So as it was, they made it back to Sam's secondary greenhouse in the northwest territories of Canada. It was kind of like his greenhouse in Bailey downs. The only difference was this greenhouse was a little wider and it wasn't owned by his family. Also the mood on the inside was gray and cold because of the winter.

Sam thought it better to have another greenhouse to support his needs for constructing a cure. If he had chosen to buy anything otherwise, he would have had multiple problems trying to find the exact plant he would need. It was better to have them all growing in one place where they were easily accessible at one time. It was as he said before, if he didn't have the green thumb then he'd be a total wast of space.

Brigitte understood all of this; therefor she didn't need to question Sam as to why he would get another greenhouse. When they went inside, it was pretty much set up like his other greenhouse. Drew and Bridget looked at the variety of plants as they walked toward the back.

"I need for you two to listen very carefully." Sam started once he stopped walking and turned to face Drew and Bridget. "Most of everything in here is off limits. I can't have anything breaking in here because most of these plants are very fragile and can easily die if you touch or grab them the wrong way." he made clear.

Drew took in what Sam had just stressed to them and continued to look around. "You know, the kind of guy you are Sam I never would have expected you to spend time with flowers." he smirked. "They're pretty you know."

"Well," Sam started low. "if you're trying to be sarcastic, If it wasn't for my little time with the flowers, I wouldn't expect you to be here in one peace. Consider it a lucky break."

Drew had a second thought about what he said before. Maybe it was a good thing Sam had knowledge about flowers. Knowing that made Drew want to give growing flowers a try since he failed to do everything else he tried in his life. He then whispered to himself, "Alright Sam. When you're right, you're right." he continued to walk.

It took a while for everyone to settle in. When they did, Drew and Bridget rested from the long trip. Sam and Brigitte was so used to it, it hardly affected them. Sam and Brigitte went to the mid-section of the greenhouse and through another door that conjoined another greenhouse.

Once they were in there, Sam immediately went over to the more cooler part. "Are you wondering why I would possibly need more than one greenhouse yet?" he asked Brigitte, having her curiosity down packed.

"Why do you need more than one greenhouse? You only had one before and didn't really complain about needing another one from what I remember." she told him after she asked the anticipated question.

"Well surely you've noticed that's it's a little colder in here right?" he said as he began to pick through some of the plants he was growing in there. Some of them which was monkshood. Brigitte nodded her head to his question. Sam continued to explain, "That's because some plants thrive in the winter and require to stay cold. Or sometimes different types of flowers grows in the spring but doesn't last long because of the changing temperatures from low to high.

So with this part, I can keep the temperature in here regulated as being in the winter. You know, to kind of trick the flowers into thinking it's still winter so they can stay around longer. The moment heat gets to 'em, their time is up."

"And when did you figure all of this out?" Brigitte asked after he explained.

"You tend to learn things over time. I heard knowledge comes with age so I'm doing my best to apply it all."

Brigitte looked all around the room of the greenhouse. Seeing multiple doors led her into remembering something. "Is there a room in here that's secure?" she asked.

Sam didn't know why she asked that question. "Why is that?" he asked with a look of disarray.

"Because when the next full moon comes, we want to be prepared for what that Indian woman told us a few days ago. And the full moon is coming soon so we really need to figure this stuff out before then." she told him seriously.

Sam paused and thought for a while. "I don't think locking ourselves in here would do us any justice, but I have a shed in the back." he informed her.

"Show me." She nearly demanded.

"Okay fine." he agreed and walked to the back door in a quickened gait. Brigitte followed in the same pace.

When they made it out to the back, Sam pointed to the shed where there were no windows and shut tight with a thick iron door that was chained close. "Is this something you might be interested in?" he asked her.

"Yes but, why would you need this much security to lock away a few gardening items?" she wanted him to make sense of it.

"I think that shed was actually used to hold guns or something at a time. When I got the place, I just kept the same locks or whatever." he humped his shoulders upon finishing his sentence.

Brigitte went up to the locks and tugged on the chains. They seemed to be thick enough to keep them concealed when the time comes. She let them go once she finished her tug test. "It looks like this will have to do. Unless you know where we can get some more chains just in case." She looked at him intensely albeit softly.

"Yeah. We have time to kill until then, I'm sure. I'm just a little nervous as to what's going to happen next. All the talk about Lycanthropy taking over despite the alternative is kind of getting under my skin." he said ill-at-ease.

"Well it looks to me like they forgot to mention one other thing you'd have to sacrifice." Brigitte smirked

"Yeah, what's that?" he asked quickly.

