Okay, before I go on with the story, let me tell you something on behalf of my absence. As most of you guys know, I have cancer; brain cancer to be exact. Throughout my whole absence, I've been fighting through it believing it will get better and I truly did it had worked…however…that's what the cancer wants you to think. For many months and days I've been visiting doctors for a daily checkup, and it usually ended up with no results until December 25, 2013, there was a scan where the cancer had moved. It had moved near the brainstem, the back of my head, and now the occipital part of the brain. That's right, I'm half blind now. My left eye is dead and only my right eye ceases to function. Now I'm more tired than ever, unable to keep my eyes on the computer for too long, and I'm forgetting a lot more now. Now…does that mean I'm going to give up? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT! (Pardon my language)


That's all he's been doing as the young teenager at the age of sixteen wearing a red cap, blue jeans, black T-shirt, and red jacket sighs while laying down on the grass with his hands behind his head while staring at the blue sky with several white clouds passing by. He was in his own little world; he hated staying in a crowd of people, it makes him annoyed or very angry when there are people pestering or just loud noises in general. His red eyes continues to gaze upon the blue sky as he starts recalling the previous event that had happen which is also the reason why he's outside in the first place.

"Tomorrow…" Red whispers to himself while pulling the red cap over his eyes and letting his black hair some air. A few moments have passed and there were several footsteps approaching him, but Red didn't take his cap away from his eyes nor did he react at all.

"I see your still here." A spiky light orange hair teenager around his age said while putting his hands on his hips. Red didn't say anything nor respond to his comment; instead he just remains silent and continues on his quiet nature. The other teenager sighed as he sat next to him and stared off in the distance. What he's looking at is a small suburban town with many trees surrounding it and many small buildings that look identical to each other.

"Are you nervous or scared?" The teenager asked. Again he gets no reply, but a small grunt, taking that as a 'yes.'

"Heh, I see. Well in any case, I'm going to miss you. It'll be quite lonely without a rival, especially since you're the only guy in Pallet Town that has the balls to mess with me." The teenager commented, but again he gets no reply. He stood up while dusting off his purple pants and marches towards the small town in silence.

"I'll miss you too asshole…" Red muttered to himself as the footsteps from the young boy disappears. He stayed like that for a few minutes until he finally decided to stand up for once. He starts stretching his arms out and yawned while dusting his pants that are stained with grass. Then he takes a walk back to town.

Red opens the door to his own small house and enters while removing his black and red shoes. He was about to head upstairs until a woman who's a lot older than him called out to him from the kitchen.

"Red, we need to talk." The woman called out. Red didn't reply nor did anything to respond; he took a nearby seat on the kitchen counter and waited. He starts tapping his fingers on the counter into a rhythm, until finally his mother confronted towards him with a stern look in her eyes.

"Red I know you're upset about moving, but this is the once in a life time chance that we're both going to have! I finally found a decent paying job, a better home, neighborhood, and health insurance! I'm only doing what's best for the both of us." Red's mother commented. Red looked at her in the eyes in disgust.

"The best of us…is that how you put it? The best thing you could do is not move! I'm sixteen years old now mom! Look, I can get a job and help pay the bills and rent! I can even quit school!" Red snapped back coldly. His mother only sighed while closing her eyes.

"I don't want you wasting your youth and try to support me. Don't make the same mistake your father and I did." His mother calmly said, which for some reason this aggravated Red even more as his face turned red; his hands clenched together as he pounded the counter.

"Mistake? Mistake!? Everything happened because of him! You struggled because of him! I hated seeing you work twice as hard, seeing you cry yourself to sleep without someone to comfort you, you barely even have time to cook us dinner! If you would just let me-" Red was interrupted with a hard lap to the face, his mother was already annoyed and frustrated by his stubborn attitude.

"Enough is enough Red! Life isn't fair, it never is! But that doesn't stop me for giving up; I'm looking for a better future for the both of us! Why can't I have someone's who's dear to me be happy about that! You can't stay mad forever Red, all because my husband-" This time Red's mother was interrupted with another loud pound.

"Screw that bastard! I'm never going to let that go! If I see his face again, I swear I'm going to kill him!" Red roared out in anger and frustration.

"Watch your tongue young man! That's your father you're talking about!" Red's mother barked back. Red finally had enough as he exploded in rage.

"I have no father! He's fucking dead to me!" Red yelled back as he removes himself away from the counter and ran upstairs to his room and slammed it shut. Red's mother rubbed her temple and sighed.

"That boy…he's got his temper…" She whispers to herself.

"Shit…" Red whispers to himself as he buries his face in the blue pillow. He raises his head and stared at the alarm clock. It was still early, only four o' clock in the afternoon. He gave a long sigh as he turns on his back and stared at the ceiling. Thoughts and guilt are coming across his mind and he curses himself for it.

