The days following the fight between Harry and Finn passed without incident, though not without tension between the two groups. Finn was way less antagonistic about magic and even went so far as to ask for help from the wizards in doing things around camp. While most took this as a good sign, Puck could tell it only aggravated Harry more. The wizard never said anything but Puck had gotten better at reading his boyfriend and knew Harry was not going to be friends with Finn anytime soon. Harry just took to avoiding the tall boy whenever possible, though Puck wasn't sure anyone but him noticed.

When everyone in camp was safe and the problem of food was solved the main question was what's next. It was decided that they would explore the island to try and find a sign of the missing passengers or anything that would help them escape the island. The weapons training escalated for all of the glee kids until they were each comfortable using a weapon to protect themselves. Draco, it turned out, was already proficient with the sword for some reason he had yet to share.

Puck was taught more offensive and defensive spells in addition to the odd collection of spells he was gaining when ever one of the wizards had the inspiration to teach him something out side of normal lessons. The lessons had been Neville's idea, but the tests had been Luna's. Personally, Puck thought the girl just wanted to torture him. Luna said that because he was learning the spells so much faster than they were taught in a school that he needed quizzes to make sure he was learning them properly.

In the end it was another week before they started venturing out into the island in small search parties. A group would leave in the morning with at least one wizard, not including Puck, to apparate them. According to Harry, they could only apparate to places they had been so they would leave in the morning, search, then come back at night to report what ever they found to the rest of the group and the next day they would start from the place they had stopped the day before.

The system wasn't perfect, but it worked well enough. Everyone was pulling their weight and it helped ease the tension that came from the argument between Finn and Harry. Kurt, Tina, Draco and Luna never went out on the search parties, but they always made sure the camp was clean and there was food ready for when they returned with news. On the days they came back hurt, they were ready with salves that Draco was making with the plants Neville supplied.

The search parties were grueling and dangerous. More than once they apparated too close to an aggressive creature. Puck grew adept at protective shields and non lethal defense. They never killed the animals they came across of their searches, something that Neville insisted on but no one else argued with. Most of the time they were coming across rare or extinct species, fantastic creatures that Puck had never dreamed of. It was exciting and wonderful this new world they were exploring.

Before they knew it a month had passed since they had all boarded a plane heading to New York and still they found no sign of anyone else on the island. They had worked their way through the jungle, forest, desert and swamp biomes in the last two weeks, and found nothing useful. Currently they were exploring the plains. The group had left that morning with Harry heading the search while Puck stayed behind at camp intending to learn some more transfiguration with Luna. He was having trouble with inanimate to animate transfiguration so today he would be working on changing a stone into a hedgehog.

Harry had left that morning with Mike, Neville and Hulk. It was pretty much a unspoken rule that if Harry was going, Finn was staying and vise versa. Puck was surprised how well things were going between him and Harry. He was used to his relationships dying with in a week or so because of something he said or did. Puck didn't really know if was Harry or the environment that was the reason for their success, but he was thinking it was Harry. Whenever they got in arguments because of something stupid Puck would say, Harry would push right back. It made for some great make-ups afterwards.

Puck made his way out of what he now thought of as his home with Layla wrapped around his shoulders. She was growing far more quickly than Harry had guessed and they to had Accio small rodents into their tent just to keep her fed. She had already grown about a foot in the last three weeks so she was now two feet long. Her wings were getting bigger too, over six inches each now, still not strong enough for flight, but Puck knew it wasn't far off. She kept trying to fly off the couch or his or Harry's shoulders, but mostly ended up gliding to the ground, much to her disappointment.

Luna was already waiting for him in the area they used for lessons, both magical and physical when he arrived.

"Layla, you can go exploring, but don't go to far," he told the snake and waited for her to glide down from his shoulders to the grass. He got a affirmative hiss from the baby as she started to slither away. Weeks of one-sided conversations and help from Harry had given the teen a basic understanding of the tones of Parseltongue. He couldn't understand the words but he could interpret the sounds and body language better with practice. "And no scaring Finnessa again!" He didn't get an answer to that one, not that he had expected it. The baby couatl had taken a dislike to the taller teen and enjoyed slithering over him when he wasn't expecting it. Puck had a feeling Harry was behind that particular behavior.

