ghost that the wolf is still alive." Brigitte answered simply.

"What for? If I were you, I think I'd waste my last bit of energy searching for a fairytale cure." Ginger said beginning to get under Brigitte's skin.

Just then, Brigitte heard a noise from the trees. Her ears were sharper which allowed her to hear a growl. She knew very well it wasn't a bear. She hastily looked around the cold wintery woods. She couldn't see it, but she could sure hear it.

Some part of her knew it was a wolf, but it wasn't a natural wolf and it sure wasn't the wolf that was pursuing her. She kept on her feet and on her guard. She kept walking in a limp because of her sore leg from the leech attack two nights before.

The sounds of the crackling snow around her made her very nervous. She looked around herself in every direction while she limped on with her anxiety increasing. Faster and faster she went. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a big white werewolf jumped at her. Brigitte, with almost no energy left, was frightened and began to run away.

She didn't know where that one came from. She had never seen it before. But she knew the wolf was female. Brigitte didn't want to leave Ghost, but she had no choice. If she would have stopped and tried to go back, the the wolf would have ripped her to shreds.

She made it back the the edge of the road where she was before. She ran into the street to see if she could flag someone down. But no cars really came down that road. The wolf had gained on her and Brigitte had to keep moving no matter what kind of pain she was enduring.

The adrenaline was making her blood go thick and her Lycanthropy allowed her leg to heal rapidly. She was able to run faster away from the dreadful looking thing. She was wondering if the wolf was Ginger because that's how she looked after she transformed.

"If you even think that's me B, then you're so wrong." Ginger's apparition said to her.

"Gee, thanks for the help!" Brigitte yelled out of breath while running. The cold air was cutting into her skin like razors.

The wolf chased Brigitte all the way up the road to the gas station where she and Ghost waited for Tyler. She made it inside and barricaded the door with anything she could find so the wolf couldn't get in. The smell inside was foul from the blood of the mechanic that worked there. Apparently no one came to discover his body yet.

Flies were flying all over the place. Brigitte covered her nose and her mouth to keep from smelling the horrible odor. The wolf made it to where Brigitte had run and tried bursting through the garage door. While it was busy charging, Brigitte crept out another door that was on the side of the car pit where the mechanic's body lay.

When she made it out, she spotted a car, probably belonging to the now dead mechanic on the inside. She didn't have the keys so she had to hot wire the car. While she was doing that, the wolf was able to seek out Brigitte. She canceled her barging and found her way to the car.

The wolf broke the driver's window trying to break in after Brigitte. Brigitte had to duck down to avoid the snapping and snarling jaws of the deranged wolf.

After forcing in the metal lining of the window, the wolf was able to get its thick head through to the inside of the car. She was able to grip Brigitte's left elbow. Brigitte cried out in pain.

Brigitte used her other arm to fight the wolf off of her. But it wasn't working. The wolf threatened to yank her out through the window. Brigitte had to be resourceful. The best thing about the situation was that she was in a mechanic's car so she was able to find a really thick wrench on the passenger's side floor.

Brigitte snatched up the wrench as fast as possible and began to beat the wolf across the head with it. The she-wolf growled in pain but refused to let go of her arm. Instead, she bit down harder. Brigitte was doing her best to fight through the pain and her fatigue.

The wolf proved to be too much for Brigitte. She was able to snatch Brigitte from the passenger window. She tossed her away from the car into a pile of snow. Brigitte hurried back to her feet and ran toward the same back door she used to escape the first time. All while running, she knew that this wolf was aggressive.

Since they were both females, Brigitte knew that this wolf was not going to spare her life, unlike the male who wanted to keep her alive in order to mate with her. The funny thing was, she didn't know why the wolf was trying so adamantly hard to kill her.

The wolf ran after Brigitte who was running back to the door. Brigitte was nearly in when the wolf caught her by her leg muscle. Brigitte kicked at the wolf with all of her might. The wolf fought back, slashing at Brigitte's leg.

