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Frey is a 15 years old boy. He have blue aquamarine eyes and have a white gray hair color. Well, there still time before his 15th birthday. He really like basketball, but he never enter into any basketball team. He have a basketball court behind his house. He the one who ask his father to make one for them to play . He only play it in a game or with her 17 years old sister. Her sister the one who teach her how to play basketball since he 8 years old. Because his nature of good and soft, many thinks he is weak. Although her sister advising it, he still with his belief.

Today is school holiday. Frey studying in his rooms. He stop when her sister entered his room. Her sister Tsukino study in Seirin. She is a member of Seirin basketball team. He don't know the detail, since he never go to her school.

"Is there something you want, sis?", Frey turned to face her sister.

"Frey, want to play one-on one with me?", Tsukino smile widely toward him.

"Okay. The loser have to treat ice-cream.", Frey smile.

"Ohyaa? ? You really confident this time huh? Although, you never win when play with me?", Tsukino said and walk from his room.

A vein pop on Frey head when his sister says like that. Only with his sister he can show his true self and talent. He really happy when his sister always play with him. He never get lonely when Tsukino by his side. His step stops when seeing her sister scored the ball while waiting him on the court. Suddenly he thought. . .

"If Tsuki-nee-san isn't here. Will I be lonely? Will I never been able to become my real self? "

His day dream stopped when his sister calling out loudly his name. She waiting there smiling at him. For him, Tsukino is an angel that always be by his side. He run towards her sister.

"Looks like, I can't do anything right if she's not here", he smile regret.

"I going to win this time!",he dribbling the ball tried to past her.

"Ohya? ? Really. . Then. . Let the match begins", her sister eyes started to darken.





They both lying on the court floor. Panting and sweat heavily. They are happy to play along and fatigue after a match just now. But it not a totally happiness because Frey lose to her sister again. He can't denied her skill because she is a member of basketball team, not like him.

"Ahhh~~~ I lost again. This really frustrating", he said narrowing his eyes.

"Hahaha! Don't mind. Your skill already improve from the last game we play together. You give me a hard time there", Tsukino comment.

"Really?!",Frey smiled happily toward her sister.

"Yup!", she smile and ruffled her beloved brother hair gently.

"I want strawberry ice-cream", still smiling.

"Erk!", his smile die when she heard that.

Frey sigh remembering the promise he made with his sister. He glance to her sister.

"Okay, but let's go wash our self first. And you must go with me. I won't go alone. Especially night", he said.

"Okay my honey!", she said it loudly, making Frey blush really red like a tomato.

"Say whatever you want. I'm going inside", he quickly walk away from her sister.

She chuckled seeing her little brother showing face like that. She thinks that's really cute of him. Not every day she can see him making expression like that only to her.




"Emmmm~~~~ This ice-cream really good. Can I have more, Frey?", she talked to her brother with a sparkling eyes.

"No way. I only treat you because you beat me in a match. If you want more, we can play again", Frey said with a cold eyes.

"Ahhhh~~~ Don't be so cold. I like you more when you blush this evening", she giggled making her little brother flinched.

"I. . .. . I'm not blushing!", he scream making his face red till his ears.

"Haha. . Look, you blushing again. I really love it when you do that", she said with a seductive voice.

"Please shut your mouth sister", he said while covering his mouth with his hand. His face really red than before.

Tsukino burst into laugh seeing her little brother being sooo cutteeee. Because of her naughty tease, Frey chase her like crazy until when Tsukino stop suddenly. Frey not being able to stop his legs and crashing her sister from behind.

"Hey! Get off me Frey!", Tsukino almost yelled.

"Ughh.~~ It's not my fault. You're the one who started it", Frey complain.

He trying to get off from his sister but his hand slip and ended up with a weird lover position. It make them feel weird for a bit. But it stop when someone called Tsukino name.

"Tsukino-san?", the blue sky haired boy looking at both of them with his blue eyes.

"Hey, if you want to make love. Find another place. This is public you know", added the red haired boy from behind the short blue sky haired boy.

Frey and Tsukino looked at each other. Their faces so close as to be kissing and Tsukino is under and Frey above her. Positions that they're doing accidently now, usually done by couples who make love or make up. They jerk away from each other quickly. Their face flush. This make Frey heat beating really fast. Only he can hear it.

"Tsukino-san? Are you sick? Your face really red. The same as you stranger", he pointing towards 'Frey'.

"Tsukino-senpai, is this the one you always tell us?", the red haired ask.

She walks toward Frey and hug him from behind in front of them both. This making Frey almost want to die because of embarrassment. As the both of them, they widen their eyes, seeing the scene. Looking at their expression, she chuckled and release Frey slowly. Frey swear, his heart almost stop beating.

"Yup, this is the one who really important to my life. I can't live without him", Tsukino said and show a gentle smile.

This make Frey freeze for a moment. What he feel this whole time, her sister feel it to. They feel like they are one and can't live if one of them gone.

