The Devil you know a Star Trek voyager fan fiction

By Alaster Boneman

The Devil you know

Chapter 1 Beginnings

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The Devil you know


"There is always a bigger fish" Qui-Gon Jinn

In the vast cold empty vacuum of space lit only by the gentle light of far off stars nebula's and other space anomalies vast and uncounted all was quiet and peaceful. At the moment undisturbed by the petty wars and bloody conflicts the galaxy over. The only evidence of life in this quiet corner of the delta quadrant was three massive dark metal cubes flying at high speeds toward parts unknown.

These massive ships belong to one of the most powerful, technological advanced races in the Milky Way. Those who live and die aboard these massive ships are the poor individuals unlucky enough to be assimilated having all traces of Individuality removed. They minds and personality's wiped clean and twisted becoming forever linked into a great and terrible hive mind, the Collective. The Borg knowing nothing of fear, love, hate, compassion, joy, hope, anger or any other emotions only governed by the all-encompassing never ending quest to add to their perceived perfection. The Borg have indeed rarely ever been threaten or ever needed the assistance of those outside of their Collective. Thousands of species that make up the ranks of the Borg never posed even slightest threat and any and all resistance has proven futile as the Collective has consumed thousands of words and countless peoples have been bent to the will of the Collective.

Three massive metal cubes close on what would seem to be a their latest victims a small group of sleek space craft that to the unformed would look akin to the giant Cephalopods found in many a planets oceans. The cubes speak as one as they close in on their, would be pray. Their voice is a metallic unfeeling monotone neither male nor female made from millions of voices speaking all one.

"WE ARE THE BORG… Existence as you know it is over…. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own…. Your will adapt to services us…. You will be assimilated Resistance is fut…."

Before the cubes could complete their declaration their seemly invincible ships are hit by streams of yellow lighting blasting huge chunks of metal flying in all directions. The Borg ships for their part tried to adapt to their new enemy's weapons but they cannot. The billions of the Collective, working together as one could not hope to find a way to adapt their attacker's weaponry. It was to alien even as the Collective to understand, the hive mind knew that these cubes like those before them had no chance of defeating these aliens, species 8472. The first of the cubes vessels was ripped apart piece by piece and their bleeding massive fires into the void fuelled by the energy and atmosphere from inside the cube. Even as the cube's 'crew' died and the aliens ship started to attack the other two the Collective analyzed the attackers ships, weapons and defiance's.

The Borg ships were hit buy yet more of the strange lighting they fired all their most deadly weapons at the threat. Brilliant flashers of green as lasers, torpedo's and other weapon that if used adjust any other species space craft would have won the Collective this battle however even if most of these weapons find their mark on species 8472 bio ships had little to no effect.

The aliens' ships were a deep brownish orange color and resemble long sleek pods with three prongs erupting from the front of the ships. Their long bodies ended in three tall fins lined with silver. The bio ships flue around the Borg cubes their weaponry ripping into the mettle hulls of the slow move cubes, each strike made the Borg craft bleed plasma fire and crew into the void. Soon the battle ends with the complete destruction of the three Borg cubes, there hulls and shields unable to keep the deadly onslaught at bay, the crew were vented into the cold vacuum of space around them. The battle won by the alien invaders, the strange bio-ships of species 8472 move on to the next conquest leaving the debris of the Borg behind them spinning silently in the vast cold empty vacuum of space lit only by the gentle light of far off stars.

Federation ship USS Voyager.

