Chapter 2


"Stupid machine. Damn Pokémon Center is so unfabulous. I can't take it."

May and Gary exchanged nervous looks. Before May knew it, Gary had pulled them underneath the table so that they were secure under the cover of the tablecloth.

"Gary, what's—" Gary quickly put a finger on May's lips to silence her, inadvertently causing a shiver to go up her spine.

"I think whoever made that noise has something to do with what's going on at the Center. Let's just stay down here for a while and wait until she leaves." At this point, Gary was so close to May that she could feel his breath against her ear, which sent tingly. She inhaled the scent of what smelled like spicy vanilla and felt her heart flutter even more. Tormented by this proximity, the only thing poor May could do was nod and pray that he couldn't see her blush in the dark.

However, the sound of clacking heels into the cafeteria brought her back to earth.

The footsteps suddenly stopped, and May and Gary both stilled their breathing, hoping they wouldn't be found out.

"These cups on the table..." May's eyes widened as she looked at Gary, who put his palm over his temple, berating himself for his forgetfulness.

The footsteps drew closer and May braced herself...

We're goners.


The person—who May assumed was a girl by the heels—grabbed the cups and walked out of the cafeteria, murmuring threats about throwing them at somebody's gluteus maximus.

May and Gary exchanged looks, waiting until the clacking noise of the heels faded into the abandoned Pokémon Center. Then, Gary pulled the tablecloth up, allowing May to get up first, before crawling out himself.

May was dusting off her skirt when Gary suddenly interjected,"Someone's a little red in the face."

Immediately, May's face darkened three shades redder.

"Well, that's because we were really close together under the table."

"I didn't even say anything about you being red because of me."

"W-well, I'm not," May sputtered. "It was just really hot under the table."

"Hot, huh?"

"Ugh!" May shoved him to her side and proceeded to walk out of the cafeteria. Gary chuckled, his hands snugly in his pockets, as he followed right behind her.

Augh, what an ego! May thought to herself, crossing her arms.

Pretty cute when she gets mad, the researcher thought, grinning to himself.

"I thought it was suspicious that cups were just lying around."

May had a mini-heart attack when she heard a voice.

And boy, the carpet did not match the drapes.

This guy reminds me of someone.

Out stepped a man flipping over his shoulder beautiful, luscious purple hair that yelled,"Because I'm worth it." His bright green suit blinded Gary as his stilettos clacked closer to the duo. He stopped, gazing down at them throw a thicket of eyelashes that any woman would be jealous of.

While May was standing awestruck looking at his butterfly manicure, Gary took the reigns, standing in front of her. "What's it to you if we're in the Center? Or maybe it's you who's behind the destruction of Lake Lucid?"

The man smirked. "You've already caused enough trouble just by being here. Looks like I'll have to personally get rid of the two of you."

May snapped out of her sparkle-distraction-phase, reaching for her Pokéball. "If it's a battle you want then it's a battle you'll get."

"Let's go two on one," the man suggested, pulling out a ruby studded ball.

Gary smirked. "That's a mistake. Umbreon, I choose you!"

"Glaceon, take the stage!"

"Hey, another Eevee evolution," Gary said, admiring Glaceon's sheen coat. "It's beautiful."

The man let out a mocking laugh. "Nothing can compare to my Pokemon. Cacturne, come out my fabulous! Ariados, you too!"

May made a face as she saw the Dark and Bug Pokemon twirl out of their balls and land on the ground. Cacturne had accidentally bumped against the button that turned on the fans in the Center, making it extremely hard to hear.

"Wait, before we begin," May started,"who are you?"

"My name is Sir Farley."

"I'm sorry, was that Harley?" she asked, thinking she had misheard. It had to be Harley.

"No, what? That's a terrible name," he said, looking highly offended. "FARLEY."

Terrible name? You guys are one letter apart.

Gary scratched his head. "Why are you guys talking about barley?"


"Gnarly?" he asked, slipping in a quick wink at May as she giggled.

The man had completely lost his composure, shaking in anger. He gnawed at the ends of his hair, commanding,"Cacturne, use needle arm on those pesky little bas—"

"—Umbreon, shadow ball!"

"Ariados, sludge bomb!"

"Glaceon, ice beam!"

The room was immediately lit up by a shining bright light as the Pokémon's attacks came together, before the compressed power exploded. May squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself for the impact.

...But there wasn't any.

Instead, a shadow had covered all the chaos happening in front of her. She cautiously opened her eyes, only to find Gary standing in front of her, more on the bruised side than she would've liked.

"Gary, are you okay? You didn't have to do that!"

"It's fine," he grinned at her, albeit holding onto his arm which had burn marks on it. "Better one person get hurt than two."

"Idiot," she said, poking at his head. She looked over at the Pokémon. Unfortunately, Glaceon and Umbreon had minor injuries, and both were panting. Farley's Pokemon, however, were safe and sound as Ariados had redirected his string shot at the ceiling at the last minute, sliding up and taking Cacturne with it.

Farley on the other hand was not faring so well. His suit was burn to a crisp as were the ends of his lavish hair. Taking advantage of May and Gary's distraction, he yelled,"Ariados, use x-scissor on Umbreon!"

May, however, didn't even miss a beat. "Glaceon, use protect!"

The Ice Pokemon jumped in front of its Dark counterpart, a barrier forming in front of both of them.

"Thanks, May. Umbreon, use dark pulse on Ariados!"

"Glaceon, combine that with blizzard!"

The wave of snow combined with the harsh, dark waves of power from Umbreon proved too powerful for Ariados. It fainted, landing right next to Farley.

"Ariados!" Farley called out, kneeling next to his Pokemon. He glanced over at Cacturne, who was panting heavily from the snow storm, as Grass types were weak against Ice.

"Ready for some more, BARLEY?" May yelled.

"I think right now it would be a fabulous time for me to back away," Farley muttered to himself. He called back both Cacturne and Ariados, and made a run for it.

"Hey, come back you—"

"—May, just leave it," Gary said. "He'll come back later. He definitely has something to do with what's been going on here."

"I guess you're right. But first things first, we have to treat your arm. Doctor May to the rescue!"

"Oh boy."

"Brock taught me how to heal burns with Rawst berry paste," May said, as she mashed up a few berries in a mortar and pestle that she had found in the Center. "It's also great for preventing pimples and healing any acne scars."

"If you could just take my shirt off and put it on my back..."

"Shut up, Gary."

Gary had to chuckle. "You're really prepared for travelling on your own, huh?"

May smiled to herself as she continued mashing the berries. "More like Ash, Brock and Drew taught me how to take care of myself. I wouldn't be able to read a map without them."

"Who's Drew?"

"Oh, he's just my rival."

"JUST your rival?"

"Yes, just my rival," May said. A pink hue graced her cheeks, which didn't go unnoticed by Gary.

Guess he's mine too.

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