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Moriarty had done it. He had found something that John couldn't do. Moriarty smiled as he sent a carrier off with the package for Sherlock. It was another challenge but this one was just for Sherlock, John couldn't do this one. Moriarty did a little happy dance at the idea.


John woke to silence, something that wasn't unusual. He went about his morning routine without a care, but when he walked into the living room he caught sight of Sherlock holding a small metal box with silver dots all over it. "Sherlock, what is that?" He hoped it wasn't an experiment.

Sherlock didn't turn away from examining the box but he did reply so he wasn't so far into his head yet. "Moriarty sent it. It's another puzzle."

John almost laughed. Since Moriarty had sent him that rubric cube last month and John had solved it under five minutes, Sherlock had taken time to master the cube. It had taken him a few weeks but it had saved John, and the walls, from Sherlock's boredom between cases. John walked closer to get a better look at the box. It was a rectangular blackened box with blackened hinges on the long side. On the top was little squares with silver dots scattered across them. In the right corner of the lid was a space were a square and move into. John shrugged. The box didn't look like it would hurt anything and it would continue to keep Sherlock busy and away from his gun. "Have fun Sherlock. I'll see you after work."


Between three cases and a month Sherlock was no closer to solving the box puzzle. John was taking much enjoyment out of watching him move the squares into different positions trying to open the lid. Moriarty had contacted Sherlock, poking at him for taking so long but other than that John was much amused. Sherlock on the other hand was at his wit's end.

He stomped into the kitchen where John was making dinner and slammed the box onto the table. "I cannot seem to open this box."

John hid his smile. That was Sherlock's way for asking for his help. John turned the fire down and wiped his hands on a hand towel before turning around to look at the box. He slid a piece back and forth, trying to see the picture the silver dots could make. It almost took him 10 minutes before it hit him. "Star constellations."

"What?" Sherlock looked between the box and John.

John chuckled starting to move the squares around. "These dots are stars. Put them in the right order and they make up different constellations, the zodiac constellations to be exact. Moriarty did well for this one. You delete everything about the solar system." John slid the last square into its place leaving the middle empty. A click sounded as the lid lock unlatched. John left Sherlock to open it.

John was busy with finishing dinner as Sherlock took out a piece of paper. It was from the maker of the box, a Chinese puzzle box maker, saying that since the box was open they won a prize. He looked back in the box to see a simple leather and silver chain braided necklace. The necklace was made for either a female or male. Sherlock smiled taking the necklace out of the box.

John almost jumped when he felt something go around his neck but Sherlock's heat at his back made him stand still. "Sherlock what are you doing?"

"You were the one that opened it." Was Sherlock's explanation. He pulled away after he planted a kiss onto John neck.


Moriarty giggled madly as he got a package. Inside was a box similar to the one he had sent to Sherlock. He picked it up happily, only to find an envelope under it.

Inside was a note and picture.

~My John solved it so he got the prize from inside. Are you smart enough to solve this puzzle and get a prize too? ~SH

The picture was of John with a small arrow done in pen pointing to the necklace of braided leather and silver. Moriarty screamed ripping the picture and note up. If anyone was around and you had asked them what the commotion was about they would have told you how Moriarty ranted and raved to himself about the unfairness of John getting all of Sherlock's attention. They would also tell you about how Moriarty never did solve the puzzle sent to him but instead threw it out the window after two months.


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