A woman lightly hummed a tuneless melody as she stood in a stranded federation turbo lift which travailed though the ship she had called home for the last few years. She had dark brown hair that was tired into a pony tail. She was attractive if unassuming, her face round and net her frame compact. She wore red blazer and long black pants with heeled shoes and four golden pins in her down collar her from denoting her rank. Captain Kathryn Janeway had finally finished her shift on the bridge, leaving her friend and second in command, Commander Chakotay in charge for next few hours. She was final going to get a change to relax in her Leonardo de Vinci holo program. It had been a stressful few weeks and she had not had the time to indulge herself on the holodeck for quite some time. In fact the same could be said for the crew at large. Not sense Seska's had reached a ghostly hand into the present. The deranged woman left a booby trap in the holodeck which had activated and trapped more than a dozen crew members in a holo program designed as a 'worst case Scenario' by the ever partial Tuvok which the Cardassian had turned deadly. Tuvok had been initially designed the program to train Starfleet offices to deal with a possible Maquis insurrection. When the Voyager crew had to join forces with Chakotay's Maquis cell to first fight the Kazon a barbaric race that had been a thorn in Crew side ever sense the Care taker had dragged them to the delta quadrant. Chakotay ship the Val gean had been sacrificed to win the day. Maquis rebels having now else to go had become crew alongside the Starfleet offices who had once been hunting them. So Tuvok had updated his program time and again to deal with the ever evolving situation, but as the Maquis had proved themselves loyal to a fault time and again, Tuvok had abandoned the program. However at some point Seska must have found the program and uttered it been before she had been ousted as Cardassian spy masquerading as Bajoran and her subsequent death nearly a year later. The crew had do a massive overhaul of all the ship's systems to make sure that Seska had not left any other surprise's for Voyager. It seemed they were in the clear now, though with Seska one could never know for sure. For all her delusions the Seska had been quite brilliant in life.

Kathryn was still amazed that someone who had been dead for nearly a year could come back to haunt them like some a ghost with gripe with the living. Like from one of Tom Paris B movies. She shook her head at the thought. The turbo lift doors opened and she walked down the hall towards Holodeck two.

Stepping up to Holodeck's computer console she surprised to see Ensign Kale Blain step out of the sweet with a tool box in one hand and a data pad in the other. Ensign Kale Blain was a 27 years old short, lightly tanned man with a slight Australia accent which managed to work its way past the universal translator of the Starfleet communication badge that every member of the crew wore. His only distinguishing mark was a large mole that sat just blow his left eye. She couldn't really say that much about the young man other than he worked down in engineering and was one her original star fleet crew with a good if un-remarkable work record.

"Good After noon Ensign" Janeway said announcing herself.

The Captain sudden appearance startled Kale, taking his concentration away from his data pad which fell out of his hand "Cap…Captain!" he strutted brokenly.

Kathryn caught the data pad before it fell to the floor and handed it back to the startled Ensign, she flashed him a reassuring smile "I didn't mean to startle you Ensign Blain" she told him honestly.

Kale was flustered and spluttered as he tried to explain himself. "I'm… sorry Captain I was distracted with the maintenance on the holodeck" he muttered still trying to recover from the Captain sudden appearance.

"That's all right Mr. Blain so everything in working order?" Janeway asked trying to put the younger man at easy.

"O yes Captain every things is fine" Blain said nodding like a cadet strait out of the academy. Kale started to get his confidence as the surprise from Captain Janeway popping up from nowhere begun to fade.

"Well that's good, let's hope there are no more booby traps hum" Janeway said with a slight smile to tell Ensign Blain it was a joke.

Kale flushed a deep red. "Yes right… of cause" He said with a forced chuckle "….Well not to be rude Captain but I have to get down to Deck twelve, there some of the bio-jell packs that need replacing". Blain told the Captain having regained some of his confidence if not his self-esteem or dignity. He had no illusions as to his standing in the grand scheme of Voyager he was just a cog machine so the last thing he ever expected was an impromptu conversation with the Captain.

"Dismissed Ensign and keep up the good work" Janeway said cheerfully.

"Thanks Captain… enjoy the holodeck." Blain said and with a stoop of his shoulders her about turned and walked down the hallway.

Kathryn just shook her head and thought to herself 'that one's not much of a talker'. She stepped up to the holodeck control panels and activates her program me file.

"Computer activate Leonardo de Vinci Janeway pie 694" Janeway instructed.

"Program active, Enter when ready" the computer voice droned.

Holodeck two

She stepped into the holodeck and was greeted by Leonardo de Vinci's famous work shop. It was just how remembered it. The room was large yet craped with tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture scattered everywhere. The room was a chaotic mess with half-finished inventions and art work had been left to gather dust as their creator would flit about from project to project. The midday sun's light was streaming into the room from an open wind. She could just hear the light chatter from the passers-by on the street below carried on the wind. On the walls and ceiling hung all manner of devices, one of which was Leonardo de Vinci famous flying machine.