"Your sanity. I'm a little nervous too. But after all the things we've been through, I couldn't be more nervous." she smiled wider.

"You've been smiling a lot more lately, what's got into you?" Sam asked quickly.

"Take your best guess at my first case scenario." she sounded with a daring tone.

"I see." he simply. Brigitte walked passed him to go back to the greenhouse. Sam followed. "So what do we do next? Wait?" he asked.

"You're smart Sam. I don't think you need my help figuring that out."

"Of course." he said locking the back door as soon as they were inside.

What they did next was exactly what they planned. Days went by too slow for them. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, they did what they did best and kept themselves occupied by reading up on new kinds of species of plants, trying new combinations and making more of the serum. Every now and then Bridget and Drew would sit and watch the process though it was highly annoying to both Sam and Brigitte since Sam didn't like being crowded and Brigitte didn't like when people hovered.

In that time Sam, Brigitte, Drew and Bridget became closer to each other and chose to rely on each other more. Despite the fact of them being closer and being in the same boat, they still thought Sam and Brigitte to be weird.

They did so many things out of the norm. One thing that Bridget couldn't really get used to was the fact they had to stay away from humanity. She at least wanted to go to the mall or something but she wasn't allowed to go in overly crowded places as Brigitte had instructed earlier on.

Since Drew and Bridget were already developing somewhat of a taste for human blood, Sam and Brigitte told them to keep themselves out of view and control their augmentative temptation. They reluctantly agreed. Sam assured them that it all for the best.

After nearly 3 weeks of waiting, the day finally came when the full moon would come out that night. Sam and Brigitte both felt uneasy. It was one thing thinking about what could happen but when it was actually happening, butterflies formed in your stomach.

Brigitte and Sam got all the things they needed and put it in the shed which was big enough to probably fit four people respectively. When the sun set, they prepared to go in for whatever reason. "Remember," Brigitte told to Drew and Bridget as they were gathered at the front of the shed, "Do not open those doors under no circumstances.

If we feel it's safe for us to come out, we'll contact you on these." she said holding up the walkie-talkies. "We don't know what's going to happen for sure but we want you to be ready. Make sure the door and the locks stay in tact. Got it?" She told them strictly. Both Bridget and Drew agreed to the terms.

Sam added his say before they went in. "Be sure to stay right next to this phone alright? It's imperative that you do." he said seriously.

He and Brigitte then went inside of the dark and cold shed. Sam had removed the tools from inside to spare more room should they need it. Once they were inside, Bridget and Drew shut them in and locked the latch with chains and two padlocks.

When the door was secure, they looked at each other with concern for Sam and Brigitte. "Do you think they're going to be okay in there?" Bridget asked Drew.

"I hope so." he said with wishful thinking. "If they're going to be locked up, I hope they don't go crazy. I think I would because it's dark in there." he told her.

"Don't worry, I saw a light bulb hanging up in there so maybe it won't be too dark."

"Well that's a good thing. I wish this shed had windows so we could know for sure that they're alright." The pair paused for a while, looking at the thick metal door. After a while of staring, they turned and walked back inside the greenhouse.

Meanwhile on the inside of the shed, Sam and Brigitte were able to see due to the single light bulb. They might have sat in there for 15 minutes without a word. Sam was nervously fidgeting with his fingers while Brigitte was refraining from biting her nails.

Ginger's sudden appearance disturbed the tortuous silence. "A little nervous are we?" she began low in a seemingly taunting tone. "I don't see what you're so nervous about. You chose this path to follow. You know you passed the test back there so what are you afraid of?"

Sam turned his head away from Ginger, not in the mood of talking to her. Brigitte answered her question with a question. "What's going to happen to us Ginger? Are we going to turn anyway? I thought this alternative was supposed to stop us from turning." she panted, showing Ginger that she had a built level of anxiety.

"I don't know. I'm new to this whole thing too. I'm eager to know what's going to happen next." she told her. "The sun is going down Brigitte and the moon's going to be out soon. Just give it good 30 minutes. I'll be here watching you." she told her.

Sam wasn't going to say anything but he decided to anyway. "How long are you going to be watching?" Sam asked annoyed.

"All night if I have to playboy." she said in a regular tone. Sam didn't like her response too much. If they were going to end up getting overpowered by the spirits they've allowed in their bodies, he at least wanted to spew all of his time with Brigitte in complete privacy. Now that Ginger was hanging about, it was now a long forgotten dream.

They couldn't see on the outside but the sun had gone down and the skies were darkening. Soft purple stratus clouds began to form. Everything that could be heard in the day quieted down. The winds howled like the wolves of the night. The leafless tree branches swayed back and forth as if they were dancing for the dead. The snow on the ground glistened like white glitter on a black background. While these things set the moments of the chilling night, the final piece to the puzzle finally showed itself; the pale face of the full moon.