"Ohya. . Frey, this is my kouhai. Kuroko, kagami, this is my little brother, frey", she introduce him to the boys.

"My name Kuroko Tetsuya. Nice to meet you, Tsukino-senpai no ototo", Kuroko bow to both of them.

"You can call me Kagami. My full name is Kagami Taiga", Kagami try to look gentle while introduce himself.

"Ahh. . My.. My name Tomoe Frey. You can call me by my first name. I'm 15 years old. It's nice to meet you. Kuroko-san, Kagami-san", he tremble while introducing himself.

Somehow, suddenly Kuroko and Kagami feels Frey face expression looks very cute when he trembling and shy. Just like her sister. Their imagination stopped when Tsukino give them a death glare to them. Kagami and Kuroko can't fight Tsukino because Tsukino is very scary, especially when it involves the thing she like the most. Tsukino stopped her glare when she observe Kagami and Kuroko. Their cloth wet because of their sweat and Kuroko holding a ball.

"Are you both practicing? Haven 't Riko have give you a day to relax? After this, it's going to be hard", Tsukino said with a serious tone.

"We can't do anything. It's really boring at home. I practicing here alone when this little ghost pop out from nowhere surprising me. He give me a heart attack", Kagami face pale.

"I'm sorry but please don't call me ghost. I already here before you. You the one who don't notice me", Kuroko said narrowing his eyes to Kagami.

"Hahaha! ! ! ! That's our Kuroko. You use misdirection even when you don't meant too", Tsukino laugh.

"Eh? ? Misdirection? ? Nee-chan. . Is this the person you always tell me? Wahh. . . I really want to meet you. . !", Frey shouted happily and rush toward Kuroko with sparkling eyes.

"Err. . What you told him, senpai? He's really wild than earlier", Kagami said with a worry looks when Frey breach Kuroko makes them both falling.

"I already told Kuroko. It's time for you to know too.", Tsukino smile.

Kagami watch her senpai face show a sad smile and concentrate on the story. While Kuroko and Frey talking to each other. It's the first time Frey show a very happy face. Frey really admired Kuroko based on what her sister told him about Kuroko ability.




"I see. . So that's his problem", Kagami nod his head after hearing the whole story.

"Nee-chann!~~~~ Let's play basketball! Kuroko will team with me!~~", Frey shout and wave towards Kagami and Tsukino.

"Okay!", Tsukino shouted back.

"What!? Why are teaming with him?", Kagami yell at Kuroko when he heard what Frey shout.

"It's his request. I can't decline a request from a cute boy.. Can't I?", he said with expressionless face.

Everyone was surprised to hear the explanation from Kuroko. Frey face began to flush really red. He embarrass to be called 'cute' especially from a guy. Well, it's not his fault. He is a boy, soo. . . It's a nature if he doesn't like people calling him 'cute'.

"Arghh!~~~ Stop with the cute stuff! Let's play the game already!", Frey shouted.

"I hope you can keep up with me, senpai", Kagami started to annoyed.

"Ohya?. . You're not in a good mood huh? Cool down your head Bakagami. We going to lose if you don't do it. . Okay? You must hear your senpai advice", Tsukino advise Kagami and winked to him.

"If you say so senpai. . . ", he still mad at Kuroko.

Tsukino remember what Kuroko and Kagami do before a match. She send out her fist to Kagami. Smile widely.

"Let's do it, Kagami!"

Kagami blank for a moment before he show a gentle smile before he reach out his fist to meet his senpai small fist.

"Yes! Senpai"

Back to Kuroko and Frey




"Thank you Kuroko-san. . For teaming with me. . It's my first time playing a match beside my nee-chan", Frey said smiling.

"You never play other than senpai? You don't enter in basketball club?", Kuroko asked curiously.

"Hehe. . I'm not in basketball club. I'm in music club. They think I'm weak. Soo. . . I decide not to enter it.. . . . . . . . . I'm just. . . . . weak. If my sister not here. . . I maybe let go this basketball. . . . . . . I maybe will still alone right now. . .", Frey smile sadly.

Kuroko observe Frey expression change when his sister and Kagami walking toward them. Kagami gave the ball to Frey first. Frey, run to Kuroko with the ball and talk to Kuroko with happy expression compare to earlier.

"Kuroko-san, let do our best", Frey said while lift his hand.

"Yes, we going to do it", Kuroko lift his hand to meet Frey, making 'SLAP' noise.

They take their position. Frey start to bounce the ball. The one who mark him is Kagami. Frey tremble because it's the first time he in this position with other than her sister and he have a partner for this match. He inhale and exhale again and again. Then, his eyes change to more determined eyes. Tsukino, Kagami and Kuroko stunned for a while. It a big shock for Tsukino cause she have playing with Frey for a long time, but she never see him like that.

"Well. . . This going to be interesting", they think.

"Saaaa. . . . Let the game started", Frey said started to dribbling the ball.





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