It was a thing of beauty and Kathryn's heart leaped with joy at the sight of it; she had always been a fan of the great master's works since before she could remember. Her late father had taken her and her younger sister to the Leonardo de Vinci museum more times than she could count. The memories came with both sadness and joy as memories often did for her but she had no time to think on her inner-musing as the man himself walked in from the outside hallway. The Hologram Leonardo de Vinci was in his mid 50is with a long white flowing beard which reached down to the top of his large gut. He was taller than her with wild unkempt hair pushed into a soft brown hat. A half dream like expression on his wrinkled face as if he had forgotten something but could not remember what it was.

Janeway for her part merely went "ammuh" to get the distracted man's attention.

"Arh' Signora I'm so sorry, your forgiveness please I did not know you were here my mind was on other things" Leonardo said in his thick Italian ascent. He walked up to her and gave her hands a small kiss then turned as if remembering what he came in for. Clarity crossing his aged face as he walked behind a desk she had not noticed before. The table itself was unremarkable but it was not the table that had caught both Kathryn's and Leonardo's eye. On the table sat what seemed to be a large box with an artificial arm made from wood and metal producing from it which ending in a human like hand.

He started tinkering with the arm box thing. "May I Ask what a fine young lady like yourself is doing in I'm my study? Signora…., Leonardo asked not looking up from the box waving his free hand around in the air as if to suggest her name was on the tip of his Tung.

"It's Catarina Janeway, Maestro do you not recall our meeting some weeks ago?" Janeway said with a teasing smile and a slight blush of her cheeks "We disused your great works. I was wounding if you had a chance to think on my offer of patronage for your works?" she asked stepping close to him "And perhaps a small desk to work on my own projects it would be a great honor to work alongside the great Leonardo de Vinci" Janeway said with the best and most confident smile she could muster.

Leonardo looked up from the internal workings of the arm box "Yes I recall you dear lady Catarina a most unusual request" He said rolling his eyes having herd similar propulsions before. Usual from lords or lady's with more gold than common sense and they always distracted him from his work than blamed him for not giving them the addition they wonted. "I have many patrons that invest in my great works as you say. The Cardinal himself has just thanked me for my latest portrait of his bumbling nephew" Leonardo said a little annoyance creeping into his voice now.

Kathryn caught the annoyance in Leonardo's work and thought to herself it was too bad he wasn't born in the 24 centaury were he wouldn't have deal with money or self-important nobles "Was the Cardinal not generous with his payments?" Janeway asked.

Leonardo felt his cheeks go red in frustration at the recent memory "Har the Cardinal is a thief… he contracted me to paint his beloved Nephew in the heroic style of a Hercules or an Achilles. The effort on my part was greater than any act of Hercules or Achilles…. And what pray tell do you think he gave me in return?" Leonardo said puffin himself up with convection looking her strait in the eye.

She looked solemn for a moment "His everlasting appreciation and gratitude?" Janeway asked before a smile worthy of like the Cheshire cat filled her face.

He let at a long suffering sigh "Yes as you say the Cardinal's everlasting appreciation and gratitude….. So less than nothing" he said with a sigh "Sorry my dear…what did you say your name was again?" Leonardo asked disappointed in himself at his rude behavior toward this fine woman.

"Catarina Janeway" Janeway told him again not the slightest bit irritated. Leonardo de Vinci was a great man and well ahead of his time in so many fields that it defied all other conventicle knowledge. Saying all that the man had one clear fault he had a very short attention span.

"So you see my dear Catarina it is not about the money although that would be appreciated, I have far too many projects demanding my attention and so little time to complete them." He said wistfully. "Like this for example" Leonardo beckoned her over to the arm box. Kathryn could see more clearly the inside of the box which was filled with many gears and pistons of clockwork. She was once more impressed by the ingenuousness of Leonardo de Vinci, he was hundreds of years ahead of his time in the fourteenth century he had envisioned a mechanical tool not unlike the robot arms used in the twenty century onwards that had worked in factories.

"So what is this?" Janeway asked gesturing to the arm box playing into the holographic universe.

His eye lit up like a child about to unwrap his presents at Charismas "Ah I call it the Arm of Hephaestus every black smith will one day thank me for this wonderful new tool" Leonardo said as he wound a key in the back of the box.

"An aped name as he was the Greek God of the Forge, as I recall" Janeway stated sounding impressed. She watched him as he cranked the overly large key in the back of the machine.

