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Summary: I wonder why your pride as a vampire and my ambition makes us keep our distance at any time.
Couple: Alexander Grayson / Jonathan Harker
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"Your pride as a vampire and my ambition makes us keep our distance anytime! "

Shame-journalist sigh with sadness in his voice is —What?— I ask the vampire raising an eyebrow
Surprised Harker came out of his trance— It's nothing, I think I better go, tomorrow I will have a lot of work to do, goodnight Mr. Grayson— said the young man before he left.

Alexander could see out the window as the man walked to the carriage was waiting for him back home across London.
Sigh and face of the young boy appeared again in his mind seconds after his departure, and the aspect that had caused the unknown, as if he wanted to wrap it in a possessive and protective embrace whispering that everything would be fine whatever what ailed certainly gladly would take care of it disappear.

But his thoughts were interrupted to make way for the growing outrage What am I thinking? Why do I care — not more than a nuisance— said to try to convince himself.
I try to remember the beautiful woman who had haunted, but the mere thought of mine to appear in his mind the young journalist who gradually toward the vampire creecer in a sense knew but whose name would never dare to pronounce and who also know if that feeling was reciprocated.

Because Alexander Grayson was falling for Jonathan Harker to the man who years ago was his enemy.

Without knowing that the other side of London the young journalist had the heart afflicted by the only person for whom the living daria even if the other kill him because Jonathan Harker also corresponded feelings of Alexander, was a torment auque having to shut when I knew that there was much to lose.

—But one day the two will find that strength, just whisper it really will make— the young journalist before falling asleep.

"Me pegunto por qué ,No te puedo encontrar ,Todo habla de ti ,Pero tú no estás me pregunto por qué ,Te pudiste marchar ,Creo que te puedo ver Pero tú no estás"

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