"Ah dammit…I'll apologize to her tomorrow…" Red muttered to himself and closed his eyes, hoping he could just sleep it all off.

In the next morning, two moving trucks were already stationed at his house as the crewmen working with the moving trucks were carrying every single item left in the house. Red as usual just stares at the crews as they carry the heavy duties one by one until it's all packed and ready to go. He stared at his mother and sighs.

"Are you ready to go Red?" Asked his mother with a genuine smile that she musters. Red shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"No, but what the hell, I'll go, but that doesn't mean I'll like it." Red groaned as he enters the truck followed by his mother.

"I'm sure you'll be happy over there Red. You just have to trust me on this." His mother said reassuringly. He took those words with a grain of salt. The two trucks are loaded and are finally heading towards the new region, but before that they have to stop by at Vermillion City to take a ship to the new region.

"Uh mom, what's the new region called again?" Red asked his mother.

"It's the Cystra region." His mother replied back. Her only response from her son was a loud groan and a few mumbles.

"Man…that far?" Red complained as he put his hands behind the back of his head.

"Cystra ain't a bad region son. There are many kind people living over der' and the scenery is quite the beauty. I'm sure yer gonna like it." The truck driver commented while chewing on tobacco. The man lowered the window and spit out the black gooey substance with a few saliva trails that he had in his mouth. Red groaned.

"It's just what I need, a compliment from someone who uses tobacco…" Red muttered to himself. He leaned back on his seat and covered his eyes with the red cap.

"This is gonna be a long trip…" Red whispers to himself; he then drifted off to sleep.

The luggage has been brought on board of the massive ship they're boarding; they've been sailing for at least two days fighting off the incoming storm, eat overdue leftovers, and playing cards. Yup this is the life that Red is expecting, but it is the cheapest transportation they could afford. It was morning and Red is leaning on the rails of the ship, looking out in the distance in deep thoughts with a sad frown on his face. He hated it all, he hate that he had to move to a different region that he is used to, he hated that his mother didn't let him get a job and help her with the mortgage bill, and he hated that he has to be on this god forsaken shithole that they've been stuck on for two days which felt like weeks to him. The ship rocks back and forth, but the waves were slowly calming down; Red looks out in the distance and could see land which happens to be the new region he is about to set foot on. He sighed and stared off in the distance once more. He could hear footsteps coming close to him, and he knew it was his mother.

"Red, we're almost there. Look, I know this is so sudden and rushed, but I promise you that this will be a better and bigger life for us. Not to mention you'll end up in a new school." His mother says, trying to sound happy for him, but the sound of school coming from her mouth made him groaned in disgust. He hated school, no, he despises it, he hated learning some bullshit stuff that he really doesn't care about, the people will always pester him about almost everything which gets him very annoyed and angry; he just hated everything. He hated life in general, it's just so annoying and frustrating, there's no escaping it. But the only thing that really brought a bright light in the end of the horrible world that is called 'living' is his mother. He would do anything for her to keep her smile, but right now is not the time; he just hates everything at the moment.

"Whatever mom." Red said nonchalantly as he covers his eyes with his red cap. His mother sighed and shook her head.

The moment they landed on the harbor a taxi was waiting for the both of them. The driver drove them towards their destination, but along the way they saw people, buildings, stores, statues, and even a few tennis courts. It was fall, and the leaves have turned yellow, red, orange, or brown, leaving a cascade of fallen leaves everywhere on the street. They passed through more streets and took a left turn on the fork of the street, but Red didn't pay any mind, it was just staring outside out of boredom. The taxi finally comes down to a halt making Red turn his gazes towards the front. The Taxi driver turns his head at the both of them.

"We're here. Outback Town." He said with a small grin on his face.

Red's mother paid the taxi driver; Red could see his new house, it was a two story house with a blue roof and two windows on each side. There was even a garage door at the driveway.

"Wow…mom's new job must've paid off…" Red muttered to himself. Now he's starting to wonder if what she said was true.

"Well Red. We're here, what do you think? Bigger and better right?" His mom said with a wide grin. Her son just nods his head while still staring at the big structure.

"Come on I'll show you what's inside." Red's mom said in glee. She took out a set of keys out of her pocket and picked out the specific key for the door as she inserts it and turned the doorknob. There was a small click and they both entered and what they saw inside was their own furniture already lay out neatly and it had a homey feel to it. On the right side of Red was a set of stairs.

"Head on upstairs honey, there will be a surprise for you when you find your own room." His mother said in a joyful manner. He decides to cooperate as he headed upstairs, there were more than one room, in fact, there were three bedrooms, but he could already figure out which one is his room. He enters the left that says 'Red's room.' He's a bit surprise that his room looks exactly the same like it was back home, except it was a bit bigger and more cleaner. Instead of the small box T.V, there was a thirty two inch screen LED T.V attached on the wall and a Wii U sitting on the floor.