The clockwork in side started click and shudder as the machine came to life to work the arm moved up and down until one of the gears broke and the machine came to a shuddering halt. "If I can ever get this damnable thing to work …" Leonardo exclaimed and yet again he started to fiddle with the box trying to remove the offending gear.

"Here let me help" Janeway says as she reaches for the box to aid him.

"My dear you will get grease all over your hands!" Leonardo stated stocked that a lady would work on something so dirty.

Kathryn merely shrugged her shoulders at this "You know what they say. Grease is good for the skin" She said jiving him a mischievous smile.

After a few moments of tinkling they got the broken gear out. "You see…broken… again" Leonardo made "hump" sound from the back of his throat. "Wood is just not strong enough to work for any length of time and the teeth of the piece breaks off and make a mess of the insides… I will need to find a substitute….but metal is so expensive and cannot be refined to these small dimensions." Leonardo frustration at been limited filling his poster. "I'm afraid that I am a man before his time" he sighed looking wistfully up to a, hear by crucifix that hung on the wall.

Kathryn looked up from the box and wiped her hands on a nearby rag. Even though she was in the holodeck and there would be no stains when she left when she decided to leave, it was all part of the fun. She walked over and gestured to the flying machine. "And what is this" Janeway said walking up to the machine. A mystifies smile filling her face.

"Ah, yet another uncompleted marvel of mine I believed since my imagination could take flight so easily my body could do the same, not so I'm afraid" Leonardo said sadness now filling his voice and ageing his wrinkled face.

"This machine is designed to flap like the way a bat or sparrow would. Have you very considered changing the design of it to that of a hawk or an eagle?" Janeway suggested playfully looking back to the great master.

Leonardo looked up at the flying machine with an expression of new found awe made him look twenty years younger. He left the arm of Hephaestus half disassembled and walked up to his master piece.

"A creature that uses the air itself to glide in the sky's above increasing its flight. Why did I never think of such a thing?" Leonard sated his face took on a look of pondering.

Kathryn shrugged "I'm sure that it would have come to you" Janeway told him honestly.

"I will start work on a new design at once and we can test it together" Leonard said as he just realizing what he just said, he looked at Kathryn his light brown eyes going wide a childlike wonder filling them. "Just a small desk you said?" Leonard asked bringing himself up to his full height trying to regain some dignity.

Kathryn clapped in excitement, than clamming herself she didn't won't her childhood idol, hologram or not to think she was some bubbly air head lady who was to lose with her gold. "Yes you won't even know I'm here and I'll pay a monthly rent for the space" Janeway said knowing she had him as Mark would say hook, line and sinker.

"Then we have a deal my dear Catarina and together we will make such marvels the like which no man has never seen before" Leonardo said with now joy filling his face.

As Leonardo started talking about all the adventures they would have and inventions they would build. She heard the all too familiar beep come from her com badge. "Janeway here" Janeway said with a long sigh.

"Captain I'm sorry to disturb you" Chief Engineer Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres said over the com.

"That alright Lieutenant what was it?" Janeway asked get a felling she wasn't going to like B'Elanna had to say or more over finish her holo program. B'Elanna may not have the greatest love for Starfleet rules and glide lines but she knew better than to disturb her was of duty. In less the situation was dyer.

"Captain we have just lost contact with our last probe" B'Elanna informed her normally tone was stranded.

'There it was, and if B'Elanna of all people sounded worried then this wasn't going to be good news' Kathryn thought bitterly "Were you able to get any of the data back?" Janeway asked worried that was all five probes were lost now.

"Yes Captain…..I think you'll going to want to see this" B'Elanna said quietly now sounding very worried.

"I see…. B'Elanna on a scale of one to ten how bad is it?" Janeway asked not likening the fear that started bubbling up from her stomach.

"On a scale of one to ten", there was a long prose, "eleven" B'Elanna stated.

"I will be right there" Janeway told her Chief Engineer. Kathryn took one final look around the work shop. "Computer save program Janeway pie 694". She ordered.

"Program saved" the computer droned without feeling or inflection.

"Deactivate program" Janeway ordered with authority. The work shop then faded out of existence leaving only the grey hexagon's of the holo emitters in the room. She about faced and left for Engineering.


Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres, her golden engineering jacket and black pants were smeared in oil and wasn't shore if she and ever seen B'Elanna not covered in one type of grime or another even so approved her warily. B'Elanna Torres was only half Klingon and unlike most of the Klingon's she had met in her life. She admittedly had only met a few of that freakishly tall and broad warrior race.

