So! The lovely wolfspeaker01 gave me permission to expand on the bunny that is Neglect! I should be working on Kizuna or maybe writing an Avengers crossover or something but...

*shrugs* Not sure how long this will be. The drabbles escalate on a scale that runs from TEH LULZ to Reichenbach feels; I apologize in advance. Totes send me requests and bunnies for this. :3

Updates will probably be sporadic, and AO3 will more than likely get them first, sorry.

AC 020

Even though this was the year his older brother came into being, he had been an idea for decades. Hastily sketched diagrams on napkins, extensive charts, forms upon forms upon forms. Only a little longer now...

AC 027

L1-N108 was the first colony of the cluster to be completed. The workers rarely paid attention to the small child with the mess of brown hair, unless he wandered into an area still under heavy construction. Then the child would be directed away (sometimes with a pat and a pack of sweets, other times with a snarl and threats), told to stay with his okaa-san and that would be that. Everyone just assumed he was just another worker's brat.

Of course, they would be wrong.

AC 060

The colony is deserted and L1-N108 feels empty.

He is alone and wonders if this crippling loneliness is all he'll ever feel.

AC 102

It's been forty years since L1-N108 has been decommissioned, but it has since been replaced by the sparkly new Island 2 type colonies. The child missed N108 but... there were people now.

But the years pass, and he is just as alone as before.

AC 126

The child does not undestand why one day his heart feels light, it sings and dances within his too small body. It is an uncomfortable feeling and he doesn't quite know if he likes the feeling or not.

On L1-U786553, Yuki and Makoto Yuy welcome their first son into the world.

AC 140

One day, the child wakes up with fetters. The chains may not be tangible, but he feels the heavy weight of them. They lead to the pretty blue marble the colonies revolve around called "Earth", but it still leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

AC 147

He reads a newspaper that he filches from a hotel. "In the Name of Peace and Justice" is the reasoning for why he is no longer free. It makes anger course through him. He wants to do something but he's just a kid and it frustrates him even more.

AC 167

It's the first time he has ever seen Heero Yuy in person. Oh sure, he saw the broadcasts when he was elected to represent the colonies, had seen the many grainy pictures in the paper and heard his voice over the radio, but it doesn't do the real thing justice. That man is standing in a crowded outdoor ampitheatre of one of the more affluent colonies in the inner cluster. He speaks of change and peace, of demilitization and non-violence, and many more things the child has never really thought of. It's all pretty words and nice sentiments - a pipe dream. The child believes, no, he knows that it will never happen. But he enjoys listening to him and he knows, with every fiber of his tiny being, that he will never forget the man named Heero Yuy.

AC 175, April 7

Like everyone else at the bar, the child gasps in shock and horror when Heero Yuy is assassinated during his televised speech to the United Earth Sphere Alliance. Unlike everyone else, the child feels the pain tearing through him, a bullet blasting apart his skull. He's gasping and crying and he's in more pain than he's ever been and hehas no idea why. He's seen plenty of people die before, felt the pain of people dying before, but not like this. No, never like this, it's worse than anything he's ever felt before.

He's heard the phrase 水に流す plenty of times, but he knows he will never forget this moment, nor could he ever forgive it.

AC 185

Odin Lowe plays around with the cigarette in his mouth as he helps dig through the rubble of what once was a high rise hotel. What were the rebels thinking, blowing up a whole building to kill one Alliance rat? Aoi, he knew, would have been so upset with him, but he shook his head, focusing on the plan. Plant the bombs? Check. Blow up the building? Check. Pretend to be a recuse worker? Doing right now. And once he confirmed the kill, he could be on his way back to his little hovel on a different colony.

That bastard better be dead.

Another hour of searching, and another half-dozen mutilated corpses, Odin found the body. Or what's left of it. The blond gave an impressed whistle; the rat must have been right on top of one of the bombs when it exploded to be that bad off. Now sure that he was done, Odin started to make his way out of the fallout, only to stop when he thought he heard shifting rubble not caused by his footsteps. Which should not happen, seeing as he was far enough away from the other workers that he could only distantly hear their shouts.

He kept still, straining his ears as he listened for another... there! A groan, soft and nearly inaudible under all the wreckage. Someone was still alive under there. This, however, presented a dilemna to the assassin: his job was done and he could rightfully collect his paycheck and go home, but could he really leave someone to die right now when he can help it?

"God dammit."

He had to know, see the survivor for himself. Odin appraoched the area the sounds where coming from, "Hey, you still alive?"

Silence answered him until a soft whine pierced it, coming a little ways away from him. Odin wasted no time, starting to carefully move the larger pieces away so he could begin to dig. Soon enough he unearthed a small hand, attached to a thin arm. He cursed under his breath, and then louder when the fingers curled up in a fist. Yeah, less gawking, more digging. It took only a little while longer before he could pull the body out.

The child underneath the wreckage wasn't much. Just a thin, childish body topped with scruffy brown hair. While Odin checked his body out (obvious brusing, probably from falling debris, lots of scrapes, most likely from when he was trying to escape, no signs of a concussion, but there was a sharp intake of breath when he prodded his left arm. Some pieces of concrete probably hit him, but they kept him mostly safe from other pieces), the kid blinked dark blue eyes. Not seeing anything worse than the arm, Odin helped the boy up and passed him a water bottle, which was quickly snatched. The kid tried to open it one handed, only to scowl when it proved to be harder than he thought. Odin chuckled and twisted the cap off, earning a glare from the child, even as he took several deep sips from the bottle.

Damn, this kid was all sorts of lucky. Trapped underneath a thirty story hotel, and all he had to show for it was a broken arm and some scratches and bruises. "What's your name?" he asked, which sort of startled him. He should be flagging down the actual rescue workers, shoving him off to them so he could be on his way.

The kid looked at him, Prussian blue eyes piercing. It sent a shiver down his spine; no kid should have eyes that alone, that dead. "俺はエルワンダッシュエヌワンゼロエイト。"

Uh, yeah, no. That sounded like a name of a colony. "Nevermind, I'll just call you 'Kid'." Then, on a lark, "You want to come with me?"

Kid thought for a moment, looking down at the water bottle held in his hands. After a moment, he looked up and nodded. "Hn."


Heero's was hella long and I don't quite know why. I always imagined Odin as blond and blue eyed in Episode Zero, but the official art in Frozen Teardrop has him brunet and scruffy. ...I'm... going with my EZ imaginings. I don't even want to figure out the clusterfuck that's the GW family tree.

Fun tidbits!

786553 is the decimal of the hex value C0079. As in, UC 0079, the year the original Mobile Suit Gundam series takes place. ... Yeah, I'm a dork.

水に流す (mizu ni nagasu) to wash away in water, (idiom) to forgive and forget

俺はエルワンダッシュエヌワンゼロエイト (ore ha eru wan dasshu enu wan zero eito) - I am L1-N108

Whoo, I had to go through so many clips from the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games to figure out what personal pronoun Heero uses (I'd use my own copy but my PS3 stopped working years ago, bluh).

So! No L1 colonies appear to have canon designations so I created my own. I chose N108 because 108 is a big number in Japanese mythos (the number of sins humans can commit) and the N? That's for Netherlands. Would have done H for Holland but the H sound in Japanese makes me twitch.