"Are you ready, Noah?"

Puck groaned. "It's Puck," he mumbled uselessly for what felt like the thousandth time.

"Have you been practicing," Luna asked, completely ignoring the correction.

"You know it. I'm going to rock this, just wait. I just need to figure out how to make it the right color."

"Are you keeping a picture of the hedgehog in your mind?"

"Yeah. I don't know when this would ever be useful anyway," Puck whined a bit.

"Noah. You have to start small if you want to be able to use more advanced Transfiguration, and I know you want to become an animagus. You have already succeeded in animal to object, and after you get object to animal we can approach human transfiguration which will include animagus. It's all connected," Luna told him patiently.

"I know. I know."

"You are putting to much pressure on yourself. You are already so far ahead of what most people are a month after learning. You don't need to rush, and if you do you might end up hurting yourself. We all know you can do it, so don't worry so much."

Puck nodded. He knew what she was saying was true. They all told him he was pushing himself too hard, but he just wanted to learn as much as possible as fast as possible. Puck had gotten so used to getting spells with such little effort that actually getting stuck on one was bothering him. He was well on his way to becoming a real bad ass, no where near Harry's level, but then even Neville and Luna weren't at that level so Puck wasn't bothered by it. The teen took a deep breath, rolling his shoulders and relaxing before attempting the spell.

They worked together for a while, each try an improvement on the last until he finally had a perfect little hedgehog rolling around in the grass. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Layla approaching and quickly scooped up the rodent before she could catch it. They had been having a hard time convincing her not to eat the practice animals and Puck didn't want to chance it.

"See, Noah, you've got it," Luna praised him.

"Of course I do, I'm awesome. What's next?"

Luna just smiled dreamily at the teen. "A quiz."

Puck dropped his head back and groaned. "Do I have to?"

"You have to make sure you are using all the right lessons and applying them. For instance if a Fanged Birchbee came up behind you and you tried to transfigure a stone into a Dorfinkle, but it came out blue instead of the normal pink then you know what would happen."

"Uh- yeah, of course. That would be...bad?"

"Terrible, Noah. That would be absolutely dreadful. Everyone knows that a Fanged Birchbee is frightened of a blue Dorfinkle, but attracted to a pink one. Really, Noah you need to pay more attention in your lessons.," Luna chastised him.

Puck rubbed his hand through his hair which was already loosing its mohawk. No matter how much time he spent with the oddly cool girl he still never got used to how seriously she took her made up creatures. He had been assured by Harry and even Neville that they didn't exist after he had sat for an hour listening to her explain in detail why one never used pepper near a Gorpolle. When he had brought it up to Harry that night, his boyfriend explained that Luna was a little eccentric, but in the best ways. Puck couldn't help but agree with that. The little blonde girl was always friendly and patient, if a bit loopy.

Luckily the dreaded test was preempted by Kurt's call for lunch. They both headed over to the common area, Puck scooping up Layla along the way. He listened to her hiss happily, informing him of what she had been doing all day, he assumed. Puck sat on his and Harry's couch, which was now midnight blue with light blue cushions and rainbow pillows. Puck may or may not have went a little overboard when he learned the charm to change objects colors. Harry had won the argument on keeping the tent tan, but Puck got to decorate their couch. Layla loved it because she could camouflage herself on it.

The diet of the camp basically was narrowed down to what ever they could catch. Kurt, Luna and Tina kept the camp full of fresh fruit and edible plants but their meat was fish or whatever Neville could hunt. On the days Harry stayed at camp, Hulk would disappear for a while and always return with a meal that he would split with the humans, allowing them to butcher and preserve they parts they would eat. Kurt became the unofficial cook and Puck was silently surprised at the different meals the boy came up with using what little they had.