B'Elanna was as short, if not shorter than herself stocky rather than board. She had short black hair that fell half way to her checks and rounded her head and then of course there were her forehead ridges and slightly pointed teeth that crewed at her bottom lip that betrayed her mixed heritage. But out of all the Klingon's and even half Klingon's Kathryn had met, none could claim to have anywhere nearly the temper of her Chief Engineer.

So even as Captain she knew better than to rile up the other woman though right now see looked anything but riled in fact she looked pensive if not scared outright. "So what rates eleven on a scale of one to ten?" Janeway asked keeping her voice low so as to not alarm the engineering staff, who worked all round them.

B'Elanna grimaced "I better show you" B'Elanna said with an unusable amount of worry showing on her tanned face.

She taped the computer panel and showing her Captain their probe's last few mentions. She watched as the Captain Expression change from curiosity to dread as the blood drained form her face. B'Elanna couldn't fault Janeway for her reaction as she had shared same when Lieutenant Joe Carry and she had retrieved the data little more than twelve minutes ago.

"How many of the crew have you shared this with?" Janeway asked her tone deathly serious.

"Only Lieutenant Carry and I have seen it, and I have ordered him not to say anything yet." B'Elanna told the Captain seriously.

"That's was good thinking….. B'Elanna. We don't need people panicking just yet" Janeway told her 'no that will come soon enough' she thought to herself felling a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. "I want you to get as much information about… this as possible, involve who you feel you must but try to keep it on the numbers low for now…. I'm going to call a staff meeting at fourteen hundred hours and I want everything you're got by then" Janeway ordered.

"That shouldn't be problem, Captain" B'Elanna said as she locked back onto the frozen image on the screen. She glanced the time ship on one of the hear by consoles it was 12:02 plenty of time.

Feeling drained and in good need of a strong coffee "I will be in my ready room if you need anything" Janeway muted brokenly.

The Captain having gone B'Elanna called Lieutenant Joe Carry or just Joe to his friends, hell most people on board this ship, friend or not ended up calling him Joe over.

Joe Carry was a tall skinny man, with light reddish hair and bright amber colored eyes. "So how did the Captain take it?" Lieutenant Joe Carry asked as he walked up to his onetime rival now friend looking pensive.

She looked up sheepish at her tall friend "Not good" B'Elanna said quietly as they got into their work.


The Bridge was just how Kathryn had left it. Ensign Samantha Wildman was working on one of the consoles in the far corner she was a slim tall, blonde headed woman, wearing a stranded blue science uniform. Samantha had been pregnant with her Ktarian daughter Naomi when Voyager had become stranded make her one the few on board to have immediate with her the only others were the Delaney twines. Naomi was coming up to three or four now though it was hard to tell as her mix heritage Ktarian meant that aged faster both mental and physically faster than a pure human child would fortunately this grow would slow down when the young girl got into her teens and she would live a normal human life span. Ensign Harry Kim had a mixed American, Asian heritage. He had short black hair and ever youthful face. He wore a bright yellow jacket of Comm's office; he was standing behind talking to his best friend Lieutenant Tom Paris about something inane. Tom Paris was sitting behind the Nav; he had dark blond hair and baby blue eyes and was wearing a red jacket.

Lieutenant Gregory Andrews was at Tactical because Lieutenant Tuvok was off shift. Lieutenant Andrews was a tall fit African American man with dark brown eyes and a small well-kept beard. At the opening of the Bridge doors Commander Chakotay stood up to see who had come out of the turbo lift.

Puzzlement filled his dark hansom face at seeing Kathryn renter the Bridge so soon after leaving. "Captain I thought you would be having fun with your de Vinci program?" Chakotay asked looking puzzled as he got out his chair. He was a tall dark-skinned man with deep brown eyes and tick black hair, above his left eye was a tribal tattoo that along with his dark, oak colored skin and almost wolfish features betrayed his Native American heritage. His gut told him something was up.

"I was Chakotay but I was but unfortunately…. I had to cut my holodeck time short… something has come up…" Janeway said trailing as her voice betraying her stress that had found a way to wormed itself into her soul.