Sam and Brigitte was concealed from all this. They didn't know what was going on outside. Although they had no idea of what the night looked like, they began to feel the effects from it. They soon felt dizzy and nauseous, as if they were going to be sick. Soon Lycanthropic features began to show on their bodies as it did before.

They moaned and groaned and grimaced in pain while their spinal cord was elongating. Nails grew as did teeth, hair and their jaw bone expanded. The pain was unbearable. Later, they began to cough up blood. They were changing quickly.

Ginger, who stuck around, watched as they transformed. She witness them growing out of their clothes, tearing them to shreds. Each passing second, they were less human and more wolf. This went on until they were complete wolf with no evidence of them ever being human. As soon as the metamorphosis was done, they roared long, hard, and loud. The beast within them had so long craved to reach the surface.

Even though they were finally out, they were stuck in that shed. They hit against the door attempting to break free. The loud noises from the clinging metal on the outside alerted Bridget and Drew who were on the inside of the greenhouse.

They hurried over to the window and peered out to the shed. They saw the chains moving and took it that Sam and Brigitte were trying to break out. Drew and Bridget got scarred. If Sam and Brigitte transformed, they were not rushing to see another Lycan again. Just thinking about it was paranoia enough for the two of them. "Oh I hope the alternative they were talking about was supposed to work like this." Drew whined.

"And if it isn't, then what do we do?" Bridget asked.

"I have no idea. Compared to what Sam and Brigitte knows, I don't know squat." he told her while panting.

"So what do we do if they manage to get out?" Bridget asked in a panic.

Drew thought for a long minute. "I think I have an idea." Drew jolted away from the window and head out the greenhouse. Bridget didn't know what he was doing or why he was going outside. Though she was oblivious to his actions, she followed him anyway.

Drew ran to the RV and got the keys from the dashboard. He threw the keys in the ignition and started the RV. "What are you doing!?" Bridget exclaimed. We're supposed to be here when Sam and Brigitte needs us, not leaving them behind!" she told him.

"I'm doing anything except leaving them. In fact, we're going to them." he told her.

"Why would we do a crazy thing like that?!" she shouted to him again.

"Trust me okay!" he yelled back.

He pulled the RV from in front of the greenhouse and turned it around. He put the RV in reverse and backed up in the grass. He drove the RV's rear to the front of the shed. He backed all the way up until the back barely touched the shed door. "Hopefully this will help keep them from getting out. I don't they'd be able to move a ton of weight like this thing." he smiled.

Bridget felt relived. But the banging could be heard coming from the back of the RV and the noise crept her out. She hightailed it from the RV and back into the greenhouse where she could assure her safety. Drew went with her.

All night long Sam and Brigitte banged up the door. They kept it up for hours. They proved to be a great force together that the door was knocked off of it's hinges. When it did come loose, they tried to tackle it down the rest of they way. Since the RV was parked directly in front of the door, it prevented them from getting further than that.

Finally, after many futile efforts, they managed to tire themselves out and the banging stopped. When the banging stopped, Drew and Bridget got up to make sure they hadn't breached their way out. They saw the shack still intact and the RV was still in place.

They had been up all night to make sure Sam and Brigitte didn't escape the shed. Their eyes were heavy and burning for sleep. Without warning, they were sleep faster than a person running a marathon.

When they opened their eyes it was morning. It took a while for Drew to realize he was awake. When he did, he rushed to the window to see if everything was okay. His heart settled once he saw everything was as it was last night. "Is everything alright?" Bridget asked him.

"Looks good." he said turning his gaze from the window. He lied back down to rest his restless eyes. Bridget sat up and waited for Sam and Brigitte, if they were still themselves, to call them from the shed. She sat next to the phone like a watchdog watching out for a thief in the night.

On the inside of the shed, Sam and Brigitte were just waking up also. When they woke up, it was pitch black. They also had a ripping headache. It was a headache so bad that any bit of noise was enough to make it feel as if their heads would split in two.

Both of them brought their hands to their heads and gripped it tight. They could hear the groaning from each other so they knew they were awake. "Why the hell is my head hurting so damn bad?' Sam managed to get out.

"I don't know, mine hurts too." she mustered out through her clenched teeth. "Where's the flashlight?"

"Where's the flashlight? Where the hell are my clothes?" Sam compared both of their questions.

Brigitte briefly forgot about her headache when she felt she was nude also. "What the hell happened here?" she asked him.

