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AC 127

Lagrange Point 3 is far from both Earth and the other clusters. The L3 cluster is rather self-contained, and rather bereft of development.

Unlike the brothers he didn't know he had, this child refuses to stay in his cluster. The first chance he gets, he leaves for greener pastures.

AC 159

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, he meets a girl. Or, more accurately, a girl starts following him. She is older, appearing already in her teens, and her gray eyes look so knowing. She calls herself Perloja and proclaims herself his older sibling. No matter what he says, there's no stopping her, so he capitulates with little fanfare.

She names him Triton and forces him to eat her deadly cooking. Triton, however, takes it in stride and continues to watch the world.

AC 176

The first time he saw a mobile suit, Triton knew he wanted one. The power they exhibit is like nothing he has ever seen, and even though they are a symbol of the Alliance's power over him, he believes it is only behind the controls he can make a difference. When he expressed this sentiment to his sister, Katherine laughed. It was the first time she ever saw her brother act childishly.

Perhaps she should introduce him to the rest of the family, she muses. But they are in space, with a traveling circus act, so it's quite impossible now.

Maybe in a few months, a year tops.

Katherine wants to keep Triton to herself just a little bit longer.

AC 182

Sanq Kingdom falls and Eastern Europe erupts in war and conflict. Katherine holds Triton tight as they try to travel safely with the rest of the circus, but an exploding mine rockets the two out of the wagon they were riding in. No matter how she tries, Katherine can not find her brother.

War was a certainty for someone as old as Katherine, but now she hates it with every fiber of her being.

The boy wakes up, and the only thing he remembers is watching people die. The mercenaries who find him on the battlefield are baffled, but he is quick and intelligent, and they have no qualms with an extra pair of hands. Especially since they're small enough to clean out the ports between the mobile suit's joints. Since he has no name, one of them starts calling him "Nanashi". It means nameless in his native tongue.

The name sticks.

AC 188

Had Nanashi remained in his cluster, perhaps history might have changed.

However he was not on L3-X18999, so the story goes like this. Two travelers come to the colony.

They say they are father and son, but really, they're just an assassin and a boy with no name and pain in his eyes. Their job is to kill a certain man, but they fail. Perhaps it is because the rising star of the Specials and his cadets join the battle, perhaps it isn't. And because Nanashi is not there, it will still be seven years before he meets another child of the colonies.

AC 190

This is not the first time Nanashi has killed his own comrades. And, he is quite sure, it will not be the last time either.

The destruction of the rebel army is just a formality at this point - taking in Middie had been a mistake, but it's rather too late to rectify it. It's a pity, her stew was rather good.

"You have no name, no past... And now, no comrades." And her words make him seethe but only on the inside. She calls him empty but Nanashi merely sees it as him being selfish. He refuses to have any of those things because he knows that they can and will be taken away from him.

Even though he knows this though, he just can't help but envy her. He turns his back to her and starts to walk away, even as she begins to scream Nanashi. "You got the wrong guy. I'm not Nanashi. I'm a traveler looking for a place to go home to."

And so he set off for outer space.

AC 194

Nanashi has no name, no past, and, it seems, no real future either. He lives in a colony of the L3 cluster, assisting with the planning stages of the so-called "Operation Meteor". The past few months he's made something like a friend in the man named Trowa Barton, who shows him pictures of his neice (Mariemeia Barton, already five years old. She could grow to be queen, or the destruction of them all) and teaches him how to play pool.

Maybe tomorrow he will find something to fill his empty spaces, to make him feel as young as Barton treats him sometimes.

But probably not.

Nanashi has learned of war, of life, of death, of peace that really is nothing more than ignorance. There is, he thinks, nothing more to learn.


I considered letting Trowa and Heero meet in X18999 but it just... wasn't working. But hey, I no longer have to write the Odin years!

Also, "Bloom" is probably Germanic in origin, which is kinda iffy with me making Katherine Perjola. So I decided that Perjola may or may not be Toris and Gilbert's kid. Or Toris and Arthur's. YMMV.

Oh! And my own L3 colony. I considered making Trowa X18999, but it seems like a relatively new colony. S06 comes from the Leo MS designation. Because Trowa likes Leos and I imagine L3-S06 might be where they were first mass produced?