Of Wind and Darkness

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma ½ or any vampire anything.


Since this worlds beginnings there have been many creatures who have lived upon the face of the land. For eons, the land was governed by nature itself, but then beings of higher intelligences began to form, ones that shaped the land to their will.

Their intentions were both good and evil, and in their competition for dominance they developed magics that harnessed the ancient forces. The goal of the 'good' was to allow the developing races free will, only bringing their power against them when their activites threatened another race. The goal of 'evil' was to control all lesser beings and enforce order under their rule. Chaos ensued, and the world spiraled down towards its destruction as these titanic forces clashed.

To restore order, avatars were chosen to represent the elemental powers, four from the darkness and four from the light. Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. Battles broke out between light and dark representatives and nature stepped in, making it so only four avatars could exist - of light or dark.

Every thousand years, new avatars would be chosen and trained in by the old. The elements themselves chose the children from birth, and, at the dawn of each new millenium, the light and the dark would search for these children. For whichever side gave them their immortality gained the avatar.

A thousand years ago, the light fought valiantly and claimed all four as their own, those meant to be of the darkness as well as those meant to be of the light. The darkness raged, loosening its creatures from their restraints and stirring men up to great atrocities. Gradually the light prevailed, however, the scales had been tipped.

In order to restore the balance, nature favored the dark in finding the new avatars. The old four would still train them in, but change was coming. Both sides now search for the chosen children. This is a tale of one who had a heart of light and was taken by the darkness, but as an avatar they could not take away his soul.

Authors note: Cheesy, I know, but that's what makes it fun.