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Things did not get better as the day progressed and Judas still stayed in a bad mood ever since Jesus refused to listen to her. As the day went on, Jesus kept asking Judas what she needed to talk about. "It's not important," She would say or, "I've forgotten." An outright lie. Jesus knew that and kept pressing her but Judas would not crack. However, as late noon, early dusk approached, Judas's mood improved slightly as Jesus walked by her side and spoke with her. He did not bring up what she wanted to ask from earlier. Judas noticed Jesus seemed weary and somewhat tired. Yeshua, what is the matter? You seem tired. Are you alright?" Judas asked. Jesus managed small smile and replied, "I'm alright Judas. Thank you for asking." Judas was not convinced. After creeping into the underground caves, Judas laid down to relax for a bit but found it hard, due to the fact the other apostles were pestering Jesus about what was going to happen tomorrow and so on. Judas sat up abruptly and shot one of the apostles a warning glare. If you don't shut your mouth, I'm going to shut it for you! Judas thought angrily. The apostle sat down quickly after seeing the look in her eyes. Jesus kept trying to tell the others to not worry about what will happen the next day and if they knew what was going to happen, they wouldn't want to go. Still, they continued to nag at him and Jesus sighed in exasperation, then sat down. Judas halt crept, half crawled to Jesus, a concerned look said everything to Jesus. "Don't worry about me. Mary's got it under control." Jesus said as Mary dabbed his face with cool water. Judas growled and stood up. So much for coming to his aid...

Judas smirked, her anger slowly melting into an amused grin. "Yeshua, I'm quite surprised that a man like you could waste his time on someone like her. Judas chuckled and tried to control the laugh that was building within her at Mary's expense. "Oh yes, she amuses you but if you let her stroke you and kiss your hair, there's a BIG problem here!" She snickered unkindly and smiled smugly at Mary. Jesus stood up then glared daggers at Judas, daring her to say another word. That did it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The look on Jesus's face caused Judas to explode into loud laughter and Jesus could barely get a word in without Judas snickering. "Forgive me, Rabbi," She giggled, "I'm just having a hard time trying to wrap my head around this." Jesus was glaring holes in his right hand man. Judas gulped nervously, soundlessly. Oh she was in for it...

"Allow me to ask you this. What exactly gives you the right to judge her?" Jesus asked, his voice was in a deadly calm tone.

"I-" Judas began, but Jesus held a hand up, cutting her words off as soon as they came.

"Leave her alone. Mary is with me now. If you are without fault then you may throw stones but you are not, therefore you do not have any right to judge who Mary once was."

Judas huffed in anger. She had been defeated by her master's words once again. "I understand." She replied, through gritted teeth. She did not say another word. Instead she retreated to her own chunk of the caverns and sat there listening to Jesus's words. Doesn't he realize what he's gotten us into? I love him and I can't let him kill him and us. I don't want him to die! Judas's thoughts dissolved into gruesome images of what could happen if all of this continued. Mary was just trouble. Didn't Jesus realize this? Night fell and Judas in turn had fallen asleep, her body turned at an angle, so to make it look as though she wasn't sleeping but this of course didn't work. The apostles had gone out to get food for the night and the only ones in the caverns were Mary, Jesus and Judas. "Jesus, why does she act like this?" Mary whispered, so not to wake the sleeping girl a good fifty feet away from them. "Why does she not like me? I've done nothing to her and she calls me a whore!" Jesus smiled. "She has her reasons," Jesus replied, "what you must realize, Mary, is that I've known Judas longer then I've known you so I know a lot of things about her."

Judas's eyes slowly opened. That's right...she had fallen asleep. Rather then wake up, she sat there and listened to Jesus and Mary's conversation. "When Judas came to me, she was a thief. And a cunning, sharp-witted one at that," Judas bit back a chuckle. It was true, she was in fact a thief but now that she was with Jesus, she certainly wasn't proud of it. "One day, I was preaching somewhere around Judea and a young girl, about thirteen, comes to me and says something in a dialect that I can just barely understand. She tells me her name and how she wants to come with us. There were six or seven at us at the time, I smile and tell her that I want her to come. Within the next few days, I began figuring out personality traits and that bad habit of hers'. Often I had to speak to Judas in her language, seeing she couldn't understand what I was saying. We became very close and I helped her break her habit of thievery. I also taught Judas how to speak our language and I must say she caught on quite well and learned very quickly. Isn't that right Judas?" He knew she had been awake. Judas didn't say a word. Jesus crept over to her, grabbed her and about made Judas soil herself. Her heart had to have been going over fifty.

"That wasn't funny, Yeshua." Judas said, trying to glare at him but a grin got in the way. She muttered something in her home language and Jesus returned the grin. "You think I'm a what?" He challenged her playfully. Judas sprang to her feet. "Nothing!" She cried, quickly turning on her bare heels and bolted out of the caverns. "You two seem so close. I can see why she's your right hand man. Even if she is the youngest." Mary said. "Age does not matter to me when it comes to friends. I picked Judas because of her smarts, wits, personality and knowledge of money. It wouldn't surprise me, however if she steals from our treasury seeing she's our official treasurer." Jesus said with a smile.

"That's terrible! How can she do that?!" Mary cried, shocked. "If you know, why don't you do anything?!"

It's simple Mary, she's only doing it because she seeks attention in the wrong way of course. She'll stop. You'll see." Jesus replied.

Just as they finished talking, the other apostles returned with food for the night and the next day. Judas preferred to sit away from the group and eat. Although she was friends with some of them, she went away because she didn't really know how to strike a conversation all that well, unless it was with Jesus. After Judas ate, she went out from the caverns to wash her feet. For some reason or another, Judas walked around barefooted, not really liking the feeling of sandals on her feet. If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was her feet being dirty. Every night she went to a small pool of water to wash them. Upon returning, she saw Mary anointing Jesus with oil. Expensive oil. Oh hell no. Judas walked up to Mary, snatched the bottle and smashed it. "What are you thinking?!" Judas cried, angrily, "Do you know, Yeshua, that we could've sold that bottle of oil and gave the money to the poor and starving?! Some people matter more then us!"

Although it was a gesture of good intent, Jesus didn't like how Judas went about it. "Are you saying Judas, we have the resources to save every poor person in the world?" Jesus asked.

"No!" I'm just trying to say-"

"You must look at the good things we have. There will be other ways to help the poor. Think while you still have me because when I am gone, you will be so sorry." Judas hadn't even realized she was still holding on to Jesus's hand. Jesus hugged the girl, letting her know she was forgiven. "Sleep well." Jesus told her, before Judas retired for the night. The apostles exchanged worried glances. This could be the start of trouble...