Samurai Meet Winx

The rangers and mentor Ji were sitting around talking about what to do with the nylock.

Mike: We need more help.

Kevin: And just where are we gonna get help?

Mentor Ji: I have already called in extra help.

Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike looked confused. Just then there was a knock on the door.

Mentor Ji: Jayden, Antonio could you answer that, while I explain to the others please.

Jayden and Antonio: Sure

They then leave the room.

Mentor Ji then tells the rest about his past and the Winx Club.

Then Antonio and Jayden come in – smiling like idiots – with the Winx and Faragonda.

Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Emily look confused again.

Mike: Ok I'm lost.

Mia, Kevin, and Emily: us too.

Mentor Ji: Rangers this is the Winx Club.

Hello I'm Faragonda.

Hi I'm Bloom

Hey I'm Stella.

Greetings I am Tecna.

Hello I'm Flora.

Sup i'm Layla.

Yo Musa here

Nice to meet you, I'm Emily

I'm Mia