It's going to be Valentine's in seven days :D

For me that means lots of new Valentine stories and what makes me really excited this year is that I am too attempting to write a Valentine fic. Just so you all know this fic is going to have 7-8 small chapters. This is my first attempt at writing anything longer than a one shot. I apologise for any errors in the story, I didn't really get the time to proofread multiple times.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is not mine.

Well, I won't keep you any longer. I hope you enjoy the fic!

The Seven Days of Valentine

The Ministry was taking advantage of the victory against Voldemort, according to Hermione. They grabbed every chance to celebrate, on Halloween it was a masquerade ball, on Christmas it was Secret Santa, which ended with another damned ball. Being a war hero and the president and founder of S.P.E.W., she was forced to attend all the celebrations. Since the Secret Santa had worked so well, this time on Valentine's Day they decided to have "The Seven Days of Valentine Fest". She had managed to endure the other ones for the sake of S.P.E.W., she knew her organisation needed all the publicity it could get but she didn't know how she was going to be able to survive through this stupid event.

She started at the letter in her hands; dread crept in to her skin as she read the outline of the programme. It was a bit like Muggle online dating, she would have to give specifics about herself and her preferences for a partner. Then she would be matched to a partner with whom she would have to complete tasks by exchanging letters and gifts till Valentine's Day. The catch was that she wouldn't get to know the identity of her partner till the ball on Valentine's Day, where he would be her date.

She groaned and rubbed her face, today was the last day to send in her form. The Ministry had managed to accomplish what her friends hadn't been able to do in for the past three years: force her to date. None of her friends understood that she wanted to put S.P.E.W. before her personal life. It wasn't that she didn't want to find a partner someday but right now she was happy with her life and she didn't want a boyfriend to screw it for her. Thinking about her friends had made her a bit suspicious; after all Ginny was on the event management team of the Ministry. She knew her friend would love to play matchmaker. Seeing as Ginny had tried to set her up with every male friend she had.

She placed the letter on the side table and went to the door when she heard a knock. As soon as she opened the door something redheaded lunged at her with a squeal fit to make her deaf.

"Hermione!" cried Ginny, "Did you get the letter from the Ministry?"

"Yes I did, Ginny."

"Isn't that just wonderful!" exclaimed Ginny.

Hermione narrowed her eyes.

"Oh come on Hermione, don't be such spoilt sport," said Ginny, "it will be fun, a wonderful new experience."

"Am I right in assuming that this was your idea?" asked Hermione with a cold voice.

"Maybe or maybe not," Ginny replied cryptically.

"What if you get paired up with someone else besides Harry?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"Then I will make one new friend. You know it is all just for fun," said Ginny, "Just because it is a Valentine's fest it doesn't mean that you need to romantically involved with them. Besides you are paired with someone who is compatible with you. Who else is better for me than Harry?"

"How am I just going to open up to someone I don't even know," said Hermione, "and what if I know the person? That would be so embarrassing."

"Don't worry," said Ginny, "just do it. Let us fill our forms, you know the information will not be disclosed, not even to your partner."

Hermione took the paper attached and looked at it with apprehension.

"State your name," said Ginny, "well that's easy."

"Your age, gender…," continued Hermione, "Preferred gender of partner? What?"

"That should be easy enough Hermione, unless you are confused," said Ginny, raising one eyebrow.

Hermione rolled her eyes and continued to fill her form:

Height: 5ft, 5in.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light brown

Tattoos: None

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, potion making

Preferred music: All kind

Preferred books: Hogwarts: A History, The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Preferred Quidditch team: None

Pets: One cat (half-Kneazle)

Preferred traits in partner: Intelligent, quick-witted, funny

How would you describe yourself? Smart, Organised, Introvert

Occupation: President of S.P.E.W., Spell Inventor

"This information is so superficial," said Hermione, "they are going to find us partners using this? For all I know Malfoy might like the same things as me!"

Ginny's eyes lit up and a wicked grin formed on her face, after all Harry and Malfoy were now good friends and she was on the management team for the event maybe she could pull some strings. She quickly bent her head to hide her excitement, she would talk to harry tonight

Well there you go. Next chapter will be hopefully up by tomorrow. I don't usually write that fast but I am inspired this time. So any suggestions on what you would like Draco and Hermione to do for their seven tasks? Sorry again for any errors in the writing, please inform me if you find any while reading.