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The song I'm using is "Safer" from First Date the Musical. I strongly suggest that you listen to it before reading this. (It'll make more sense that way.)

Galinda woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. Groaning, she rolled over on her side, closed her eyes, and wished that she could go back to sleep.

Elphaba, who had woken up much earlier was curled up on her bed, reading a book. Noticing movement coming from Galinda's bed, she looked up from her reading.

"Well, good afternoon sleeping beauty."

"Mmph." Galinda buried her head in her pillow. "My head is killing me."

Elphaba turned back to her book.

"Well, someone decided to stay at the OzDust 'till two in the morning."

"I want to crawl in a hole and die."

Elphaba smiled. Galinda's always been one for dramatics…

"Well, it is the first day of break. You could always go outside and dig one. You'd have plenty of time."

The blonde lifted her head from the pillow and shot her roommate a dirty look.

"Not nice, Elphie."

"I was joking, Glin." Elphaba rolled her eyes before closing her book and getting up from her bed.

Galinda slowly sat up, eyeing her curiously.

"Where are you going?"

Her roommate buttoned her coat and grabbed her bag from behind the door, then turned to face her.

"I'm going downtown to pick up a few things. Want me to bring you anything?"

The blonde groaned and faceplanted onto her bed.

Elphaba chuckled.

"I'll bring you back some aspirin."

Galinda muttered a muffled "Thank you" as Elphaba walked out the door of the dorm, closing it gently behind her.

Elphaba hadn't gone more than a few feet off-campus, when she heard the familiar voice of a certain Winkie Prince.

"Elphaba! Hey, wait up!"

Elphaba gripped the strap of her bag. She really did NOT want to talk to him right now. Or ever for that matter. Especially after what had happened last night. She clenched her eyes shut and began to walk faster.

Unfortunately for her, Fiyero broke into a run, and soon caught up with the green girl.

"Elphaba, hey! A-About last night-"

Elphaba swallowed the lump in her throat before turning around and shooting him a death glare.

"Go away, Fiyero" She turned around and began to walk in the opposite direction.

Fiyero cringed. Well, she's definitely still upset about the whole bet thing…

"Elphaba, just hear me out! I-…The- The bet…I-I I did go along with it, but I-"

"I said, go away!" Elphaba grumbled irritably, desperately trying to block him out. She began to walk faster, but Fiyero grabbed her by the arm.

"Elphaba, wait! I-I did go along with the bet, b-but now I…I feel really bad for doing it."

Elphaba grinned sardonically. "I'm touched, brainless. I really am. Now please, GO AWAY."

Fiyero hastily let go of her arm. She glared at him, before flipping her braid over her shoulder and walking briskly away.

Fiyero just stood there. What happened? Just a couple days ago she was practically ecstatic when I asked her out. Shiz…I hope I didn't hurt her feelings too much…did I?

Once Elphaba was far enough away from him, she turned down an ally and leaned against the cold brick wall. She mentally scolded herself as she felt her eyes begin to tear up. Why was that so hard? Get a grip, Elphaba! Just forget about him! He didn't love you and he never will! She blinked back tears as she began walking in the direction of the convenience store. No one ever will…

Elphaba opened the door to Galinda's and her dorm room. Finding Galinda asleep, she put the aspirin on the night table, put the groceries away in their mini-fridge, and grabbed her book. Checking the time, she put the book in her bag and headed off to the library.

After Elphaba reached the library, she began to think about what had happened last night…

"Didn't you hear me, silly? I said that it was all a setup! A scam. Avaric bet Fiyero fifty bucks that he couldn't get you to go to the dance with him!"

"This was all just a big prank, right?! Just another trick to play on the green girl?! Try and see if we can get her to fall for the hottest guy in school! Well, guess what?! It. Didn't. Work!"

Never again would she trust anyone. Never.

Blinking a couple times, she headed over to the far corner of the library; where hardly anyone would ever go. She sat down, bringing her knees up to her chest. Was that really the best thing to do? Never confide in anyone EVER again? Elphaba thought it over. Face it, Elphaba. No one's EVER had a reason to like you. Nobody's ever tried to get to know you, or at least made an effort to be your friend. Why would you think that it would change now?

Elphaba felt her eyes tear up again. Frantically, she grabbed a book off the shelf and opened it, attempting to distract herself from all that she had been thinking about. Ironically, the title of the book was "Dating for Dummies" Groaning, Elphaba put the book back on the shelf and wiped her eyes on the back of her sleeve. Getting up, she sighed. I am going to need so much therapy when I'm older.

Suddenly, Elphaba felt something hit her on the back. Turning around, she spotted Milla, one of Galinda's friends.

"He-ey, Green Girl." She smirked and waved, then went back to laughing with her friends. Most likely, it was about Elphaba.

Elphaba shot her an icy glare, before picking up the crumpled piece of paper, and walking out of the Library.

