Prompt: First time

Summary: It is in their moment of death, where Mikasa sets her thank yous free.

Note: For day 1 of Eremika week.

Note: Chapter 50 manga spoilers

Milky white, apple-kissed—yet battle-scarred, calloused from combat. Mikasa's hand intertwined with his. It wasn't as if this is the first time they held hands. No. It wasn't even the second, nor was it the third.

The situation permits this gesture to transform from familiar and mundane into an enigma, extraordinarily enthralling, in a matter of seconds. Eren is in bed, ghost-pale, weak from exhaustion. Mikasa fixed on a wooden chair, a stone sentry by his side.

"You must eat, Eren," she says, voice cotton-soft, her hand heavy on his.

He is still shaken from his battle with Annie, shaken by the betrayal, drained by it all. But he does what he is told. Painstakingly, he takes a spoonful of soup to his lips as Mikasa watches, a stone sentry by his side.


It is in their moment of death, where Mikasa sets her thank yous free.

Thank you for being with me.

Thank you for teaching me how to live.

Thank you for wrapping this scarf around my neck.

Tears are falling from his pale, watery green eyes mirroring the way they are falling from hers.

She leans in for their first kiss—no, their last kiss—all smiles despite the surrounding horrors.

I lived a good life, despite it all.

The reaper's scythe—in the form of that wretched, disgusting smiling titan—looms above, a hair away from delivering their demise.

As far as he can remember, Mikasa has always protected him. But he realizes, he has always protected her too. They need each other. Their bond instilled so deep; her name engraved in his bones.

The black of her hair, the soft of her skin, the red in her cheeks. These are all he sees.

Jaw set and wild-eyed, Eren will not let—will not allow—this to be the end. He takes a step in front of her, seething, half-blind with anger, shielding her from the grimness of their reality.

I'll wrap it as many times as I need to.

I'll do this again as many times as it takes.

From now on, we will always be together.

The embodiment of mankind's rage and desperation. He will not lose to the titans. He will not lose anyone else. He will not lose her.

His tiny, human fist connects with the titan's palm. The next instant, the other titans charge and begin to shamelessly—to much wonder—devour the smiling bastard. Eren's comrades are frozen with the display of his new power. In the midst of the confusion, he stumbles backward to where Mikasa sits on the grass. They have escaped Death only by the milky white, apple-kissed—yet battle-scarred, skin of their teeth.

Hearts beating in wild synchrony, apple skin drenched in cold sweat, their fingers intertwine.

It wasn't as if this is the first time they held hands.

And silently, they are both rejoicing the fact that it won't be the last.

Note: This was rushed to meet the deadline. I am extremely busy with school right now and will be for the next two to three weeks but I absolutely cannot miss my first Eremika week. So I warn you right now, I might be late in submitting these oneshots but I will finish them!