"Would this have anything to do with the missing probe that B'Elanna combed me about?" Chakotay asked concern filling his voice he had known how much Kathryn had been looking forward to her holodeck time and only something important would have got her to delay her much needed off time and it wasn't like B'Elanna to keep anything form him as they had been friends for years.

"Yes Commander it is and I would rather not get into that here right now" Janeway said a little shapely as she looked around at the bridge crew who had stopped their good natured conversions with each other they must have heard the stress and worry in her voice.

"Can we do anything to help Captain?" Harry Kim asked kindly a small smile creeping across his face.

"Not right know Harry" Janeway said putting some warmth in her voice. She then left for her ready room with Chakotay following her in.

"You have the Bridge Tom" Chakotay said as he left.

"Right" Tom Paris said with a shrug as he got up from his pilot chair and sat in the vacant Commander's chair. The backup pilot Ensign Roy Culhane, who had been working on another console behind Harry, moved to take the helm. He was a tall and lanker New Yorker through and through with small blue eyes.

"So what do you think that was all about?" Tom asked to no one in particular trying to get Voyager's rumor mill up and working at speed.

"Could be that the probe found something before we lost contact with it" Andrews said concerned as to what it could have been to get the Captain so unnerved.

"Yeah it could be a wormhole or something like that and the Captain probably just doesn't won't to get our hopes up yet" Harry said with hope brimming in his eyes.

"I don't know Harry, knowing our luck it's probably will be a fleet of Kazon with a bone to pick" Tom said lightly teasing his friend.

"Well sorry that my mind doesn't automatically go to the darkest places, first" Harry said not letting Tom's teasing get to him down.

"I for one hope we left all that Kazon business behind us. It's not good for Naomi to grow up with a ship constantly attacked by some backwards lunatics who are more into picking fights then Klingons" Samantha said with no small amount worry crossing her small round face.

"Sorry Sam I didn't mean anything by it I was just joking with Harry" Tom said as an apology and gave her a smile he usually reserved for B'Elanna to keep the fiery half Klingon which he had a massive crush on from ripping his guts out.

"That's all right Tom" Samantha said with understanding.

"So what do you think Roy" Harry said trying to break the uncomfortable silence which was quickly descending on the Bridge.

"Oh no you don't you're not getting me into this Paris." Culhane said and went back to work.

At that Tom shock, his head and conceded that Roy Calhond was an 'all right pilot' but not the bravest person on Voyager. There was no love lost between them as Roy had been after his job for years now. "You're no fun" Tom said disappointed.

Ready room

Chakotay fallowed his Captain and friend in to the ready room. Kathryn kept walked to the replicator and ordered coffee. "Coffee black double strength …. You want anything?" Janeway asked of handedly before taking a sip of the steaming coffee that appeared before her, she sat behind her desk before taking a long sip.

'This must be really bad' Chakotay thought to himself, a grimace pulling at his face as a knot tried itself in his gut. He had a bad feeling when B'Elanna had only told him that they had lost the latest of their long range probes and nothing else. As she usually would so something really bad must have happened to the last probe. "No I'm fine Captain" he told her "So what's the matter?" Chakotay asked with concern as he tried to read her but whatever was bothering her she wasn't letting it show on her face. She just took another long sip of her coffee. It was clear that Chakotay wasn't leaving until he got an answer she looked up at said one word "Borg".

At hearing that name, all the colour drained from his face and a deep seated fear sank to his stomach. "I see…since we are not at red alert yet or hearing 'Resistance is futile' I'm guessing this has to do with the Probe?" Chakotay asked.

"Yes Chakotay there I was finally getting some time to myself" she said somewhat sarcastically thinking 'just my luck'. "When B'Elanna calls me up and shows me this" she turned the computer and showed him the same video that B'Elanna had shown her not half an hour ago.

Kathryn Janeway didn't think it was possible but Chakotay had become even paler then when he heard her said Borg but at showing the probe's last moments she was proven wrong. As his normally dark skin went ghostly pail.

"You know what I think I will have a drink after all" Chakotay said as he walked over to the replicator "Ceylon tea hot". He ordered taking the cup in his hand and moving back to set on the chair directly in front of Kathryn desk.

