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The Day of Roses

Hermione stumbled on her sofa, her breath irregular and a film of sweat forming on her forehead. She had finally been able destroy the monster she had accidently created while developing a new spell. She got up and went out of her workroom to grab a bite from her kitchen.

On the window of her kitchen a dark brown owl was perched, with a letter tied to its leg. She untied the letter from the owl and fed a few owl treats. The letter was from the ministry.

Dear Miss Granger,

We were delighted to receive your application and we have paired you with a candidate with you. For the next seven days till Valentine's you will have seven tasks to perform, which will help your partner and you get to know each other better.

Your task for today, the Rose Day, is to describe your perfect first date to your partner and to send them a rose of your choice.

You will write to your partner ensuring that you keep your identity undisclosed.

Write to him on the code: 760875

Your code: 760842

We hope you enjoy this Valentine's Day fest.

Yours sincerely,

Betty Smith

Head event manager

Ministry of Magic

What would be her ideal date? It would definitely involve a romantic dinner. Others may think of her as a cold prude but she was a romantic at heart. Her collection of romantic novels proved it, not that anyone knew about it. She dug for a parchment from her desk drawer and took her a quill and starts to write her letter

Dear partner,

I hope you will enjoy participating in this fest with me. I look forward to getting to know you and meeting you.

So according to the task I have to describe my ideal first date. It is a bit difficult to do that because you can't have one kind of ideal date.It is very important to me that my date be on time. Also throughout the date we should talk to each other and find many instances to laugh. It would be nice to have a romantic dinner at a quite restaurant during which we can get to know each other. After dinner a long walk would be icing on the cake. Other activities like going to the movies, the amusement park or a museum would be wonderful too. I would not like to go on a first date to a Quidditch game because I am not very interested in Quidditch and it will make me very quiet and unapproachable. But the most important part of a perfect date is a good partner. If the person is interesting and someone you like then flies by without you trying.

I am excited to receive your letter describing your perfect first date.
Your Secret Valentine.

There, she didn't what else to write. She hoped it wasn't too cold or demanding.

She was very curious about get partners reply. Even if this didn't lead to a romantic relationship, at least she hoped to find a good friend. Even though she did not want to admit it to herself, she knew there was one more reason to it; if her partner turned out to be an influential person, then S.P.E.W. could earn a lot of public support and money. It didn't feel right to want to make a friend just so you could use them. But she wasn't just trying to make a friend so she could use him, was she? She knew she wanted a new friend, someone who didn't have preconceived perceptions about her, someone who would judge her as she was now and not by her past. She loved the friends she had, but none of them ever understood her.

For Harry she was the sister with the brains, a person to comfort him. Ron always took her for granted and Ginny thought that she was a book worm who wasn't feminine enough. But when did they ever support her? Why couldn't they accept her the way she was? Why couldn't they trust the choices she had made for her life? Even Molly, a mother like figure in her life, didn't agree with her decisions. They all, along with the rest of the wording world had pressured her to join the Ministry or become a Healer when she choose S.P.E.W. They all frowned upon her when she declined dates. Even Harry, who she thought understood her, was upset with her choices. After all, he had proposed to Ginny right after his Auror training and they got married in a year after that.

She was hoping that through this fest she would at least find one person who understood her. After all, this person was supposed to be her match, her soul mate. Hermione put on a coat and locked the door to her house. She walked to the nearest florist and bought a yellow rose. She thought that red might be too bold; she didn't want to appear desperate or easy. She went to the local owlery and sent her letter attached with the rose.

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8th Feb: Rose day

9th Feb: Pink day

10th Feb: Chocolate day

Roses for everyone! :D

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