This wolf was smart. It was trying to impair her from running at all to make an easy kill. But Brigitte refused to die. Brigitte used her long nails to scratch the wolf in the eye. It was distracted for a little while, allowing Brigitte to free herself from her.

Brigitte crawled inside the door and tried to close it with her foot. But the wolf stuck its head through the door to keep Brigitte from shutting her out. Brigitte was using her legs to keep the wolf out. On the side of her was the corpse of the mechanic and next to him was a long screwdriver.

Brigitte took it in her hands with a massive hold and plunged the wolf underneath the jaw. The wolf jerked back and Brigitte was able to close the door. The screwdriver was long, but not long enough to reach a fatal point in the wolf. It was able to use it's big paw to get the screwdriver out.

Inside, Brigitte got onto her feet. Her legs were sore again. She climbed up the stairs from the shop and went back up to the garage. She couldn't get out though that door because the wolf jammed it when she was trying to break in.

Now Brigitte was stuck. Down below, she heard the wolf burst through the door. Brigitte hid behind a big red tool chest that rested behind a car. She heard the wolf come up the stairs and start sniffing around for her. Brigitte was so scared she held her breath.

Dealing with the other wolf was a lot easier than this one because it truthfully craved for her demise. While the wolf was moving away from the entrance to the stairs, Brigitte carefully moved toward the entrance.

The wolf followed Brigitte's smell behind the car. When she got there, she was gone. Brigitte was already halfway down the stairs. She didn't realize it, but she was holding her breath the whole time. She was trembling and about to cry.

The wolf followed her smell back to the stairs where she saw Brigitte getting away. The angry roar let Brigitte know that the wolf spotted her. She took off running. Brigitte ran so fast it was as if she was trying to catch the life that she was about to lose for good.

Brigitte burst through the door and back to the car. She was in by the time the wolf came raging after her. Brigitte started to hot wire the car again. The raging wolf didn't stop, she just ran straight into the door where Brigitte was.

She left a huge dent in the door. Finally, Brigitte was able to start the vehicle. Once she got the car started up, she hit the gas pedal in reverse and got away from the life-threatening beast. She switched the gear to drive and floored the gas pedal as hard as she could. She had blood all over her shirt and cuts in her pants. It made the cold easier to reach her.

She wished she could go back for Ghost, but that would mean trying to get away from two wolves when it was already hard enough trying to get away from one. All she knew was that the cellar door was locked and she hoped Ghost wasn't dumb enough to open it up.

At the same time, she had to look for some more monkshood. She didn't know if she was going to reject it again, but it was worth a try.

While she was driving, she caught a glimpse of herself in the visor mirror. She saw that her eyes were yellow and her ears were pointy. She couldn't let anyone see her that way. Lucky for her, the mechanic had a jacket in his car. It was old looking but it would be better than nothing.

When she got a safe distance, she pulled over to the side of the road and put the jacket on. She didn't like the smell of it, but she had to do whatever she had to do.

All the while she was driving, she kept wondering, how was it that she was able to dodge the transformation? When she thought about it, she realized that leeches had a natural anti-coagulant. So when they bit into her, the anti-coagulant must have gotten stronger when they grew.

So she came up with an alternative idea. If the monkshood failed her again, she would get leeches instead. But she didn't know how long that was going to work. "I hope you're not thinking about finding some kind of possible cure again." said Ginger's apparition, sitting in the passenger's side of the car.

Brigitte ignored her. "I know you hear me B. So hear me when I say this, there is no cure and you aren't going to find a cure. You're going to transform and there's nothing you can do about it. You're doomed no matter what you do. And what you do doesn't matter." She said in her low, slow, and sardonic voice.

"I may not find a cure, but I'm going to work harder to prevent becoming like – "

"Like who? Me? You're very funny Brigitte. I know I'm right and you know I'm right." Ginger said, cutting Brigitte off.

Brigitte just left it alone. She closed her eyes for a moment but short enough to keep focusing on the road. She looked on the side of her and Ginger's apparition was gone. "I'm going to fix this." Brigitte whispered to herself.