Vaguely, Elphaba un-crumpled the paper. It gave her something to take her mind off of her raging emotions. It turned out that it was a section from the campus newspaper. But, what she saw on it caught her attention:


There will be an open-mic karaoke night in the Rec. hall for all who would like

To participate. Admission is 5 dollars. The theme for tonight is:


Elphaba smiled to herself as she tucked the paper into her bag. Maybe that's what she needed: Something to take her mind off of the dance. And, she knew just the song that she would sing.

Galinda and Fiyero showed up at the rec. hall at around 10:45. Not many people were there, (considering how it had started an hour ago) but Galinda had been curious about the karaoke night, and Fiyero had gotten dragged along. There were rows of chairs set up in front of the stage; a microphone had been placed center-stage. Galinda and Fiyero sat near the back, not wanting to draw attention to themselves.

The drama teacher, an young Lemur by the name of Ms. Talbany, scurried over to the mic.

"And now, for our last performer. A last minute entry; give it up for…Fabala!

Galinda looked over at Fiyero.

"Fabala…Isn't that what Nessa sometimes calls Elphie?"

Elphaba slowly walked up onto the stage. She was seriously having second thoughts about doing this. But…there's no turning back now… She heard the music start. Taking a deep breath, she stepped up to the mic, grasping it with both hands.

I know that I have issues,

I face them, I swear.

Think I overcome them,

Then turn: They're still there.

Elphaba smiled, loosened up a little, and kept singing. This time, a little louder.

Wish that I was different,

I'd like to let go.

But when I try to change,

There's my past saying NO.

Maybe it's all 'cause of Dad,

His new kids, his new wife.

Or why not just blame Mom,

Who's been nuts my whole life…

Fiyero's jaw dropped. Elphaba was an amazing singer. He nudged Galinda, who looked just as surprised as he was.

"Did you know she could sing like that?"

Galinda shook her head, as Elphaba continued the song.

She could feel her heart pounding as she sang out the words.

When you've felt so alone since the moment of birth,

And you've struggled to find your own true sense of worth,

When it seems there is NO ONE across this whole Earth

To depend upon,

You carry on,

Just like you always do…

'Cause it's safer,

To rely on you.

Oh, it's safer,

To rely on you…

As Fiyero listened to her sing, he felt more and more terrible about the bet. He had no idea that she would care so much…

Meanwhile, Elphaba felt her eyes water as she continued to sing. She picked up the mic and walked across the stage.

Seen a million movies,

All selling true love.

Fantasies I'm not sure that I'm worthy of.

Caution to the wind,

My heart's been on display,

Still, the end result is: It's not gone my way.

So when I date some new guy,

Who's a deadbeat or jerk,

At least I'm not so crushed when it all doesn't work…

Elphaba blinked her eyes, tears running down her cheeks as she walked back across the stage.

When you once, unafraid,

Wore your heart on your sleeve,

And the ones that you loved,

Chose to just turn and leave,

Every day it gets harder to somehow believe,

You will survive,

So you strive,

Just to keep up your guard.

'Cause it's safer, to hold every card.

Oh, it's safer,

To hold every card…

Elphaba grasped the microphone as she belted out the words to the song, her eyes still wet. Blinking back tears, she didn't even care what anyone else would think. All she felt was…content.

I feel out of control!

I feel safe on the ground,

I go building up walls,

Yet I wish to be found,

A true contradiction to which I've been bound,

As I keep on spinning around and around...

And I look at the people who've worked it all out,

And wonder why I'm still a bundle of doubt,

And sometimes,

I just wanna stand up and shout!

Elphaba threw up her hands, emphasizing the lyrics.


Before your life flies by,

Don't let your life fly by!

But, is it safer?

Maybe it's safer…

If I don't try…

As Elphaba sung out the last note, she let out a sigh. She somehow felt…different. Lighter, maybe? She blinked a couple times, clearing her vision. The drama teacher scurried onstage. She took the mike from Elphaba, then smiled at her.

"Nice job, honey!" She said, before announcing the end of open-mic night.

As Elphaba walked offstage, Galinda ran up behind her and hugged her. She gasped and turned around.

"Oh, Glin. It's just you." She remarked, before looking slightly embarrassed. "You…ah, you didn't hear that, did you?"

Galinda smiled and hugged her roommate again. "Oh, Elphie! You have the most splendiferous voice! Why didn't you tell me you could sing like that?"

"You never asked." Elphaba smiled slightly. Then, she saw who had come with Galinda. Fiyero.

She turned to Galinda, who was still awestruck at the talent of her mysterious green roommate.

"Glin…Did…Did he hear me sing, too?"

"Course he did! He thought you were amazing too, by the way."

Elphaba felt her cheeks begin to flush. Nervously, she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Umm…Glin, I-I gotta go. T-Thanks for coming!" She hugged her, before practically sprinting past Fiyero and out of the Rec. hall.

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