"Alright, I can't stay mad at my mom, for this, this is awesome." Red commented, then he realized something…he smacked his forehead.

"Damn school…" Red groaned. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs; his mother came from behind and patted his shoulder.

"How'd you like it honey?" His mother asked.

"The T.V and Wii U surprised me, but this is okay." Red simply said, trying to hide his excitement. Although his mom could see it in his eyes, she decides to play along.

"Alright then, anyways I've ordered Chinese food for dinner. He should be right here in about five minutes." His mother said and right when she said it the doorbell rang.

"Oh that must be it. Please take care of him, while I set up the table." Red's mother said; she ran down the stairs with Red following in tow, he reaches the door and turn the doorknob. He soon regretted when he sees the delivery boy wearing black and red attire with some Chinese symbol in the middle with a name tag Lucas D. initial on it and a red beret sitting on his black short hair. He has a grin on his face with a delivery bag on his right hand with several thank you written in red.

"Hi! You must be the new guy around here!" The delivery boy named Lucas said in a polite manner. Red already felt annoyed by his perky attitude and gave him a look. Red never responded back to him and he has the urge to slam the door on his face. The silent atmosphere made the whole situation awkward and unnerving for him as sweat beads were trickling down his face.

"Um…how'd you like it here? We're all friendly, so if you have any question just ask away." Lucas said nervously with a chuckle. Again it was a silent treatment; Red still gave him that look of disgust and annoyance. Lucas began clearing his throat and suddenly realized what he had to do.

"Oh um…here ya go. That'll fifteen dollars." Lucas stated politely as possible while handing the bag to Red, but the mood and aura that Red is sending in the air was making the whole situation a lot more uncomfortable. Red grabbed the bag and immediately slammed the door shut. In shock and awe; Lucas started pounding his hand on the door.

"H-Hey! Where's my money!?" He demanded while pounding his hand on the door. Then fifteen dollars fell through the mail slot and landed on his feet. Lucas frowned as he slowly picked it up and sighs.

"That was mean…he didn't even leave a tip…" Lucas groaned and walked away.

It was the next morning and Red was definitely not preparing for it. In fact his whole plan is to not talk to anyone at all, it would be best if he were to keep it all to himself. He was here; face to face with the new school he's soon about to enter. He took a deep breath as he took a nice look at the huge white building that says Oliver High School. There were many different variety of flowers scattering around the building, oak trees standing tall and strong on the patches of grass, parking lots with several different variety of cars parked, and there was even a pond with several magikarps swimming peacefully. He took one long breath as he grabbed the door handle.

"Here goes nothing…" Red muttered to himself. Once he enters he was in a hallway with the mascot Lucario standing tall in the center of the room, several students looked at him, then quickly turn back to their own business. Suddenly loud footsteps were stomping across the hall, echoing the whole building, and a female girl was crying with another loud footstep in tow.

"WAAAAAAHHHHH! I HATE YOU NATE!" A girl with a white and pink visor resting on her brown hair in two buns on each side and a two long pigtails sticking out from it wearing a T-shirt with a pink pokeball and a yellow miniskirt with black tights came crying down the hallway, every students in the hallway looked at her as she kept running in tears.

"Wait Rosa! It was only a suggestion!" Another boy who's chasing after her in panic wearing a red visor resting on his messy brown hair, blue short-sleeved jacket with baggy beige pants and a dry-fit swim suit underneath his exterior cloths.

"I hate this place already…" Red whispers to himself while covering his eyes with his cap.

So yeah, I have a new story! Yay! *raises hands up in the air then started crying because I can't finish the others* I hate myself sometimes…I apologize for the massive delays.

Fun Fact: There are actually two other versions of this story, and by versions, I mean by how similar it is with the whole school scene and new student. The first one is called Disable; it's where Red is a mute and Leaf is a blind; I wanted to put that story in, but it felt too similar to Broken Before in terms of relations, but if you guys want, I can put that in. The second version was going to be the manga characters instead with a more futuristic environment and settings. The whole story with that is completely different; Blue (the girl) breaks into Red's house when he returns home from school searching for something. He finds her and demands her to leave his house otherwise he'll call the cops. Blue will beg Red to let her stay for the night which he reluctantly agreed to do so. Unfortunately for Red, he was kicked out of his own room, and Blue occupies it. Until the next morning he sees her at his own school and is in the same classroom, and Blue being Blue will cause havoc for Red. The name for that story would've been called Unwanted and it's a Luckyshipping story with other heroes x heroine shipping incorporated in it. The reason why I didn't put that story in is because it felt awkward writing it, like I can't fill in the plot to fill up the holes and it always leads to nowhere. I can post it up if you guys still want me to.