Hey look, I wrote a thing. Damn, I love these two girls though. Have a drabble or whatever. Also, it hasn't been proofread or anything and I was slightly tipsy when I wrote this, just to warn ya' (and still kind of am FYI). Enjoy, I guess.

There's something about her that Andrea finds... pretty. No, not pretty. That's not really the right word to describe her. Maybe she finds her... alluring...?


There's a reason Andrea doesn't write poetry.

Okay. She's cute in a really fucking aggressive way. Yeah. That'll do.

It's in that stupid chav smile (a fairly frequent occurrence) and the confused look she gets when she's outsmarted (an even more frequent occurrence because that girl is as stupid as a brainless toad sometimes. I mean, seriously, what the fuck did she think would happen if she smacked Kelly around the head? She's a fucking MI7 agent, not some eco freak or whatever the fuck they are.).

But yet, there's something about that dumb grin and baffled expression that Andrea finds really nice. Maybe it's because the chav's... fairly nice looking. Okay. Fine. She'll admit it. Taylor is really good looking, possibly even outrageously attractive.


No... Wait.

Definitely. She is definitely outrageously attractive and maybe once or twice Andrea has thought about just shoving her into a classroom and- well... Yes. Probably not to best to think about that because chav's, even the sexy ones, are disgusting filth.

… Right. Of course.

But then Taylor will grab her arm and shove her against a wall and spit insults and she'll be hissing curses between her teeth that are bared in a snarl, and she loves every minute of it.

And she can't stop thinking about how much she loves it.

And Zoe starts asking and she starts shrugging her off and she starts going out her way to avoid both her and Taylor because she doesn't want to know why.

Knowing the why changes things and if she thinks about it too much then she gets this niggling ache in her chest which doesn't take it's time in spreading to her skull.

It's frustrating as fuck and nobody will leave her alone.

But then Taylor looks at her down the corridor and she's about to stalk off but the eyes are dark and Taylor isn't smiling and so she just stands there, looking back at her.

And then, after a moment of hesitation, she approaches her.

And she can tell that it's not just her who's tired of acting so fucking stupid.

So Andrea's eyes wander over to the wall on her left, tracing the peeling wallpaper as her hands clench and unclench at her sides into tight fists.

She takes a deep breath.

"I really hate you, you fucking moron," She says then she grabs Taylor's disgusting Adidas jacket by the collar and yanks her closer (and down ever so slightly because Taylor just has to be a little bit taller) and then she kisses her.

It's harsh and unrefined and Taylor doesn't protest for even a moment. She grips the emo's belt so tightly her knuckles turn white and pulls her nearer until there's not even space for air between them and it's hardly a nice kiss but it's most definitely really fucking great anyway.

When they break apart, they're breathless and gripping clothes and tasting each other on their tongues.

Taylor grins that grin against Andrea's mouth, her eyes vibrant and alive and fierce.

"No ya' don't, ya' dumb as shit goth," She states, smugness ringing through every word and she kisses Andrea hard on her already battered lips, smothering her sharp retort.

And for once, she doesn't care a bit if she loses a fight against her rival.

They have a very deep and heartfelt relationship, okay?! Okay.