Today their lunch was grilled fish with a fresh salad. Neville had set up a small garden in the camp to make sure they always had a few different plants on hand including both medicinal and edible ones. The wizard would collect the plants while on the search and then transplant them when he returned. Neville tried explaining Herbology to Puck, but without many magical plants he couldn't really do much. He did show Tina and Kurt how to keep up the garden though and it was going strong with their attention.

"Thanks for lunch, Kurtie," Luna said into the comfortable silence as everyone ate.

"You're welcome, Luna. How are your lessons going?"

"Oh, very well. Noah is a perfect student!"

Puck beamed while Tina and Kurt snickered. "Noah?"

"Of course. He always listens and does well."

Kurt looked disbelieving at Puck. "I'm sure. It's amazing how much can change in such a short time." Kurt looked back to Luna. "Do you think we will have time to go over some of my designs today?"

"Of course. I was thinking of setting a fun lesson for Noah after lunch, so while he works on that we can go over some of your drawings," Luna told him with delight. The pair had decided to start making clothes together. Personally, Puck would never be caught dead in any of their 'masterpieces' but to each their own.

"What fun lesson," Puck asked, hoping to avoid a conversation about clothes.

"I can't ruin the surprise, Noah. You'll have to wait until after your quiz. Now, Kurt, I was thinking of a skirt with animated Piranhas. Thoughts?"

Puck pretty much tuned out right there. He sifted away from the pair as they moved into colors and lengths for the fish skirt. Taking his plate with him, Puck moved closer to where Draco was sitting on couch near the opposite end. He ended up disturbing Layla with his shifting, and offered a piece of the fish in apology. Draco seemed to be writing in a journal that must have come from the ones Luna had made for Kurt.

"So, Draco." Draco looked up with a slight glare, which seemed to be the friendliest expression in his repertoire. "Whatcha doing, dude."

Draco gave a large dramatic sigh and tossed his pen to the journal before setting them aside. "I am attempting to get us out of this Morgana forsaken hell hole."

Puck raised an eyebrow. "With a diary?"

"It's not a diary, it's a journal. And yes, I will use it to leave. I'm not going to even try to explain it, so don't ask," Draco sneered.

Puck held his hands up in supplication, used to the attitude by now. "Alright, man. No worries. I was actually going to ask a question about something you said the other day about potions."

Draco sighed again, but looked intrigued and motioned for Puck to continue. It had soon become clear to the teen that any question about potions should be directed to the Slytherin even if you had to brave the unconcealed condescension. The rest of the lunch flowed smoothly as he talked with Draco and soon Puck was taking Luna's test. The test consisted of any random spell he had learned since he stepped foot on the island. He was getting better at remembering them, and the test really did help even though he would never admit it.

After the test Luna had him sit down on the ground and went and retrieved a large piece of wood from her tent and set it in front of him.

"I was talking with Kurtie about your happy club, and he was telling me you played the guitar." Puck perked up at this. One of the many things he missed about home was his guitar. They still sung around camp but there were no instruments. "Now, this spell is advanced so don't worry if you don't get it right away. You will need to alter the first product until it fits. I never actually learned guitar since Daddy thought it was it was a much better idea for me to learn the vuvuzela. Don't worry, I'm sure the guitar is almost as good as the vuvuzela," Luna assured him. "This spell only works if you can picture every curve and edge of the instrument. If it's not right, just finite it and start again."

Puck had not been more excited for a spell since Harry told him he would be learning the Patronus soon. Luna instructed him to close his eyes, relax, clear his mind and just imagine a guitar. How it feels under his finger, the sounds it makes as he played notes, how it fit in his grip. When he had a complete mental image, Luna told him the spell and he cast it at the piece of wood. Puck opened his eyes and immediately frowned. The shape was wrong, but in subtle ways. He picked up the instruments and tested a few notes, but they came out garbled because of the warped shape. This was going to be more difficult than he thought.