"Now that I think about it, my guess is that we might have turned since we have no memory of it and we wake up with nothing on. That just about explains it for me." he told her.

"You think we turned? How come we're still ourselves?" she asked about their discombobulating situation.

"I don't know. Maybe this could be the way the alternative works." he told her.

"So now we're officially the stereotypical horror movie werewolf. Wait until the full moon, change, attack, and then forget about everything that happened." she said obviously steamed.

"Let's not get too hasty Brigitte I think I can recall some things that happened last night." he squinted his eyes hard trying to clear the blur in his head..

"Like what?" she wanted to know.

"It's hard to explain but now, I recall hitting my head against the door. Come to think of it, I think that's why our heads hurt so bad." he stressed to her.

"So you're saying you remember doing that? That you weren't dreaming it?" she wanted for him to be absolutely clear with her.

"It felt real. I was banging my head on that door." he said not knowing which way to point since it was completely dark in there. "I'm sure there's something you can remember too." he told her.

"I can't recall a thing from last night. The only thing I remember is being in a lot of pain."

"Hmph." Sam said rapid before feeling around for the bags of supplies they brought with them. He searched blindly through the bags until he felt the flashlight. Once he got a hold of it, he turned it on and went through the bags to get some of his clothes. Her gave The bag to Brigitte afterward.

She got the second flashlight and got her clothes out also. When she and Sam were dressed, She picked up the walkie-talkie and paged for Drew or Bridget to answer it. "Bridget? Drew? Are you there?" she spoke.

Back in the greenhouse, the sudden noise of Brigitte's voice startled Drew and Bridget. Bridget took hold of the phone and answered back. "Brigitte thank God! Are you okay?!" she said with excitement. Drew had a large smile on his face.

"We're fine. Listen, come out to the shed and open the door. I can't take being in here another minute."

"We'll be out there as soon as possible." she and Drew sprang to their feet and ran outside to the back.

Drew jumped in the RV and moved it from the door. Bridget stayed by the door to open it as soon as Drew moved the vehicle. Luckily for her, the door was already loose because the hinges were broken off. She moved the door opened and found Sam and Brigitte sitting against the wall. The sun blotted their vision for a second, when their eyes adjusted, they looked at her eye to eye.

Brigitte was taken aback to see their irises blood red. She looked in front of them and saw blood and torn clothes littered over the floor. "What happened in here?" she asked with wide eyes wonder.

Sam and Brigitte got onto their feet and walked outside. "We turned." Sam answered.

"I thought you said when you turn you never go back." she said.

"Brigitte and I had a chance to think about it..." he trailed off noticing the RV right in front of them. Drew was just getting out.

Bridget could see that Sam was wondering why it was there instead of where he left it. "Oh! Uh, Drew and I used to RV to help barricade you in in case you managed to get beyond the door. As it so happens, if the RV wasn't there you would have gotten out." she said in hopes of redemption.

Sam shook it off. "Anyway, Brigitte and I realized when we agreed to get the alternative, we agreed to give up any hopes of being human again."

"But you still look human to me. Aside from the red eyes." Bridget told them. Drew nodded with a twisted facial expression.

Sam and Brigitte furrowed their eyebrows and looked at each other in the eyes. They gaped when they saw the color. They hurried inside of the RV and ran inside to look in the mirror. "Holy shit." Sam whispered when he saw his eye color.

"And I thought the yellow eyes were creepy enough. Why are ours red?" Brigitte asked Sam.

"I don't know." he answered, tearing his gaze from the mirror.

"Ginger?" she called for her sister.

Ginger came at Brigitte request. "Don't worry, I saw the whole thing." she smiled. "It was beautiful. Two mindless wrecking machines at work at the same time. The only other difference was that you grew bigger than the usual werewolves." Ginger told them.

"Don't patronize me Ginger I need to know what you know." Brigitte demanded.

"Calm down B. I was able to draw a few clues of my own."

Sam was eager to know what she had on her mind. "What did you come up with?" he asked her.

"Well look who it is. The expert asks for help? My, what world did you wake up in? I think you lost half of your brain when you bashing it up against the door." she teased him.

"Are you going to tell us or not?" Sam asked again.

"Of course I am. I just wanted to pick on you since I haven't done it in a while. Aside from all that, I think I know what might have happened to you two.

You've already figured out that it's what the alternative called for; however, do you recall when you lost some of your soul? You are familiar with the term 'selling your soul' right? You and Sam literally sold your souls for a piece of your previous soul that was left behind. It's a part of you now. You know, not just in your blood, but an actual part of you now.

