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Guardian of Fire

Chapter 1: Full Moon Bay


Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

- Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

"The Avatar is dead."

"The fire princess has succeeded whereas she should not . . ."

"The scales have been broken . . ."

"We are in need of the Guardian-"

"Yes, the only one who can help us."

"The Center World is where he lies."

"Where the Sensitive Ones create our story."

"We are breaking laws -"

"We must restore the balance -"

"No matter the time -"

"No matter the place -"

"Let us begin."

"I call upon the spirits to guide us to the Center World - "

"- And bring to us the one who will restore the balance,"

"To save the Avatar from his wretched fate -"

"- The fate that was not to be."


"Happy birthday, dear Titan! Happy birthday to you!"

"Okay, blow out the candles!"

The world goes black.

This is what I get for going out of the house. I leave my comfortable safe haven to go to a three-year-old's birthday party, and I'm tossed into a chaotic mess.

No! No, it's not funny!

It started out like any other day during the week. I awoke to get my cousins and my brother ready for school. I spent the day on my laptop waiting to pick them up from school. My cousin's go home, my brother finishes his homework, and I am once again back on my laptop.

But there was something different about today - a little birthday party for my now three-year-old cousin, Titan.

It was no surprise when the house was filled with people, because I come from a family that breeded like rabbits and we were all raised to be close to one another. It also meant that coming to a little birthday party was a regular thing.

I'm not exaggerating; From my grandparents alone, they had nine children, with my mother being the eldest. Of the nine, I had six uncles who are all married and each having at least two children of their own. And just like my mother, I was the oldest of all the grandchildren (if you didn't count my three adult step cousins).

I'm not going to bore you with the fine details of my family (trust me, there's a lot more I can tell you). It's just that, as the oldest of the cousins at the age of seventeen, I was used to watching over children. I graduated early, I didn't have a job, and I even though I didn't get paid for my excellent babysitting services, I had the time.

Hey, I'm a homebody. And I'm not putting myself down about that, it's just a fact. I hate people, I'm not social, I can't stand big crowds or being alone in new places, and I only have a few friends from my dad's time in the military and they all live across the country.

So, as I stay at home, I am usually watching some sort of tv show such as a cartoon or an anime during my free time. Everything about the day was completely normal.

What's the point of me telling you of all this? These are just important details about my life that you should know, just to avoid confusion for the future. Because you see, my day did not end normal.

Because I was sent into another world. The Avatar: The Last Airbender, world. With my three-year-old cousin, Titan.

I never would have seen that coming.

I mean, I've had my fair share of fantasies of diving into one of my favorite fandoms: Naruto, Bleach, Young Justice, etc. I'd usually be some smart-ass who could get away with befriending the villains or doing something that would shock everybody into thinking I was some weird/odd/extraordinary being.

The thing is, people don't just fall into a fictional world. It seriously shouldn't be happening by any means of logic. There are no pink sparkling black holes that's just going to plop some random person into a cartoon that they've seen, nobody is going to fall through their tv - How that happens, I don't know - and nobody dies and suddenly finds themselves in their favorite movie.

I've read about it happening in fanfictions, so of course I had some idea of what to expect when it happened to me of all people. But most of the fanfictions I've read - and even written - plop these people right in the beginning of the story. Give them a chance to get the feel of the way things work in this new world. There were few where it started way before the beginning, or during a turning plot point. But in the middle? I've never read of such a case.

When I fell through whatever decided to take me, I wasn't alone like in other fanfictions. I was in a room filled with people. I disappeared from the living room of a child's birthday party - with said child in hand - and ended up . . . here.

Unlike many of the character's I've read about, I didn't immediatly know where I was. For the record, it didn't help that my brain spent the first ten minutes trying to figure out what just happened. Because who the hell teleports from one place to another?

I found myself fallen in the middle of a busy campsite - or at least, I thought it was a campsite of some sort. My head ached, my eyes were blurry, and I had to resist the urge to throw up. All because my brain tried to process a logical explanation for why I was there in the first place.

My ears rang, and I could hear nothing but echoing voices as my eyes managed to approach the situation first out of my other senses. There were tents. Rundown, old fashioned, set-up-with-sticks-and-cloth kinds of tents. The people dressed weirdly in dark colors, although I was able to find them familiar as they bustled around me. I could hear crying in the distance, and from that my brain was able to function properly enough to remember that I was still holding my cousin Titan.