Luna wandered away to meet Kurt after the third attempt, assuring him that he had the wand movement and pronunciation right so he just needed to work on his mental image. He was sitting in the quiet, working on his guitar when he heard voices come from beyond the wards. Startled, Puck looked up to see two people walking toward them, but not at them. It was clear they couldn't see the camp, even though Puck could see them. The teen's jaw dropped when he recognized one of the voices.

"Will you cease your nonsensical blathering, woman," a mans voice sounded.

"Now listen here, Dracula. No one tells Sue Sylvester to shut up! Now, if you weren't impotent we would be out of here already."

"I am not impotent! I have already explained, which your feeble and narcissistic mind is some how unable to grasp. When I find a wand, or my students you will see the truth."

"You say that, leech, but Sue Sylvester believes nothing without proof."

The man sighed. "For the final time, I am not a vampire. Hence the walking in the sun. Were the Patroni not proof enough?"

"Smoke and mirrors. Saw the same thing at the county fair before I had it shut down for gross negligence. They neglected to make me County Fair Queen, then refused to bow before my greatne-"

"Silence!" The man hissed. They had reached the wards while Puck watched them bicker, amused at someone actually keeping up with the Coach. The man came to a stop at the outer edge of the wards and was holding his hands up as if feeling at the invisible barrier. Puck was able to get a good look at the pair. Their clothes were dirty and ripped in some places, and it looked like they had been put through the ringer on the way here.

"Oh, God. Are you a mime?"

"I said silence! We are here. These are wards, I can recognize Potter's signature. Of course he survived," the tall man finished with a grumble before speaking louder. "Potter, if you are standing there mocking me you will have detention until end of term, you understand me?"

Puck snickered, but ran over to the common area. "Luna, there are people at the edge of the wards."

"Oh, visitors! We are going to need tea!" the girl claimed with delight and ran to her tent. Puck stared at her retreating back for a moment, before blinking once and heading to find Draco. He scooped Layla off her couch, wanting her close in case the man with Coach wasn't friendly, though he suspected it was the Professor that Draco was always praising. He found the blonde wizard in the garden, surveying the plants and writing in his journal.

"Draco, there are people at the edge of the wards. Our coach and a tall, pale guy with long black hair."

The boy didn't reply, but immediately turned to where Puck had been earlier and walked quickly in that direction. Puck jogged to keep up with Draco, who passed through the wards without stopping. Puck followed outside of the wards with the other teen to face the two adults.

"Professor Snape. It is good to see you, Sir," Draco greeted the man.

"Draco," the man nodded slightly in greeting. "Why are we still outside of your wards?"

"They are Potter's and Longbottom's, Professor, and they are out at the moment. I'll have Lovegood send a message to get them here right away, sir."

"Mohawk! Report!" the Coach commanded upon seeing Puck cross out of the wards, cutting off any words the man was about to reply.

Puck sent a glare to Draco when he snickered, but was already answering Coach Sylvester. "All of our people survived the crash. We set up camp here about three weeks ago, and have been sending out search parties looking for anything to aide our escape. No leads so far, and you are the first people we have seen after the first night on the island. The rest disappeared with no trace of them. The island we occupy is magical and a wizard Harry Potter was put in charge to lead our camp," Puck summarized.

"Really, Draco, you are allowed Potter to take the leadership position?" Snape drawled causing the blonde to tense.

"I lost my wand in the crash, sir. He has been...adequate. Not all of our people survived Professor. Potter reported a Ravenclaw on the beach he landed on wasn't able to be saved. The other hasn't been found."

"Please tell me why there is a muggle with a wand, while you are without," the man said, with a pointed look to the wand still in Puck's hand.

"I'm right here. I can answer that for myself," Puck cut in, angry at being ignored.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. I'm not a muggle, I'm a wizard."

"You are not one of my students, and I was informed before boarding that the only other wizard on the airplane was an Auror, which you clearly are not. Now, relinquish the wand and will discuss the punishment for impersonating a wizard and being found in the possession of a wizarding artifact."