Technically speaking, you're no longer humans. What happened last night, I think it was a boost to get you started on how the rest of your lives is going to be." she told them calmly.

"You mean transform on the full moon?" Brigitte asked.

"Get out of the TV Screen B. You're not going to change unless you want to." Ginger looked at the both of them with pure seriousness. "Take my example and look in the mirror." she told them.

Sam and Brigitte turned around to look back in the mirror. What they saw was their eyes going back to their normal color. "How did that happen?" Sam asked a self-question.

"Shall I give you a chance to figure it out?" she sassed Sam.

Sam could have rolled his eyes at her, but he as far too busy thinking and relating things in his head. "So our souls were pure as a human and our blood was tainted. When we gave up a part of our soul, the other part came and latched itself onto the tainted blood and replaced the purest part of our soul." he began.

Brigitte followed up after him. "If we no longer have a pure soul, that would make us wolf. And since our will proved to dominate over the spirits..."

"We control them." Sam finished for her with the same epiphany. "Oh my Gosh, that's it." Sam put his thumb to his chin.

"When we turned last night, it was a way of getting us used to the transformation should we ever under-go it. The Indian woman, she told us that the full moon was going to tug at the potion we drank. Maybe it was some way of making it official somehow." she said with building enthusiasm.

"The Ferland's!" Sam blurted out. "That's how they were able to stay who they were! That's why we saw footprints around their house, it was their footprints!" he made sense of it. "More than likely they overcame what it was they had to over come. Like us, so to speak." Sam said to Brigitte.

"And if we didn't, we would have stayed like that forever. That's why you were able to recollect things from last night because in a way, you were sane somewhere. Maybe we won't be mindless. Maybe we'll know full well what we're doing. Not to mention we actually have a say in whether we want to turn or not."

Ginger smiled. "I'm glad you figured that one out. But you can still infect people. Don't forget that. By the way, your eyes are red again." she said to them before leaving again.

"I guess all that's left is learning how to get this transition under control." Brigitte told Sam in response to what Ginger said before she left. Sam nodded his head in compliance.

Drew and Bridget were waiting for them outside for a long time. Drew went to go check up on them. "Is everything okay in here?" Drew asked.

"Great." Brigitte answered.

"Just making sure." he said leaving from the doorway of the RV.

When Sam and Brigitte were left to themselves, they looked at each other. "Well I suppose it worked." Sam said. "Other than finding a cure for Bridget and Drew, what are we going to do now?" he asked.

"Now that we know how this works, you're going to keep your word. Because now that all of this with us is over..." she paused to allow Sam to finish the sentence for her if he remembered what to say.

Sam had a sense of deja vu. They were in the RV and the last sentence Brigitte said was strongly familiar in the same scenery. Then he was struck with the memory. "I guess I did say that I would marry you once all of this was over." he smiled a mortified, yet bashful smile.

"Were you being serious?" she asked with her arms folded.

"Why wouldn't I be." he said putting his arm around her and leading her out of the RV and into the greenhouse.

"Speaking of the Ferland's, are we ever going to go back there?" Brigitte asked.

"He said he'd call. Until then, I'm not really worried about it." right after he said that, ironically, his cell phone rang from across the room sitting next to a flower pot.

"Aren't you going to get that?" Brigitte asked.

Sam looked downward and then back to Brigitte. "No. Why should I when we have all the time on the world?" he placed both of his hands on the side of her face and kissed her. Brigitte put her arms around him and kissed him back.

Bridget and Drew were on their way back out to see what Sam and Brigitte were doing. Before they could go toward the back good enough, Drew stopped both he and Bridget and stared ahead with his mouth wide opened.

Bridget saw what he was looking at and put on a big happy face. Bridget thought it was romantic whereas Drew was jolly like a little child with no sound leaving his mouth. He and Bridget backed away slowly and out of the room. "I told you they liked each other." he smiled.

"As if I didn't know that already." she scowled a little.

"Of course you did. It's too obvious." he said as a matter of fact.

Sam and Brigitte broke off their kiss when his phone rang again. "I think I'm going to take this one." he said low. He went to where the phone was and answered it.

Brigitte was in her own world. She felt like a lovesick puppy floating in the air. She never thought that she'd be there in a moment like that. At least not with the man she developed her first crush on. The only person left that reminded her of where she had come from.

She went to go to the other part of the greenhouse when she saw her book of cuts and healing records. She walked over to it and picked it up. She looked at the last entry that was still empty. It was then she knew what to put in that empty space.

She took the pen that was inside the book and wrote down a few words. Words that made her comfortable in her own understanding. Cured...But will forever remain spellbound.

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