AC 045

The first thing Quatre learns about the man named Francis is that he despised the idea of being called "father", or "mon père", or anything of the like. He preferred to be called "brother" but Quatre refuses to call him that. So he was always Francis to him.

The next is that Francis is a terrible lech. He runs from person to person, caring little other than their beauty; Quatre promises to himself that he would never use people in such a fashion.

But Quatre can appreciate the comforts the older man brings. Flowers and wine, grass and artificial sunlight... Yes, he most definitely appreciates this.

AC 069

Introductions are not necessarily, but both Quatre and Francis take formalities to heart. It is nice to meet one of the many nations who are paying to keep his home in orbit after all, even though he seems as bad as Francis at times. Sadiq also brings a young man named Nadim Winner with him. He will be one of the founding families of the main cluster, and Quatre sees him as a man he could definitely respect.

His wife, Mirele Peacecraft Winner, is beautiful and she takes to him right away. She treats him like her own son, and lets him be a playmate to their daughter Muna. For many years, it is perfect and peaceful, and Quatre can laugh and be happy, unperturbed by new regulations or laws. The people of L4 are happy and healthy, and that's all he can really ask for, he thinks.

It is only after Mirele is ripped apart trying to give birth to her next child that he realizes that, maybe, humans aren't meant to live in space after all.

AC 180

Quatre watches Quaterine with a wince, letting the woman squeeze the life out of his hand. Her husband is busy, running about the small room, trying to help and really doing nothing more than making a nuisance of himself. It warms Quatre though - Zayeed had plenty of important work he should be doing, but he's here, with his wife instead.

After many painstaking hours, the child is born, only not really. Even though he's standing at Quaterine's side Quatre knows already that the flicker of life is not there, and leaves her husband to find out. Zayeed is talking quietly with the midwife in harsh whispers, too far away to hear or be heard by Quaterine, and he starts to gently stroke her hair in distraction.

"Is my son all right?" she asks, trying to look past Quatre and failing. Natural child birth is a messy business on Earth he's been told, but trying in space is even worse. She doesn't even have the energy to sit up right now, and he fears she never will.

Quatre hates lying, but he would hate to feel Quaterine's heartbreak more. "Yes, of course he is. Zayeed is taking him to Iria and Amani now." He clutches at her hand and continues to smooth sweaty hair away from her face. "Is it true you two are naming him Quatre?" He keeps his voice calm and soothing, although he was honestly curious. He had left briefly to look into some new factories, only to return to his home and find that there might be a child named after him.

"Yes, of course," Quaterine answers, her voice cheering up a bit. But she's still so tired, and Quatre can feel her fading beneath his fingers. "It's a strong name, especially since you are one of the most wonderful people I've been blessed to meet." She smiles weakly, but it's still a smile that makes Quatre's heart soar. "I hope he'll grow to be such a gentleman like you are."

There's nothing he can really say to that, so Quatre smiles and nods and all the while he knows that this is going to be the last conversation they have together. He wonders if Quaterine can feel it too.

When Zayeed returns mere moments later, Quatre moves a bit to let the man near his wife. He's talking in soft tones, giving the same lies to his dying wife. It is painful, for the both of them, to watch the woman they love wither away like this. Quatre exits the room, giving the two the last few precious moments undisturbed. He bustles away daughters and servants alike, unwilling to breach their privacy even after he knows the spark of life that makes up Quaterine is gone from the colonies, from the mortal plane entirely.

"How many know about the baby?" Quatre questions the moment Zayeed leaves the room.

The man is wane, but he heaves a sigh. He doesn't want to talk about this now, but he knows that Quatre would not leave him alone. "Not many. You, me, Iria..." The man shrugs, not caring for formalities at this moment.

"Then, perhaps we can do this -" Quatre begins to explain his plan: Zayeed will tell the people that his son was born, but his wife passed away. To make sure nothing happens to his newest child, he plans to hide him away to make sure no other complications were present. In a few years time, Quatre would come in, playing the part of his son for a number of years, to let there be a boy that had Quaterine's legacy make his way into the world, and do some good in it.

It's the least he could do for yet another woman space has robbed from him.

AC 193

Quatre watched the Earth grow closer through the ship's window, heaving a sigh. "What a boring planet." Just a collection of molds and water, and yet it caused so much trouble and strife. It was going to be Quatre's first trip to the planet since becoming a Winner, and he wasn't really looking forward to it. The sudden seizure of the spaceship barely registered as a hiccup, one that Quatre didn't feel he would need to concern himself with. The brief nap before they were forcibly docked to MO-III did do wonders for his mood.

Being told he was going to be a hostage was rather unsurprising, but these "Maganac"'s demands were. "I don't know why anyone would want to return to that planet, but if you call -" it was hard not calling him Zayeed, even with over a decade of practice - "my father, I'm sure he would be willing to help you out. Not for me of course," Quatre gave the taller man a wry grin, "since I'm rather replaceable."