Puck stepped back clutching his wand tighter and Layla reared back and hissed at the man threatening her Daddy.

"The snake will have to go as well. Muggles are not allowed to keep magical creatures as pets."

Puck stood straighter, and flexed at the unarmed wizard. Contrary to popular belief, Puck wasn't stupid. Harry had told him a little about Snape, basically the man was a bastard, but still one of the good guys. Well, that and Harry had received a good amount of his training from the man in front of him. If Snape had his wand, Puck would probably waited for Harry, but at the moment the man was practically defenseless yet still threatening to take away not only his wand but his snake as well. Puck felt no guilt at using his size to try and intimidate the taller, yet clearly weaker man. "Who the fuck do you think you are, dude?," Puck yelled. "You aren't taking my damned wand and you sure as hell aren't taking Layla."

"Layla," Snape sneered."Only a muggle would find an extinct extremely powerful magical snake and name it something as common as Layla."

Puck snorted. "Wait until you meet Hulk."

"Enough! Hand over the magical items, boy."

Puck was pissed, furious even. The man shows up out of no where, demands his wand, threatens him and calls his daughter an item or pet. That was probably why when Snape stepped forward to snatch his wand, Puck acted on the training that had been drilled into him over the last three weeks. Seconds later, the man hit the ground face first, completely frozen.

Draco seethed and opened his mouth in what Puck assumed would be a scathing rant, but Puck cut him off before he could get started. "No, don't start, Draco. That was his fault. Stay here with them, I'm going to make sure Luna sent the group a message."

Draco glared, but stayed silent. Puck turned in the direction of the wards and made his way back to Luna. He found the girl in the common area setting up a tea pot and cups. "Luna, did you call Harry?"

"Oh, you're right, Noah, he will want tea as well." Luna raised her wand and her rabbit patronus appeared. "Harry and company, please return to camp immediately." With that the bunny sped off. "Now, Noah, where are our guests?"

"They couldn't come inside the wards and, well, I may have, through no fault of my own, petrified your teacher."

"Noah!" both Luna and Kurt exclaimed.

"It wasn't my fault, he tried to take my wand! Then he tried to take Layla!"

"Who tried to take Layla?" Harry growled from behind him and Puck whipped around to see the just apparated search party. Harry reached for the snake still around Puck's shoulders and started hissing to her quickly as she slid off of Puck and on to him. "Snape!" Harry yelped after a moment of conversation. "Snape is here? Where?"

"Um... on the ground outside of the wards," Puck answered sheepishly.

"The ground?" Harry asked with amusement.

Puck shrugged. "He threatened Layla."

Harry looked at him for a moment before grinning and stealing a quick kiss. "Good job," Harry praised while placing the couatl around his neck. "Let's go see what the git has to say for himself. The rest of you stay here while I bring them in. Snape is going to be pissed enough without all of you there to see him beaten by a teenager. Lead the way, Puck?"

Puck smiled back at his boyfriend. "Yes, Deer."

Harry grinned at the nickname Puck had chosen after seeing the green eyed wizard's animagus form. In the weeks since Puck had first seen Xerneas, Harry had apparated them to the grassy hills where they started their journey to the inner island and transformed so Puck could see him in all his glory. Watching the huge animal chase and be chased by Hulk was amazing, and it made Puck even more determined to become an animagus. He spent lots of free time imagining what his form would be. That was another reason he was looking forward to learning the Patronus soon. Puck knew that just because his Patronus was a certain animal, didn't mean his animagus would be the same, but it would hopefully at least give him an idea.

As soon as the couple passed through the barrier Coach Sylvester was demanding answers.

"You there, Scarface. Whats Mohawk done to the leech?" the coach barked.

"Scarface?" Harry mumbled, before speaking louder. "It's just a misunderstanding, ma'am. I'll have it cleared up in no time." Puck watched as Harry placed himself between him and the teacher before cancelling the spell Puck had cast.

Snape was on his feet in seconds, snarling at the couple. "Why you little- Potter? Move aside, Potter. That boy attacked me!"

