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Chapter 1

The dimensional gap is a realm in-between worlds. It is also known as the endless void, filled with nothingness, save for the mix of iridescent colors in every direction and the immobile floating Gogmagog. This place was the former home of the Dragon God defined by infinite, Ophis. Now it serves as a free place to roam for the True Dragon defined by dreams, Great Red.

Currently there were four entities together in the dimensional gap. All four were what are known as dragons. The first was an enormous red western dragon. This dragon was known as Great Red, the Apocalypse Dragon. The second dragon took the form of a young human girl. She had long black hair, pointed ears, grey eyes, and was wearing gothic lolita attire. Lying next to her was the other two dragons. The third dragon was the red dragon emperor, sekiryuutei, Ddraig. However, he was nothing but a soul for his body had been destroyed long ago. He currently resided in a sacred gear, a device created by God from the bible given to humans. Among those consisted the 13 Longinus. These sacred gear were separate from the rest due to the face that they possessed the power to kill Gods. There also existed what was known as Balance Breaker which unleashes the full power of the sacred gear due to a bug in the system God from the bible created. Ddraig's sacred gear was known as the Boosted Gear which took the form of a red gauntlet with a green gem implanted on the backside of the hand. It granted the user the ability to double their power every ten seconds. It also had the ability to transfer the power to other people or objects. Right now, it was in its balance breaker state. It took the shape of a red armor with the motif of a dragon. Inside the armor was the last dragon.

The fourth dragon was a devil that was once human. He was considered a dragon due to having the spirit of the Welsh dragon Ddraig residing within him. He was average height, had short brown hair, and light brown eyes. He was the possessor of the Boosted Gear, Hyoudou Issei. Currently, he was dying due to receiving the curse of Samael, the ultimate dragon slayer.

His body was being destroyed from the inside. He was being made a new body from the flesh of Great Red and infused with the power of Ophis. This was thought to have worked to save him, however due to the fact it came from dragons, it had little effect against the curse and was rejected by his soul. What was left of that soul was weak and drained from trying to fight the fate it was dealt.

"Ddraig, Issei is dying. He doesn't have that much time left," said a frowning Ophis. "My first friend is dying and leaving me."

[I know that Ophis! But he can't die, he won't! He is my partner, the one who has faced great dangers and survived! The one to overcome any obstacle thrown his way!]

"Ddraig, I can feel it draining what's left of me." Issei faintly smiled. "There's still so much I want to do, so many people I have to look after. Everyone in our group is fragile, including Ophis here. I can't…..just dump everything…..on Kiba, that's not…what best friends…should do." His breathing was becoming labored. Rias, he thought. I'm glad I confessed to you. I just wish I could see you one last time.

[Issei! Get a hold of yourself! Stand up! You always stand up! Azazel and the others are going to open the dragon gate for us so you have to stand up! Issei!]

"Issei." Ophis' voice was small and filled with sadness. She never knew she could feel this way. The only time she expressed sadness was when it concerned her former home, the dimensional gap. Now she was experiencing the emotion because she was losing the one person who accepted her and wanted to become friends, her first friend.

Issei closed his eyes and continued to smile. "That's not…fair Ddraig, calling me by my name…right at the….end. Ophis, you have to…..be good. Go and see…..Rias, she and the others will…..watch over you...and make sure that you're not…..alone." Rias, I love you.

"Issei. Issei!" Ophis called his name but her words never reached his ears. She pounded on his chest, but he would never feel it. "ISSEI!"

"Rghaaaaa!" Great Red cried out, a roar filled with sadness.

[Dammit! I, wha-]

Just then, a magic circle appeared below Issei's and Ophis' body, engulfing them in light. This magic circle was special though for it is the one used for calling dragons and forcibly summoning them. It was known as the dragon's gate. Azazel and the rest of the Gremory group along with the Vali team where using it to summon Issei and Ophis.

In the basement of a hotel in the underworld city of Lilith, the Gremory group, Vali team, Azazel, and Tannin who was called to help, all awaited the summoning of Issei and Ophis. Azazel's jewel of Fafnir was glowing in a golden light, Vali's body was glowing white, while Tannin's body was glowing purple. The presence of a dragon was needed to use the dragon's gate and there were three available to boost the gate's power.

The room was engulfed by a bright light. Everyone had to cover their eyes to shield them from the intensity of the light. When everything settled down, what appeared at the center of the room were a crying Ophis and 8 crimson evil pieces of pawn.

(Rias POV)

I stood looking at the middle of the room where a crying Ophis sat beside 8 evil pieces. What caught my eye was the fact that Ophis was alone and I recognized the pieces. After all, they were mine. I would recognize them anywhere, since they were the same ones I used to reincarnate my fiancé all that time ago. The ones that should be in his body right now…in Issei's body. Yet, they were here but he was not.