The Maganac's leader gave him an odd look, but the video call with Zayeed went pretty much as planned - the Maganac's would take the workers back to Earth, while the Winner family ended up footing the bill and holding the Alliance back from pursuing. The request to speak to Quatre was unexpected though.

"What is it?" Quatre asked with a mix of surprise and resignation.

"What are you doing there?"

Quatre's lips quirked up into a slight smirk. "Surprised to see your tool acting on its own?" was asked with just the right amount of teenage angst and rebellion.

The elicited a frustrated sigh from Zayeed who, for the life of him, did not understand why Quatre was playing up the teenage rebellion. "You're still talking like that?"

"Of course," Quatre scoffed, "considering all your children are made for the convenience of the Winner family." He was working himself up and Quatre was unsure where the frustration was coming from. "I'll show you... That even we can think for our-"

Whatever he was going to say was cut off when the video feed was terminated and, at the same time, the tall leader of the rebels slapped him right across his face.

"Wh-what was that for!?" Quatre hissed, gingerly touching the reddening mark on his cheek. He didn't get hit, who the hell did this man think he was!

Despite the venomous look being shot at him, the taller man remained unfazed. "I don't know what your problem is, but have some pride in yourself." Quatre's eyes narrowed at the idea that he lacked pride - he was a damned colony cluster. "I, too, was born from a test tube." Quatre was opening up his mouth to refute the fact that he of all people was a test tube baby before he ran over his words in his head. After a half second worth of thought though, his mouth closed with a click, realizing that, yeah, what he said could have totally been misconstrued as angst over being born in a test tube.

And with that, the leader of the Maganacs left Quatre behind, utterly bewildered by the turn of events. The rebels went about their business, working to get everything in order to leave MO-III. After a while Quatre, pride wounded but unsure of exactly why, moved away from the main group with a huff, hoping to be alone.

It lasted, but only for a little while. One of the workers came and sat down near where Quatre was standing. The older man looked between the young heir and the Maganacs down below. The conversation with the 'mad scientist' (and, with that mustache, it wasn't much of a stretch to think of him doing illegal experiments or something) left Quatre even more bewildered, but it gave him plenty to think about. Pride in being born, huh? Surely in applied to people, even when they came out of test tubes, but what about personifications of a bunch of orbiting metal?

Quatre didn't get much longer to think though, far too busy subduing the traitor and bringing him to Rashid and the others to deal with. It wasn't even a decision to push Rashid out of the way of the bullet, it just happened before Quatre could think. He took the lethal gunshot wound to his shoulder, but wasn't able to take the other two.

Shots of "Captain!" was swallowed up by the pain for a moment, but Quatre shook off the shock. Abdul came to Quatre's side, trying to check on him. "You okay kid!?"

Quatre gave him a weak smile, hand clutching over his injured shoulder. "Look to your captain, he's the one who's important to you." That didn't seem to dissuade the Maganac's second in command, as he maneuvered Quatre off to the side to treat his wound. It wasn't the first time Quatre had gotten hurt, but it was the first time he had been shot, and so he looked on with morbid fascination as the man deftly removed the shell. The vest he was wearing was a lost cause, but the shirt was fine enough, and the dark color would hide the blood stains. Pity about the vest though, he rather liked it, as it was one of the few Francis had bought him when he had been in space last.

The battle to protect the last transport was nothing, especially compared to the battle to get the Maganacs to let him into a mobile suit. He had studied plenty of battles over the past century, and it was easy enough to direct the others to keep the enemy preoccupied with battle instead of the transports. The decision to stay and fight, to guard the others' retreats, was easy to make; unlike him, they had goals and a place to return to. All Quatre had was the guilt over Quaterine and his dysfunctional relationships with Zayeed and Francis. But the fact that the Maganacs thought of him as family made something like forgiveness bloom within him.

As Rashid described the Earth, Quatre found himself feeling nostalgic towards a place he had never felt anything but contempt for, but the man's descriptions... "Sounds beautiful... I'd like to see it some day." He told Rashid over the com link. And he would, so long as he was seeing the Earth with them. "I don't know how many years it'll take, but I promise I'll find you." The mobile suit's thrusters came alive as he directed it towards the enemy. "I'll try to be a little stronger by then!"

That's right... I want to go to Earth, not to run away, but to find myself.


Colony name is just random gibberish, sorry. The only canonical L4 colonies where the MO's and I'm not actually sure they were at Lagrange Point 4. All the Maganac names are real, but not all the Winners. Because there are a blasted number of Winners. And also Peacecrafts. Idk why I decided that one of Relena's great-great-aunts or something married into the Winners but that is my reasoning for why they have blonde in their genes xD

And I am so, so sorry for the switching tenses.

I think of all the pilots, Wufei and Quatre's backstories get the most significant changes because they know what they are. Which made AC 193 so freakin' difficult because so many things changed and yet so many things didn't and just, ugh. That portion was so freakin' long.

Fun fact, I never realized the connecting between "Maganac" to the tagalog word "kamag-anak" which means relatives or kin.