And instead of introducing actual Hetalia characters, here's a Doctor J interlude instead.

AC 195, April 6

The first time Jay saw Black Alpha, he was struck by his eyes - they were good, able to see much with a glance and, more importantly, Jay could see the determination in them.

As he grew older, however, it wasn't hard to realize that the most striking thing about the child is his looks. Jay nearly choked on his coffee the first time he sees the child from the corner of his eye and thought he saw a ghost; the resemblance to Heero was uncanny, and he itched to look into his charge's background, even though he knew it was a futile effort. Despite the mask he wears, Black Alpha, to his core, os a good child and Jay hopes that choosing his own fate would spark something other than pain in those eyes.

"It's finally time for Operation Meteor," he says in lieu of a greeting. The child is already in his space suit, getting it ready for launch. There is rather little Jay can do from his end. "After the failed attempt on Minister Darlian, we can assume the Alliance knows of the operation." He was still trying to figure out why the Foundation thought Darlian would know, but it hardly mattered at this point.

"But this is different from the true operation," the child's voice was slightly distorted by the speakers.

Jay hums to himself noncommittally. "Yes... This is the operation you chose... But you'll be risking your life," he reminds him.

"Don't worry about me... Life comes cheap, especially mine..."

Jay was worried the child would say that. They talk over specifics of Operation Meteor, but this is rather little to say since they're scrapping Dekim's plans almost entirely.

"Then let's decide on a code name." Doctor J looks up at the ship. Ah, pity, what he wouldn't give to see his charge's face when he tells him - "I've borrowed the name of the pacifist colony leader... All right, Heero Yuy?"

Inside of the ship, the child, no, Heero, thinks about it for a moment. To take on that man's name, to soil it with blood and violence. But maybe... If it's for the colonies... "Understood..."

The ship housing XXXG-01W leaves the colony with little fanfare, starting the trip down to Earth and the operation. Jay allows himself a wry grin as he watches the Gundam and the boy leave. "I'm rather glad that I changed the detonation frequency."