"That damn idiot!" I turned to see Azazel yell out and drop to his knees. His eyes began to fill with tears. There was only one thought that came to my mind as to why he would be in that current state.

I looked around the room. Vali was looking at me only to turn away and look down when I met his gaze. His face held a solemn expression. I turned to Tannin-sama only to see his hair cast a shadow over his face as he looked down just like Vali.

From the corner of the room, a crimson light flashed as a magic circle with the Gremory symbol appeared. From the circle appeared my onii-sama and Grayfia. They both took one look at Ophis along with the evil pieces and both looked down, holding the same expressions as Vali and Tannin-sama.

I couldn't take it anymore. I needed answers. "Where is Ise?" Azazel, Vali, Tannin-sama, onii-sama, and Grayfia all looked at me. From behind me, my slaves were all waiting for an answer to my question, the answer to the question that was plaguing all of their minds. However, after several moments, no one spoke up and answered. They all looked at me like they knew something they didn't want to tell me. "Why won't anyone say anything? Where is him? Why are the evil pieces here but not him? Where is Ise?!"

Still no one answered. I then walked up to Ophis and knelt down beside her and shook her to get her attention. Even though she was the one of the strongest beings in the world and my actions might anger her, I didn't care. "Ophis! Where is Ise? He went to rescue you from Shalba. You are here now so that means you were with him. So where is he?! Where is Ise?!"

The anxiety I was feeling only grew stronger with each passing second. She looked up at me with her grey tear filled eyes. "Rias, Ise is gone."

Her words hit me and heart beat rapidly. Once my peerage heard what she said, I turned and heard Asia and Ravel break down crying while Koneko adopted a grim look on her face. Akeno became lifeless and her eyes were drained of any emotions. Yuuto was clenching his fists to the point blood started streaming down his hands.

I brought my attention back to Ophis. "What do you mean he is gone? Why isn't he with you? Where did he go?" A hand was placed on my shoulder. I looked to see it was my onii-sama's.


"Onii-sama, Ise is missing. We need to find him."

His face contorted like he was in pain.

"Rias, Ise is gone. You won't be able to find him because he is no longer alive."

I quickly shrugged his hand off me and stood facing him. "What do you mean he is no longer alive?! That can't be! Ise is not dead!"

Azazel was then the one to speak up. "Rias, his evil pieces are here. We tried to summon him but all we got in return were all of his evil pieces of pawn. The only way that would happen is if he-"

"NO! Don't you dare say it!" My anger was rising and I could feel tears start to fall from my eyes. "Don't you dare say Ise is dead! He can't be, there is no way he can be, not my Ise!" I picked up his evil pieces and held them to my chest. "Ise! Ise!"

I then felt the arms of my onee-sama wrap around me and pull me into her embrace. My tears were falling now without restraint. "ISE!"

Several days went by. The underworld was facing destruction from the Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch. All of the monsters made by the Longinus Annihilation Maker were rampaging along with Khaos Brigade. All high class and ultimate class devils had been called along with their peerages to fight back and protect the underworld. Help was being sent from various factions but none strong enough to destroy the Jabberwocky. The reason was because of the wielder of the True Longinus, Cao Cao. Because of his Longinus, sending anything in a god class was taking a risk of being killed.

However, I didn't care. The world could burn for all I care. There was no point in even living. A world without Ise isn't a world I want to live in. Without him, I just couldn't care about anything anymore. I've been sitting in my room crying since the day I found out he would no longer come back to me.

I had always loved him. Ever since the first time I saw him look up into the club room window and stare at me, I started to fall in love with him. After that one time, I would continue to watch him and he would come to the old school building and look up in hopes of seeing me. Normally it would be after one of his attempts of escape from being beaten by the kendo club for peeping. However, there were times when he would just come on his own, alone. At those times, he would sit in the grass and just look up at the window I would always go to. When we saw each other, we would stare into each other's eyes for Maou knows how long, then I would turn away and he would get up and leave. At first it was always curiosity that got me to keep going to the window to watch him, although I could hardly sense his power back then due to how small it was. But after a while it became a routine for us.

Eventually she happened, the fallen angel Raynare. In an odd way, it was actually a blessing in disguise. Because she killed him, it gave me the perfect opportunity to reincarnate him. And the fact that he actually summoned me while he was dying when instead he should have summoned Akeno or Koneko. Then there was the rating game with Raiser and the engagement party which he came running into just to fight so I could decide my own future. It was like we were meant to be, right from the beginning. No matter what kind of situation we found ourselves in, we would always find a way out of it together.

But now it is all gone. I can no longer have him as my future husband. It was killing me inside. My heart felt like it was dead. My heart just couldn't beat with joy without him in my life. And to think I didn't even get to say goodbye to him. I didn't get one last kiss with him or even get to experience making love to him. No longer could I have a future with him as the father of my children. No longer could I have him as the love of my life.