"I have it on good authority you attacked first, Snape. Why don't you just calm down and we can get you and your friend inside the wards and fixed up. You both look like you have had quite the adventure," Harry finished with a slightly mocking grin.

"Good authority? Whose authority," the man snapped.

"Puck's," Harry said with a thumb toward the boy, "and Layla," Harry finished pointing at the couatl.

"Puck? Layla? Are you quite done, Potter?" Puck watched as the man's eyes flicked between the pair of teens before understanding lit his face and he groaned. "Really, Potter?"

Harry just shrugged. "So, you want to come in or not? You know you can't pass through if you mean any harm to anyone tied into the wards. That includes Puck," Harry clarified.

"Yes, I am quite aware of what it means, Potter, since it was I who taught you warding," the man snapped. "Fine, let us in. I will be expecting explanations, Potter. I know what boy wasn't on the plane."

"He was on the plane, he just wasn't a wizard at the time."

Snape raised an eyebrow at that but Harry didn't expand. He just raised his wand and tied the two adults into the wards so they were finally able to see through the invisibility barrier.

"Big enough, Potter?"

Harry walked side by side with Snape, Draco falling just behind the teacher. Puck walked next to Coach Sylvester who was eerily quiet while taking in the now visible camp. They walked in though the large empty clearing between the tents that they used for training and lessons and headed to the common area in the middle. The rest of the group were waiting for them, and two chairs had been added to the couches that were already occupied by the teenagers.

"There were nine of us, Snape. Not to mention Hulk who takes up his fair share of space. We needed a protected space big enough to move around in comfortably since we don't know how long we will be here."

"Do I even want to know what Hulk is, Potter?"

Harry pointed to the giant green not-wolf that had laid in his usually spot next to their tent. "That's Hulk."

"A Cu-Sith, Potter? An extinct guardian of Faery Land and you chose to call him Hulk?"

Hulk raised from his spot and trotted over to the new comers. He stood near Harry and sniffed at the two adults, giving them an appraising look.

"I named him," Puck spoke up with a defiant look at Snape.

"Of course you did. What else would one expect from a boy named Puck," Snape replied with a superior tone, looking down his long crooked nose at the teen.

"It's better than Severus," Puck shot back, recalling the name Harry had told him.

"How dare you, you insolent whelp. You will speak to me with respect, and you most certainly do not have permission to use my given name, boy."

"Professor!" Neville exclaimed loudly, breaking the tension between the two. "It's good to see you made it. Why don't you come sit down and we can get you and Ms.-"

"The name is Coach Sylvester, Crumpets," she announced as she made her way to a large overstuffed chair and sat regally.

"Alright. We can get you and Ms. Sylvester looked at," Neville finished.

Puck allowed Harry to drag him away from the glaring man and onto their couch. Snape eyed the oddly colored couch with distaste, but sat in the offered chair anyway.

"We are not greatly injured, Longbottom. I would prefer to have some sense of what has been going on here for the last month."

"Still, Professor. You both look like you've had a rough go of it. Harry's good at first-aid and Draco has been making potions and salves so it wouldn't hurt to get you both checked over," Neville reasoned.

"Shut it, Vlad, let the kids fix us up. Hop to it, Scarface! Wiggle your nose or whatever, but if I end up a toad there will be burning, you understand, Samantha?"

Harry shot a glance at Puck and mouthed "Samantha?", but started casting diagnostics anyway while Draco went and fetched the supply of healing concoctions he had made.

"Coach? Do you mind if I ask what took you so long to get here," Kurt asked tentatively.

"Why, Porcelain, I didn't see you there hiding behind Frankenteen. Of course you can ask, Lady Lips. We were captured."

AN: I'm sorry about the wait. Lots of real life stuff happening. (Side note: You know that question: What would you grab if your house was on fire and you had to get out quickly? Turns out my answer is grab the baby, grab the dog and get your ass out of dodge. Now I know if I ever get asked again.)

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