Just this nice idea that came to me after reading the book during a very boring class at school =) I though it came out pretty good so... Hope you enjoy =)

I don't own any character from the book or movie! (And sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes that I might have- point those out for me ;) )

The supper is singing

There was once

a young man

who was known for various features

whose name shivers sent down my spine.

though weak and quite feeble

his mind was unrivaled

among those who are of his kind.

Only he came

to me,

with a slight understanding,

asking for how can I sing,

if my mouth is closed up

and I look like I'm sleeping

so who is the source of this ring?

'The supper is singing'

I said,

it was first I was asked

but to me the answer was known

'and it's not all that clear

that if my eyes I am closing

than I must be sleeping or so.'

'That is true'

said the boy,

with a voice so little,

his breath reeks of fright and of fear

'but still how can it be?

That the supper is singing

for a supper it is' he asked and stood still.

'Well you see,

young boy,

the supper is singing

for it awaits its unholy death,

as you will be too,

my supper that is,

and will be singing till your last breath.'

'So that's it'

I had said

'for we are all supper,

we'll be eaten to or after death.

And I'll be supper too,

to the earth and the germs and the flowers

and at the end will be eaten myself.'

'So I see'

the boy said

with a smile that is knowing

and a new spark in his eyes

'for we are all supper-

me and you too,

or at least we'll all be at the hour'.

'Come back later'

I said,

annoyed at myself

when I understood that a boy had managed to trick me-

the great death.

'I am tired from talking and that is your fault, I'm afraid,

but I will eat you later, young lad'

'Alright then'

he answered

with a surge of relief,

'I will be sure to be back'

'yeah you'll have to, indeed,

that's the way of the nature

for all to be eaten by me' I explained.

And then

the boy left

and I went into slumber,

not knowing of the tragedy

about to befall,

for nature decided that supper I'LL be

and before this boy I will fall.

And from then

I'll be singing

a song of a supper,

of nature, of life and of death,

a song that will sound

for all eternity after,

that is all that I once was myself:

For once

I had set the sea alight

with a single fiery breath;

for once

I was so mighty

I had thought that my name

was death.

Sing out loud

until your foes are all eaten,

a song of melancholy bliss,

for both the mighty and middling,

in the end,

shall all come to this.