I could hear him crying on top of the other noises that tried to break past my brain's barrier. Whatever was going on for me must have been ten times as bad for him! Holding him close, I could feel my heart beat wildly against my chest as I spun around, trying to grasp on what reality I had left. What just happened? How did this happen? I was in the living room not even thirty seconds ago! Where the hell am I?

I didn't even get weird stares for my behavior. From what I could conclude about my surroundings, this entire camp was inside some kind of mountain, with gates up at the front that lead to who knows where.

I instinctivley ducked into a corner, holding Titan close as he finally calmed himself. I was grateful for the moment that he didn't pull dead-weight on me, something he did when he was irritated or upset.

"Nina, what happen?" he asked.

I didn't answer, instead curling into the corner as I tried to blink away my own confusion. Hopefully, once I get a little more lucid, this strange enviorment will be gone and I'll be back in Titan's living room, possibly with a cake stuffed in my face.

I had to find out where I was. For once in my life, confusion came to an advantage because my brain was far from thinking of my fear of talking to strangers. Mustering up any bit of courage I had, I carried Titan and approached the first person I saw. She wasn't like the others in attire. Instead of a dull grey and green dress, she wore some kind of uniform and her reddish hair was pinned back into a low ponytail. She also wore a weird hat. 'Cosplayer' would have been my first thought when describing what kind of person she was, but they were soon shoved behind my thoughts of 'What the hell just happened' at the moment.

"Excuse me?" I tapped her shoulder. She turned with a genuine smile, though her face gave a flash of confusion as she took in my clothes, thinking I was the one wearing something weird. What she saw was a healthy young girl with a child, both who didn't look as rundown as the people surrounding us. I wore a grey hoodie with sparkle-pocket jeans, and my hair was braided and pinned into a bun with a clip. My bangs are side sept over my left eye.

Titan wore a simple black hoodie and jeans. I wondered briefly how she'd react when his shoes lit up when walked. When he was in one of his 'moods', his hoodie would conceal his fair brown hair and shadow over the light brown skin I shared. You could tell we were related because of our facial structures, but our eyes deferred. While I inherited our family's darker-than-dark brown eyes, his eyes were a bright blue from his mother's side.

"Can I . . . help you?"

"Umm . . ." Okay, just tell her your problem, she can help. Probably. "Could you tell me where I am?" Yes! Clear words came out instead of gibberish! There have been times when talking on the phone to my apartment's main office to put in a work order made me forget what I was supposed to say.

She turned to look at the markings etched into the high walls.

"You're in sector four," she said and turned back to me. "If you're looking for the ferry boats, you can get your tickets at the main desk up there," she pointed ahead of us, where the white colored walls toward over the camp.

"Do you have any possessions with you?"

"Ferry boats?" I asked, still confused and grasping the one thing I understood. What the hell am I doing in a place that needed ferry boats? I didn't live anywhere near water!

"Ferry boats to where?"

She gave me a look that told me she thought I was going crazy. "You really don't know where you are?"

"No. I don't even know how I got here!" I gasped, feeling Titan squirm in my arms.

"That's a bad cut!" The girl said as she came closure and examined us. I looked down and only now did I notice that Titan had somehow gotten a cut in his forehead right under the middle area of his eyebrows. Probably from when we fell. It didn't look deep, but blood was slowly trickling down his face.

"Oh, stars!" I gasped, beginning to panic. My uncle was going to kill me!

"We should get that checked out," she took his hand and Titan curled into me, snatching his hand away from the strange girl.

It was a stubborn day for him. Titan was always stubborn, but when he didn't want to do something, he would sit there and pull what my mother and I called his 'deaf act'. When I arrived at the house, he had just woken from his nap and wouldn't leave his room, instead crouching on the floor and staring blankly. I liked to think that I was his favorite person because he always chose me over the other grown-up family members (it doesn't help that I spoiled him whenever I had him) but even then I had to bribe him with my phone just to pick him up.

"What's his name?" the girl asked, understanding he wasn't comfortable with her.

"Titan, Tai for short." I sighed, adjusting him so I could hold a hand out. "And I'm Nina."

"Suki." she said, taking my hand in hers. She tilted her head to a case of stairs on the gray brick wall behind us, and I couldn't help but look in awe at the foriegn archetecture.

"Come on, we have a medical station up top and we can get a look at that cut-" She paused, her eyes widen as she suddenly grasps my arm and pulls up the sleeve of my hoodie.

"What happened?"

"Yow!" I flinched, feeling her light grip rub against my skin and pain shoot up the limb. Red marks like a large claw swirled around my arm, the skin searing as if it had been burned.

She took a closer look, her grip loosening as she examined the burns. "This is fresh!"

