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"YES!" A boy with fair skin, two-toned brown hair, and brown eyes yelled excitedly. "Now that it's been everyone's thirteenth birthday, we can go on a journey! I've been waiting forever for this day!" He raced down the hall of his overly sized house, running to his guest's bedrooms, shouting "Wake up guys! It's the day! We can get our Pokemon from Professor Sycamore today! WAKE UP!"

"We're awake Jaden, no need to give everyone headaches," a boy around Jaden's age muttered, going out of one of the three rooms clustered together while rubbing his eyes. This boy had yellow and black hair that was in fanned-out spikes, some going up while as they got progressively lower they arched downward. His eyes were blue.

Jaden laughed nervously. "Sorry Yusei, I guess I forgot you'd all be up early too."

A very short boy, also with fair skin and weird hair, this time very spiky and a mix of mostly black at the back with violet edges, again spiked, with bright yellow spiky bangs, and violet eyes came out of the room right next to the one Yusei came out of. He said quietly, "To be honest, Jaden, I'm pretty sure you're the last one up. Well, if Yuma's not still asleep, that is..." He trailed off.

A few seconds later, the boy was proven right about this person Yuma, as a loud snoring sound came from the door across from the other two's. Yusei sighed and entered the last room. The other boys followed shortly after the (technically speaking) oldest member in their small group.

Inside the room, the first thing everyone noticed was an obscene amount of posters. Looking closely, one could find that they were all advertising the Pokemon League or something else relating to Pokemon Championships. Next was the sheer amount of Pokemon junk littered all over the floor. The third was the boy snoring away on the messy bed. He was splayed out on the bed in green and yellow pajamas. (A/N: And in case everyone's wondering, you can imagine them as the pajamas Ash wears in Pokemon original series, episode 1: "Pokemon-I Choose You!". That's what I imagine Yuma's pajamas as.) He had messy (mostly because of sleep) black and red hair that usually spiked upwards, but because of the sleep mess they were all over. He had tan skin.

"YUMA! WAKE UP!" Jaden pretty much screamed in Yuma's ear.

"Wha? Wait... wha... Jaden! I thought I told you not to wake me up like that!" Yuma sat bolt upright before whining. He had amberish-red eyes.

"But today's the day! The day we get our first Pokemon and start our journey!" Jaden started to fidget. "Hurry and get ready so we can go meet our first Pokemon!"

With those words, Yuma went from cranky from sleep to really energized and excited. He started talking rather high pitched and really fast. "IT'S THE DAY I FORGOT TODAY'S THE DAY I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT-" he was cut off by the yet unnamed boy.

"Calm down Yuma. Get ready. Remember, the sooner you get ready the sooner we can get our Pokemon, and the sooner we-" he stopped as soon as he realized Yuma had gone off somewhere after the words "get our Pokemon", leaving a cloud of dust leading out the open door.

"Well, it seems you two managed to get him moving, Jaden, Yugi," Yusei (finally) revealed the name of the last boy.

"We should probably get breakfast. Don't want to start our journey on an empty stomach!" Jaden smiled before going downstairs, to the kitchen. The others, except Yuma of course, followed him, though not in as much of a rush.

"We should probably also pack food for the journey. After all, I've heard it can sometimes take a couple days between towns and Pokemon Centers," Yusei, always thinking ahead, suggested.

"Good plan. We should make sandwiches, they're easy to make and we can make relatively filing ones," Yugi agreed, nodding and making the spikes of his bangs shake somewhat.

"Let's get a start on those and making breakfast while Yuma gets ready, then we can eat and go!" Jaden was almost twitching with impatience by now. It was obvious what he was thinking: What's taking Yuma so long? He might actually be taking his time for once, though I'm not exactly one to talk. I always rush to get ready.

The three busied themselves in the rather spacious kitchen, either making toast and (of course) bacon for today's breakfast (Yusei), making sandwiches for lunch once they were on the road (Jaden, while whining about how hungry he was), or packing raw ingredients and cooking utensils for even later (Yugi). Eventually Yuma come down, looking hyper.

"Let's go get our Pokemon!" he yelled, pumping a fist into the air.

"Hold on Yuma," a girl's voice said, making all the boys jump, all thinking the exact same thing. I thought she was still asleep! "She" stepped into view. She had deep purple hair, fair skin, and silver eyes. She looked to be the boys' ages, and she wore a purple tee shirt that was a little lighter than her hair, a silver hoodie over it, unzipped and with the hood down, a loose aqua knee length skirt with black leggings under it, and deep sneakers with lighter highlights. "You seriously expected to be able to sneak away? Remember, today's my birthday, and that means I can come with you!"

"Man... I did think we could sneak away from Sarah..." Yuma muttered as quietly as he could, but it was loud enough.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YUMA TSUKUMO?" Sarah yelled angrily.

"Yuma, Sarah, please don't start the day off like this," Yugi tried to reason. Sarah listened and backed down, muttering "He started it though..."

"Now to decide who's carrying what on the journey," Yusei said after they were all seated around the dining table.

"We'll all have our personal things like our Pokeballs, clothes, etcetera, plus our sleeping bags." Sarah started. "But we also have some other things we need to carry."

"Let's make a list of all that first," Yugi suggested.

"Well, we have the cooking supplies, the food, the tent (A/N: They'll really mostly use it to change and such since they have sleeping bags), the medical supplies, and, for today at least, the lunch we made when Yuma was getting ready," Jaden counted them all off on his fingers.

"That leaves five things, one for each of us!" Yuma said happily. "I'll take the tent!"

Sarah smiled. "I'll take the medical supplies,"

"I'll take the lunch, if no one else has any objections," Yugi said softly.

"I'll take the cooking supplies. That leaves Yusei with the food," Jaden nodded.

Good thing Jaden didn't take the food, thought Yusei. We wouldn't have any left by dinner!

After eating, the five got their bags and headed out. Yugi had a black and grey bag that matched his outfit a bit, Jaden had a red bag with flame designs on it that matched his red blazer, Yusei had a blueish-silver bag with a design of a Dragonair that was the only light part of the dark blues of his outfit., Yuma had a green backpack that didn't go with his red and white outfit at all, and Sarah had a brown and tan purse with designs of Eevee and it's evolutions on it that went relatively well with her outfit. They each also had two additional bags, one holding each of their sleeping bags, and one each holding what they settled on earlier.

The five friends made their way from the large house through the city of Lumiose. Jaden's parents were rich, so they could afford to buy the largest house in Lumiose City, and there was more than enough room, so more often than not Jaden invited his friends (and often Sarah) to stay at his house.

Unfortunately, the largest house in Lumiose was almost all the way across the huge city from the Pokemon Lab where the five would be getting their first partners, and soon, everyone was bored.

"How much longer? I wanna meet my Pokemon right now!" Yuma sat down in the middle of the street, whining like a young child.

"Relax Yuma, we're nearly there!" Sarah sighed, exasperated with her friend. "In fact, I think I can see it!"

Yuma instantly picked himself up and started running, yelling over his shoulder, "Come on then Slowpokes!" He ran so fast that he ruffled the wool of a nearby Flaafy in the direction he was going.

"He moves fast with the correct motivation," Yugi said, impressed though he had known that for about ten years, since they first met.

"We'd better hurry ourselves," Jaden started to jog in the same direction as Yuma went, gesturing for the others to go as well.

All the others followed Jaden, moving at a relatively fast pace. They could've gone faster, if they hadn't had their bags, which were rather heavy.

Eventually the four that hadn't rushed ahead made it to the large building they knew to be the Pokemon Lab. They each caught their breath and entered the huge building.

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