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(Yuma's POV)

"What was that move, Sarah?" Yuma approached the purple-haired girl as Yusei walked away for that research.

"I'm not telling~" she smiled a bit too sweetly. "You'll have to look it up like Yusei!"

"But you know I hate reading!" Yuma whined.

"Then you'll have to wait until Tay and I decide it's time to tell you guys!" Sarah giggled.

"Ee-eevee-vee!" Tay smiled. Yuma was certain Tay was just agreeing with Sarah.

"Unfair..." Yuma pouted, sulking away in the same direction as Yusei went.

"So you've decided to actually read a book for once in your life?" Jaden joked.

"You're much better?" Yuma retorted.

"You got me there," Jaden laughed, accepting defeat. Yuma headed off to the library, and Jaden and Yugi approached Sarah as he passed them.

Yuma saw Yusei coming and ran over to him.

"Hey Yusei, you find what that mystery move was? I actually was persuaded to look for it!" he called as he approached.

"In the section about Fighting Type Pokemon moves, there's a book with the title of All Fighting Type Moves. Remember that it's a blue-and-white ball of energy," Yusei said, gesturing behind him to the large building. "If you want to know, you'll have to actually read."

"Aw," Yuma grumbled as he entered the library. He looked around, unfamiliar to areas with books. He eventually found a shelf with a sign on it that read, "Pokemon Moves: Fighting Type Moves". He went over there and, remembering Yusei's advice, looked for a book with the title of All Fighting Type Moves on its spine. Grabbing it as soon as he found it, he went over to an empty table, opened the book, and started researching (a word he rarely used).

He didn't have to search for long, though; the book was in alphabetical order, and he found a move with a description similar to the one he saw and that Yusei said under a section for a move that the book said when mentioned, it's thought of alongside a Pokemon called Lucario, though Yuma didn't know too much about it, until he looked it up on a computer (he was doing WAY more research than he usually did) and saw it was the evolved form of Riolu.

"Cool! So when Ishi evolves, Yusei'll have a Lucario! I wish I could get a Riolu!" Yuma muttered. "I wonder what Raion will evolve into?" he looked in his Pokedex this time, searching up Raion's species, Litleo, and looking at its evolution.

"Pyroar, the Royal Pokemon," the Pokedex showed two images on its screen; two Pokemon, both resembling lions, though one had a wider mane than the other, whose mane was longer and looked like a ponytail. "Pyroar viciously threatens any challengers with a fiery breath exceeding 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit."

"Raion is male, so he'll look like the one with the wider mane," Yuma smiled, peering at the data on the screen. "Awesome!"

With the information he came for and then some, Yuma left the library. He thought about the move Tay used. It was called Aura Sphere, and it could only be learned by a select few Pokemon usually. He was very glad to get out of the library, with so many books and shelves. He always felt uncomfortable in places like that.

(Sarah's POV)

Sarah oversaw the training of her Pokemon. Yoru and Doku were still working on strengthening their tails, while she was working with Tay to teach her Dig. They were extending on Tay's Sand Attack, burrowing underground instead of just scratching up the sand on the surface.

"Great job guys! I think we should take a break for lunch now though. Yoru, Doku, I'll untie your rocks." Sarah called over to them.

"Okay," they chorused as the two working on Iron Tail trotted over to her. Within a few minutes, Sarah had untied the string holding the rocks to Yoru and Doku's tails. Setting the rocks to the side, she called to Yugi and Yusei.

"Guys, we should take a lunch break! Everyone deserves it." Sarah beckoned to the Pokemon Center.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me," Yusei said, looking up from his training with Ishi. He called Mizu over to him, and the three joined Sarah, Yugi, and their Pokemon. They went into the Pokemon Center, dropped off the Pokemon with Nurse Joy to rest, and went into the cafeteria of the Center. There they discussed their training.

"So, how long do you think we need to train until we're ready?" Yusei asked the guys that were going to be challenging the Gym.

"I wanna go now, but I think Kyo would be overwhelmed on his own." Jaden frowned into his hamburger.

"I think everyone should have at least two Pokemon before we take on the Gym." Yugi reasoned.

"That makes sense. After all, the Gym Leader's likely to have at least two Pokemon, so we should have that many Pokemon, as well as them being well trained." Sarah said, which received nods from everyone (except Yuma; he was too busy chowing down).

"I'm thinking we should go onto some of the countryside surrounding Santalune City. We could find some new Pokemon there," Yusei said quietly.

"I'll stay here, I think. Since I already have three Pokemon, I have no particular desire to race ahead of you guys," I looked down at my plate as I said this.

"No prob Sarah!" Jaden smiled at me, which made me smile as well. Jaden had that effect on people; he always made them happier. "I'll go on, let's see, what are the different areas of countryside called again?" This made everyone (except Yuma, who only looked up) fall anime-style.

"There are three routes, Route 4, which we came here on, Route 3, and Route 22." Yusei listed, counting them off on his fingers.

"I'll go back to Route 4 and see what I can find," Yugi spoke up.

"I'll go to Route 3," Jaden decided. "I bet I can find a sweet Pokemon there!"

"I'll go with you, and see if I can find a Pokemon as well," Yusei decided.

"I'll go to that other one, then." Yuma, who was actually paying attention now, nodded.

Once we finished, the group collected their Pokemon from Nurse Joy and, making sure everyone had supplies for an emergency, split up. While the boys went to the individual routes, Sarah resumed training with her Pokemon.


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