AN/ If you are new to reading my stories then this explanation is for you. If you are someone who has been reading one of my other stories then this is not anything really new. This story is my way of dealing with all the deaths that have been happening around me lately. The first chapter is based on what I actually had to go through recently with a close family friends death. As the story goes on it will include some of my other feelings and memories that I have to deal with daily. This is just my way of dealing with things and trying to heal.

I don't know how long I just sat there while the rain continued to pelt my back. Cold wind whips around me as lightning flashes above my head, the loud clap of thunder following not far after. My mind is blank as I stare at the ground with cold uncaring eyes. All of my makeup has washed off by now and left a small puddle of red and black. My hair has come out of its bun and is hanging down over my slumped shoulders. My dark brown-black curls sticking to my neck and face. Why is it the sight of this statue is the reason I lost my control. Why is it that my tears refused to fall as I watched them lower him into the earth. Yet the mere glance in passing of the centuries old carving called out to me. As I stare up at the shadow covered face of the reaper statue I hear something strange. It is low yet even over the howling winds I am able to hear it clearly. Another sound joins the humming that I can make out to be someone's heeled shoes. The soft clicking of the heels makes me think it is a woman but as I turn my head I am stunned speechless. Walking down the worn out cobbled path is a man with long red hair. He has on a bright crimson coat that rests at his elbows. Other than the very womanly features, red ankle boots, and coat he is dressed in what looks like business attire. Black dress pants a white collared shirt and bands around his upper arms. Instead of a normal tie he has a red and white striped ribbon, red glasses with a black bead chain are resting on his nose. But it's what he has in his black gloved hands that gets my attention.

'A chainsaw? Why on earth does he have that?' I ask myself standing to leave feeling like I should leave for some reason. Its only as I leave that I notice the reaper statue is placed in the middle of a small gated area. The gate is made of black iron and reaches at least 6ft high, the tops of the thin bars are pointed with some of them broken or missing entirely. Dead rose vines create a low barrier around the bottom half of the fence. I shake my head confused as to how I missed that completely. As I walk out of the gate door the man stops humming and he pauses just a few feet away from me. I look at him with blank dull eyes before walking past him without a word. The only sound for the longest time is the sound of my heeled boots as I walk away. When I get to the gate to exit the cemetery I bump into something. I look up to see a pair of bright duel colored yellow-green eyes staring into mine. I jump back when I realize it is the redheaded man from earlier.

"How did you..." I trail off my eyes going wide as he smiles to reveal a set of shark like teeth. I take a step back pulling my right hand up and placing it over my frantically beating heart. Just as he seems to be about to speak a voice calls out from behind him.

"Sutcliff if you are done reaping you should have return to dispatch by now." the man says walking up to stand beside the now named Mr. Sutcliff. This new man is visibly taller than Mr. Sutcliff and gives off a very serious 'I don't do happy' vibe. He has short dark brown hair and thin silver framed glasses that sharp calculating eyes are staring out of. He is dressed in a plain black business suit and in his left hand is what looks to be a tree trimmer. "You still have last months paperwork to finish along with this months." He then begins to scold the man on things I don't really understand so I decide to make my escape. I get about halfway to my car when I am grabbed by the wrist and pulled backwards.

"And just where do you think your going darling~" Turning my head I see Mr. Sutcliff right behind me with a death grip on my wrist. "What do we do with her Willie~" At the use of the nickname and how hyper the redhead sounds I raise a eyebrow. Taking the momentary chance I pull my wrist out of his grip and turn to leave again. I let out a small scream when something lands in front of me suddenly. With both hands placed over my heart I start walking backwards from who I guess is named William. I turn to run only to slam into Mr. Sutcliff and in turn letting him trap me by wrapping his arms around mine.

"Sorry for this miss." William says before hitting the pressure point on my neck. My eyes roll back into my head and I slump against Mr. Sutcliff's chest. My head resting on the spot between his neck and shoulder.

'What in the world have I gotten myself into now?' Is the last thing that crosses my mind before I black out completely.