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As she woke up, she opened her eyes only to be greeted by darkness. She ignored this and attempted to sit up. Only to find herself struggling to pull herself into a sitting position, wincing in pain due to the ache that ran through her weak muscles. After a few more (failed) attempts, she let out a tired sigh as she managed to pull herself up and let her sore back rest against the bed's headboard. She stayed in that position for a few moments, letting her exhausted body have a rest.

She blinked a few times trying to adjust to the darkness she was engulfed in. Once her eyes settled, she took noticed of her surroundings. Letting her wary gaze roam around the dark, unfamiliar room she temporarily rested in.

Her eyes immediately laid upon a window to the far left of the room. The beautiful captivating moonlight shining through the window, being the only small source of light she was provided with. She look around her some more, and found an empty chair besides her bed, and a table with a vase that held arranged flowers a bit more further away. Lastly, she found a door that seemed to lead elsewhere, on the middle of the wall opposite from her. It caught her curiosity.

Again, she let out a worn out sigh as she ran her slim fingers through her shoulder-length hair, when she suddenly felt an object lightly tug at her hand. Her eyes cast downwards to inspect what brushed her and found that it was a tube-like cord. She found herself being connected with a heart monitor. Along with other needles connected with a thin tube, bandaged to her arm. Some types of fluids traveling through them and going into her arm.


The heart monitor's beeping sound that clearly echoed around the four quiet walls, was now noticed by her ears. Come to think of it, how could this have gone unnoticed by her?

She briskly dismissed the thought and quickly made a predicament to where she was residing at. 'A hospital… but where exactly… and WHY AM I AT A HOSPITAL?!' Her eyes furrowed and her eyes widen as she was consumed with both panic and puzzlement. She heard the heart monitor's beep slightly increase.


"Calm down…," she quietly whispered to herself. She inhaled and exhaled a few shaky breaths, trying to gain back her composure.

After several minutes passed, she made a move to get out of the bed. Seeing that she still had few hours until the sun began to rise, she decided it was better to investigate more now than to idly lay on the bed. However, she remembered about the tube needles (I'm sorry idk what to call them/ what they are called) and didn't take her long to decide what to do with the small problem.

'Easy…,' she thought as she cautiously, but quickly, untangled herself from the medical devices. With that, she scampered over to the door and stood in front of it. She bit her lower lip, a bit nervous about opening the door and what may be on the other side.

"It's now or never," she whispered.

Although, as her fingers was about to touch the doorknob, as if in slow motion, the door was flung opened by someone else. Shock, complete written over both of their faces as they stood facing each other. However, she quickly recovered and frankly began to search for an escape, just for when something may endanger her. But dread rapidly filled her when the new arrival too, recovered from their unexpected meeting, left running while shouting, "GET THE HOKAGE AND GUARDS! GET EVERYONE, SHE'S AWAKE! SAKU-". That's all she heard before escaping out the window and into the night.




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