There came a knock on the door and in walked Ophis. She told me how Ise instructed her to seek me out after he was gone so that we could watch over her. I honestly didn't mind. It wasn't that fact I didn't care about anything in this world anymore. It was more because it was a request from the man I love. For him, I would do anything.

"Rias, I have a question."

"What is it you need Ophis?" I didn't even bother to wipe the tears from my face.

"Rias, I think I have a way to for us to see Issei again."

My mind went blank at her words. I could only think of one thing. "How?"

"I can use a spell to send us back to a time when he was alive. I will be able to send all of us, your peerage, you, and I back so we can be with him again. All of us will keep our memories of this future so we can change the point of when he dies."

Time travel? We could be sent back to when he was alive. If that happens then we can prevent him from dying again. "Where do we begin?"

I awoke in a familiar place. It was a dark room with magic symbols on the walls and floor with one big magic circle with the Gremory clan symbol in it. There were two couches and a coffee table in the middle. Towards the back of the room was a desk and chair. Behind that was a built in shower. The only thing providing light to the room at the moment was from the sun through the window. This was without a doubt the Occult Research Club room.

Around me were some of the members of my peerage which were Akeno, Yuuto, and Koneko as well as Ophis. The last thing I remember I was in my room when Ophis walked in and told me about traveling back in time to see and save Ise. Now we were back at school in the club room. Everyone was starting to come to and looked around confused. "Ophis, what happened? The last thing I remember is us talking in my room."

"I told you Rias. We went back in time."

I was overcome with shock. Did she really cast the spell already? That wouldn't explain why we were here in the club room. "You're saying we already went back in time? When did you even cast the spell? And why are we here in the club room? And where are the others? I thought you said the whole club would come back with us, not just Akeno, Yuuto, and Koneko. And where is Ise? Shouldn't he be here?"

"All of us came back. However, we are not all together because at the time, not everyone was together or met you. It is possibly the same for Issei."

"Rias, what is going on? What are you talking about?" Akeno looked at me, concern evident on her face. Yuuto and Koneko were looking at me the same way, waiting for an answer.

"Everyone, Ophis used a spell to send us back in time to when Ise was alive so that we can be with him again and change the future so we can prevent him from dying."

All their eyes shot wide open and they stared speechless at Ophis and me. "Everyone, we need to think of what time we are in. Ophis said the reason none of the others are here is because we might not have met them yet. Seeing as Xenovia and Asia aren't here with us, that means this must be before they joined us. This leaves us at the time Issei was still human."

"Bucho, that means he is going to be killed again by that fallen angel," Yuuto quickly shouted which quickly caught our attention.

Just then as if on cue, I felt the presence of a fallen angel release her power.

"This power! Rias its-"

"I know Akeno. Fallen angel Raynare." My anger quickly rose. The person I detest, Raynare. She used my Ise and played him for a fool just so she could kill him. This time I will not hesitate to act. "Everyone, I am going alone. If we all go then we might mess up ever meeting Asia. I will be fine on my own." I created a magic circle and was engulfed in light.

(Issei's POV)

Man, life is sweet. I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently on my first date with my hot girlfriend Amano Yuuma. Black hair, violet eyes, she would make any guy lucky to have her. We went through our date and now were in the park. She said she wanted to come here when the sun was setting. Being a good boyfriend, I followed her where she wanted to go.

Strangely, there weren't any people around. The park was completely deserted. I didn't care though because it just improves my chances of getting lucky. We were holding hands when suddenly, she ran over to the fountain and stopped. "Issei, I have a request."

"What is it Yuuma-chan? Just ask and I'll do it."

She turned around and stared at me with her violet eyes and radiant smile. Although, her smile seemed dark somehow and her eyes were cold. "Would you die for me?"

"Umm, I'm sorry Yuuma-chan but can you repeat that again? I don't think I caught that right."

"Would you die for me?" All of a sudden, she sprouted two black wings from her back. They were made out of feathers and she used them to hover a little off the ground.

"Yuuma-chan, what's going on? Why do you have wings?" I didn't understand the situation or just what was her deal. She has wings, normal people don't have wings.

"Issei, just die!" She created what looked like a glowing spear out of thin air and threw it straight at me. I didn't know what to do. The spear was flying so fast I didn't have time to react. My eyes widened as I waited for what would be the cause of my death.

Out of nowhere, a ball of what looked like red and black energy flew at the spear. When it made contact, the spear was disintegrated into nothing. I was too shocked to say anything. Yuuma-chan's expression changed to a scowl.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!"

From behind a tree appeared a beautiful young woman. She was wearing the Kuoh Academy girl's uniform. She had blue-green eyes and crimson red hair. I recognized her right away. Anyone from my school would. She was the most popular person in the academy, third year Rias Gremory.