"We always knew this day was coming" Janeway said with resignation, "No matter what course we took out here we knew that more likely than not we would come up against the Borg. The one thing Starfleet knew for certain was that the Borg came from the Delta Quadrant and ever since we found that Borg skeleton three months ago and your experience with the Co-operative before that" she said than stopped hoping she had not stuck a nev with her comment Co-operative but expression on his face was unreadable so she continued. "We knew this day was coming". She admitted.

"Yes Captain we did" Chakotay said his usually deep voice low and quite.

"So what do we do?" Janeway asked looking him in the eye.

"Well like you said we knew this day was coming and we can't avoid them forever so we are just going to have to play it by ear. I don't suppose we could turn around and find another way home?" Chakotay asked knowing either answer would make him feel even worse.

"Not likely according to what B'Elanna has already showed me we have been in their space for the last month" Janeway told him.

"A month and we haven't seen the Borg until now?" said Chakotay surprise filling his voice.

"I know puzzling isn't it?" Janeway said with a look of puzzlement on her own face.

"Yes it is" he said his dark tattooed brow creased in thought. "Well there could be any number of reasons we have seen them until know" Chakotay said trying to look on the bright side but where the Borg were concerned there wasn't much of one.

"Like what?" Janeway asked desperate to grab any straw.

"Well" Chakotay said racking his brain "Maybe they're not interested in Voyager, we are only one ship of a hundred and sixty souls so we may not be that high a target" he said but everything he know about the Borg made that scenario highly unlikely to say the least.

"That might be the case but seems unlikely" Janeway said she thought to herself that the Borg would let any ship pass into their space unmolested and more importantly unassimilated the possibility of that verged on the impossible. She had the horrible feeling something was up and if there was anything she hate was been out of the loop.

"We could have a Guardian Angel. Q does owe us a favor after we helped save his race from themselves" Chakotay said with a bit more hope in his voice but he didn't like the idea of something watching over them or even less been in that fiends det.

"That is a possibility but in all the time since then has Q showed us any favoritism or anyone else for that matter?" Janeway asked "and even if he was looking out for us we would know about we all know he would pop up on to brag than just to rub our nose's in it…. then he would properly turn Voyager into his own amusement park" Janeway said with a more than a little annoyance in her voice. She thought to herself 'if he really wanted to help us he could just snap his fingers and get them all home by lunch time'.

"That's true" Chakotay consider bitterly he didn't like Q in the slightest but been in his debt was better than the alternative but the obnoxious life form didn't seemed not to be in the mode in giving them any favors. "I suppose all we can is what we have always done. We make do with what we got and stand together" Chakotay told her supportive.

"Well we will call a senior staff meeting as soon as B'Elanna gets as much information from the probe's 'data' and then we will make a plan." She told him. "While we wait can you tell me if there is anything from your time with the Co-operative that could give us some insight into the Borg" Janeway said she did not what to upset him. She knew that his mind link with the Coo-perative was still a raw wound even mounts later.

"Firstly Captain I don't think we should compare the Co-operative to the Collective. Yes the Co-operative did use me to their, own ends but they also let us go." Chakotay said as levelly as he could as he ran a hand thought his black hair. But everything I remember from the link tells me that we should not under any circumstances underestimate the Borg" Chakotay said with conviction.

"Well that isn't a lot of help Chakotay" Janeway said moodily.

"What can I say I was only part of their link for a few hours and all I saw were their broken memories not tactical information on the Borg" Chakotay said correcting Kathryn mistaken belief that he had gained some new and deep insight of the Borg from the linked with to 20 odd former drones. The truth of the matter was he didn't remember that much and what he did was disjointed and hard to define.

They both set their in quiet Contemplation for some time trying to think of things to say but failing to find anything meaningful. The quite was finely broken by the beep of the com.

"Captain" B'Elanna's voice came in loud and clear.

"What is it Lieutenant have, you got something?" Janeway asked hoping it was good news or at least not as bad news.

"Yes Captain we found something that may help us" B'Elanna said without the worry that had tainted her voice when she first called her up.

"We could all do with some good news" Janeway commented.

"Well" Chakotay said gesturing to the door, "shall we?" Chakotay asked.

Kathryn Janeway taps her com badge. "This is Captain Janeway to all members of the senior staff please meet in the briefing room" Janeway ordered.

A Series of "Yes Captain's" filled the com and both of them left her ready room and headed to the conference room.

To be continued in chapter 2 Fox and the Scorpion's part 1

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