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Prolog: She's a Killer

She stands there looking down at the corps in front of her with a wild glint in her eyes. The girl with limp blond hair that falls to her lower back. The girl known as Killer Ride.

Her hands hang limp by her side, blood dripping in a slow tickle off her finger tips and knife.

She brings her hand to her face and her tongue darts out, tasting the coppery blood of her newest victim. Standing in the dark alley, a smile that has long since passed crazy, spreads across the fifteen year-old's face.

The slight scrape of a boot in the alley makes her whip around. In the front of open space and the street stands a silhouette. There is static as it raises an arm to its mouth.

The girl slowly slips into the dark shadows wary. There is another scrape but on the other side of her. Another silhouette has appeared. Then more materialize, flooding into the backstreet with, what she can now see, guns trained on her head.

Then the voice rings out. The one that is always at the scenes of her prey. The one that she has never heard up close, for she has never been caught.

"Drop your weapon and put your hands on you head." The voice shrills out. She can tell that the voice is female.

With the flick of her wrist, the sharp object flies away from her and lands with a thump inside the dead man's chest.

There are shouts and screams telling her to get on her knees with hands on her head.

She slowly, as if to annoy them, gets on her knees and tangles her hands in her messy hair. They rush toward her and roughly jerk her hands into cuffs.

The girl stands before the judge, dirty blond hair covering a smirk that graces her face.

It is there that she is convicted and deemed insane. To most people, she would seem to be and she possibly was. But she knew better. She has her reasons for doing all that she had done.

But to them, her brain is consumed in madness and insanity. So, when the judge convicted her to an asylum, her smirk grew to a grin and a laugh bubbles in her chest, then bursts from her mouth. This is because the one thing she loves most besides revenge, is freaking people out. And it works. The officers surrounding her, drag her out of the court room still laughing. Her crazed laughter turns real once she is out, because the looks she receives from people around her are terrified.

One Year Later

The girl sits in an isolated white room in a straightjacket and blindfold. Three cameras are trained on the one girl. She sits in the same position as always, knees tucked to her chest and her body slumped forward. She has been patient, waiting, and it is time.

So when she heard the rush of air from her door opening and the sound of footsteps, her head slowly lifts and a wicked smile spreads across her face.

And that's the end. I have nothing else to say so... adios mis amigos!

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