"Emmnnn? Where am I?", Frey look around. There only white scenery. Then a white light shine in front of him.

"Nee. . . Chan?", Frey happily rush to her sister and hug her tightly. Tsukino ruffle his hair gently and kiss his cheek, making him blush hardly.

"Are you happy today", she smile to her brother.

"Emnn! I able to play even a little role in the street basketball tournament", he smile widely.

"Really? That's good"

"And!. . .And! I got to meet and play with one of Generation of Miracle member! His name is Murasakibara Atsushi!"

"Ohh. . . . What kind of guy is he?"

"He's really tall! His purple hair length till shoulder, his eyes like amethyst gems and his attitude just like a child. But he's really strong!", his eyes sparkle.

"You really like them huh?"

"Yes. . But I just don't like how he think. And I meet this guy named Himuro Tatsuya! He also cool! He show me his invincible shot to me and said it a present!"

"Lucky for you", she ruffle her brother hair.

"But I can't believe you never told me about the rest of Generation of Miracles", he narrowing his eyes.

"Haha. . I thought it will be surprise if you found out yourself", she laugh nervously.

"Nee-chan! I want to meet them all! I really must meet them!", his eyes more sparkly than before.

She smile, "He get so excited like this. It the first time. I see him so happy".

"Hai. . Hai. . We'll meet them sooner or later", she ruffle his hair.

"Emnn!", he laid at his sister lap.

"Want to hear a song?", her sister offer.

"Yes, please", he smile to his sister.

She start to sing a lullaby song. Frey start to close his eyes slowly. He feels at ease when he hear his sister sing. He really likes it after all. . She is his beloved sister.




Tsukino sit beside her bother. She looking to her little brother sleeps. She shows a sad smile and averted her eyes to the moon.

"It's really beautiful moon tonight", she look back to Frey.

Suddenly, she's holding his chest. She felt difficult to breathe. Her face pale and sweating."Ahh. . . It happens again. I hate when it happen. Haa. . . Really troublesome", she laugh a little. She closes her eyes. She stands and slowly walks out from Frey room, supporting her body using the wall.

"I hope my little brother here don't really getting trouble with the rest of the Generation of Miracle. Especially, the red magenta weirdo one. If he did. . . . I'm the one who will be in deep trouble", she give some painful expression.




"Nee-chan! ! Where are you going? ? ? I want to go too! !"

"Dame! ! You have classes don't you? ?"

"Then I just skip it!"

"No way! You must go to classes! ! Don't make things worse Frey. . Just handle it for couple of month. Then you will be able to attend our school", Tsukino irritated.

"Mouu~~~ But I still want to go with you. . They have match don't they? I want to see it! !", Frey show a cute face that Tsukino almost fall for it.

"N. . . NO! !"

"You. . .", Frey really can't convince her sister to let him go with her. Suddenly something clicked in his head. He pull her wrist towards him and give a small peak on her lips. Tsukino eyes were widen and her face become extremely hot.

"W. . . What do you think you're doing! ! ! ?", she shuttered. Frey deadpanned and answer.

"What? We always do this when we were child right? And I'll do this more if you don't let me go with you", his eyes narrowed.

"That's threat! ! I can't believe you do that! !", Tsukino distanced herself from him.

"Well. . . I learn from my big sister", he grin.

"F. . Fine! ! You can go. . But I don't want any responsibility on me when your teacher came", she quickly take her bag and running towards Seirin, follow by Frey who still grinning because his plan were success.

"Stupid little brother"

"Nee-chan! !"


"Who will they against today?"

"If I'm not mistake. . It's Josai High school!"

"Wahh! ! The 6th place in Inter High right?"

"You do your research huh?"

"Yup! ! Since it going to be my school in the future!", he smile widely.




They both pant heavily after running from home. Something makes the little boy stunned and forgot all of his exhausted body. That is when he sees Kuroko uses his ignite pass to Kagami and seeing Kagami jump really high that impossible for human to reach. But they all sweat drop when Kagami head hit the hop.

"He's an idiot basketball", that what he and his sister Tsukino thought to themselves. But they can't denied it that Kagami have a huge talent in basketball. Frey want to be like him, want to be like the same as Generation of Miracle that he always hear from his sister.

At this time, Frey senses something inside him. Something unfamiliar surge in his vein when he looks at Kagami. "This is….", his eyes widen. Even it is no evidence. But somehow all the prodigies of the decade, the generation of Miracle sense what Fey feel.

"No player is their equal. Even if one did appear, it would be in distant future. Or it seemed. They heard the sound of a door. The sound of the door to the room only such prodigies could enter, being forced open", the voice made the silver haired boy startled before Kagami fall comically again.

"Nee-chan….. I want be able to play like that one day…. I want to play with them", Frey eyes sparkle. Tsukino chuckle looking at her cute little brother, "Sure you will…. You will be a good player, Frey",Tsukino smile at him.

"If only you know… Who you really are…. Will you leave me?"

Frey still don't avert his eyes from Kagami "A door…. A door being open?"




After the match over Tsukino tell Frey to go home alone for a moment. He obey her and walk to store to find some ball and go to Maji burger for milkshake. Frey stared to the night sky. "What is that feeling? Door? Prodigies? Why am I hearing all that voice?", his dream stop when he saw Kuroko and Kagami saying something to each other. He decide to follow them to the nearest street basketball court.

"So.. What do you want?"

"Will you help me practice my new drive?", Kuroko say while getting his basketball from his bag.

"What the hell? You still haven't finished that?"

"I done everything I can on my own. I just need you to help me perfect it"

Kagami smile before he replay "I get it.. Sure. Bring it on"

Frey look at them from side. It's looks like they don't notice him. He drink his milkshake and keep hearing them. Kagami in defend position and Kuroko in offence position. When Kuroko start his move to past Kagami, Frey almost drop his milkshake when seeing the phantom player past Kagami like a ghost. But sadly he drop his ball cause the leather already worn.

"I need a new ball. I wish I could use the gym more. This is the sixth one.", Kuroko complain.

"Then Kuroko-san… Use this ball..", Frey throw the ball to Kuroko but hit his head cause he not notice the little boy.

"?!", Kagami speechless.

"Frey-kun.. It's hurt.. When you get here?", Kuroko ask..

"I'm here the whole time", Frey replay while drinking his milkshake.

"Where I always hear that word….", Kagami sweat drop and glance to Kuroko

"Hehehe.. I tried to copy Kuroko-san~~ And It works….. I have no trouble with it", Frey smile widely.

"F.. Frey", Kagami shutter. His face really red as his hair.


"You too cute Frey-kun. And please don't tell anyone about that drive..", Kuroko say with expressionless face.

"I'm not cute! And how about we gave it name? How about Phantom drive? It really suitable as you already have the tittle as the Phantom player?", Frey tell them happily.

"That a good name.. How about it Kuroko?", he look at Kuroko grinning.

"Hmnn…. Okay…. I like it.. Thanks, Frey-kun..", he smile to the smaller boy.

"Kagami-san … Kuroko-san.. Let's play….."

Back at Home




"Frey~~~~… Where are you?", Tsukino cry comically thinking that his little brother being kidnap by someone. Well.. He just being kidnap by Kuroko and Kagami, so it won't be any problem. Except how they treat Frey as a cute 15 years old boy..





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