"Crimson red hair? You're the devil heiress of the Gremory clan, aren't you?" Yuuma seemed to know her somehow. She said heiress though so did that make her a princess?

"Good evening Amano Yuuma, or should I say fallen angel Raynare? I hope you don't mind but I won't allow you to kill Ise. Instead, you are the one who will end up dead." She then released what I could only think of as killing intent. The whole area seemed to drop ten degrees.

Yuuma-chan narrowed her eyes. "How do you know my real name?!"

"Oh I know about you. Not a lot, but I do know about you. I know you approached Ise a few days ago on the bridge while he was walking home just so you could play pretend and ask him out on a date for today. And at the conclusion of the date, you would bring him here so you could kill him. You even created a barrier to keep people away. While he was dying, you would tell him to blame God for putting the sacred gear inside of him."

I listened to their conversation and was seriously freaked out by everything I heard. How did Gremory-senpai know about how Yuuma-chan and I met and about our date? Was she stalking me? The only time I've ever even seen her notice me is when I would go out by the old school building and look up at the second story window where she would be.

And what about Yuuma-chan. She really tried to kill me. Gremory-senpai said she was faking wanting to go out on a date just so she could actually kill me. There's also the fact of what they were able to do. Yuuma-chan was able to create that spear out of what looked like light and I'm pretty sure that black and red energy ball thing came from Senpai. Yuuma-chan said Senpai was a devil and Senpai revealed Yuuma-chan to be a fallen angel. Those things are what you hear about in manga and anime. They shouldn't be real but yet here are two examples right in front of me.

"How can you know about my plan? There is no way you should know! Well, it just looks like I'm going to have to kill both a pathetic human and a damn devil today. Light is toxic to a devil so eat this!" She then created two more spears and threw them at Senpai. Senpai in return, fired off more of those blasts to destroy the spears.

"Is that all? You are going to have to try a lot harder if you want to kill me," Senpai said with a smirk on her face.

Yuuma-chan in return, glared at her. "Then how about this?!" She made three more spears and threw them all right at Senpai. But, while Senpai was blasting the spears out of the air, Yuuma-chan quickly made a fourth spear and threw it right at me.

I was pierced in my gut. I tried to pull out the spear but when I reached for it, it vanished. My senses were paralyzed. My body felt heavy and cold as I fell to my knees.

Senpai watched and became enraged. "You bitch!" She then fired blast after blast in hopes of hitting Yuuma-chan. However, Yuuma-chan was prepared and had already flown off once she saw the spear pierce me. By now, she was long gone.

I hit the ground and as soon as I did, Gremory-senpai ran over to me. "Don't worry Ise, it will be alright."

The last thing I saw before the darkness took me was her pulling out what looked like crimson chess pieces.

(Rias' POV)

Despite me coming to try and save him, he still ended up in dying. As I held him in my arms, I pulled out his evil pieces so I could reincarnate him back into my servant. I placed all 8 of the pawn pieces over his chest.

"I order, in my name Rias Gremory. You, Hyoudou Issei. I, resurrect you back to this soil as my servant, and have you reborn as a devil. You, my [Pawn], be delighted with your new life!"

I waited a few moments for the resurrection process to begin. However, nothing happened. All 8 of my pawn pieces didn't become one with his body. I repeated the process but still nothing happened. I started to panic. Why wasn't it working? I didn't do anything different than last time. I was getting really scared because the window for me to resurrect him after he dies was getting shorter. I tried it a third time but to no results.

"Ise! I can't lose you. Not when I finally got to see you again. Why can't I resurrect you? What am I doing wrong? Is this punishment for going back in time to be with you?" Tears were starting to fall from my eyes. "I can't take living in a world without you in it. I don't want a life without you by my side. I want us to get married and make love. I want us to have a family and live happily together. So please, please come back to me!"

My tears wouldn't stop falling. As I pulled him in close and embrace him, a few of my tears fell on the evil pieces. They all let out an electric spark.

"What? What is going on?"

The sparks continued for a few moments before glowing brightly in crimson light. Then something that brought more tears to my eyes happened. One by one, the pieces were slowly entering his body. I couldn't help but smile at the sight.

I was getting him back.





We left the park and I teleported us to his old room. I decided to stay the night with him. It wasn't like when I needed to bath his body in healing magic when he was attacked by Dohnaseek. I just couldn't stand to be away from him right now.

I set him down on the bed and stripped us both down before crawling into bed with him and pulling him close to me. I was so happy to have him in my arms again.

The next morning, we awoke to the sound of his alarm clock going off. He lazily reached to turn it off. After, he turned over and we made eye contact. I smile at him. "Hello Ise."

However, he quickly jumped and fell off the bed. He then crawled away until his back was against the wall.

"Ise, what's wrong?"

He then said the words that would make my heart ache.

"Just stay away from me you no good devil!"

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