"I . . . I don't even know where that came from!"


I sat under one of the many pavilions on the large wall that overlooked this strange campsite. I could see so much more from over the edge, and my eyes widened. This small camp was not small. It was huge! I could look left and right and it seemed to stretch on forever! And from this height, I could see just over the opposing wall to find a giant ship getting ready to leave. People stood in the line, holding things that could have been everything they owned for all I knew.

"Oh. My. Stars." I quaked, turning quickly to duck my head. "Where am I?"

My arm propped up on a wooden beam as Titan sat in my lap, fidgeting as Suki attempted to clean his cut. He tried to turn and cling to me as she came near, making a face.

Another girl in a similar uniform to Suki looked at my arm, wrapping it in a long white bandage.

"That's going to scar," she said. "Do you know how you got it?"

"No! No idea! I opened my eyes and I was here. I don't even know where here is!"

Suki managed to put a small sticky bandage on Titan's wound and gave me alook of concern. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"I-I was at home." and by home, I meant Utah. America. Reality! Not this weird place! But something was telling me that they'd think I was crazy if I went on. Well, even more crazy then they already thought I was.

"And you just woke up here?"

"Where exactly is here?"

Suki looked up at the girl who finished working on my arm, a look of concern clear on her face.

"Hana, I need you to do a perimeter check and alert the other warriors of a possible breech. I don't want to raise any alarms," she lowered her voice. "but we could have a spy from the Fire Nation here. This is the work of a firebender." She turned back to me. "Did you hit your head? Is there any pain?"

i blinked, processing her words.


Did she just say what I think she said?

"D-Did you just say firebender?" I stammered.

She gave me a stern look, but softened it when she saw the look on my face. "Don't worry. Full Moon Bay is a place where refugees are safe from the Fire Nation. It's possible they made you guide them here and you hit your head. Let me wrap that up and you'll be headed to Ba Sing Se in no time."

"Fire Nation . . ." I gulped. "Oh, fantastic."

As Suki's voice voice faded out, and Titan began patting me for my attention, I turned out to the camp site again.

Firebenders . . . Fire Nation . . . You'd have to be a total idiot not to put the clues together.

I mean, really what are the chances that I, a completely ordinary person, would end up here?

No, no, no, no! I can't! It's impossible! It doesn't make any sense!

My stomach clenched, and all the blood drained from my face. I was vaguley aware of her asking if I was okay.

It sure has been a while since I've really watched this show, but now I just felt so stupid and crazy and . . . and . . .

I'm in Avatar: The last Airbender . . . I'm in the world . . . of AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER.

The designs on the walls were in the style of the Earth Kindom, the way the people dressed, the refugee camp for going behind the safe walls of Ba Sing Se!

And Suki! She was one of the Kyoshi Warriors to help fight the war! She was one of the main characters! She was the main character of the Kiyoshi warriors! Sokka's girlfriend!

I gave her another look over and imagined her in the Kyoshi Warrior outfit with makeup and fans.

"Oh my god," I gasped, trying to breath.

"Nina? Are you alright?" she asked. "You look a little sick -"

I gagged, holding back the vomit coming up my throat.

There were so many things I could do right now. Things I could say! I could go on an adventure and stop things from happening and make sure everybody has a happy ending even though everyone has a happy ending anyway! I could see the future! I could do anything!


The fan moment didn't last long.

Crap, crap! Suki was talking to me! But what do I tell her? That I knew who she was? That I was from another world?

Of all the intelligent things I could have said right then, there was only one thought that came to mind:

"You have gotto be kidding me!"

And then I threw up.

A/N: Ahh, Nina. What are you going to do now?

I hope I didn't just dump a lot of information for the first chapter. It's just that I want my OC to have a full detailed character, and I'm sure we would all still have our minds on the way things are here in the real world if this happened.

So, on some notes: I just want to say that this is a first sort-of self-insert. I've created a lot of OC's, with personalities of different kinds and based some of their experiances off my own. But the character of Nina is roughly based off of myself the most. Her reactions and the way she thinks is pretty much what I would do in this situation. I even suspect I would throw up due to the shock . . . I don't have that strong of a stomach . . .

The character of Titan is also based off one of my own baby cousins, and when his birthday party came it gave me the jumpstart for how I'm going to start this story. Go Titan! :)

Please Review and tell me what you think! I promisE this isn't going to be one of those tacky stories where the main OC sits on the side with a witty one-liner as eVerything just happens in front of her. Her presence In this world is going to have some small to major Effects on the plotline. Titan also has his Way in the story too!