As much as she wanted to, she couldn't. She couldn't step forward.

She felt used, dirty. No one would want her, no one she could be with, anyway. Not unless she retired and settled for someone ignorant to the dangers of the world.

He ruined her.

If anyone ever knew, ever knew she'd been with him. With that whore.

She laughed bitterly, bending down and running a hand through her hair. She couldn't get tested. She didn't even want to know if she was sick. If she was going to die, she'd be fine with it.

He'd thrown her away, after all. How much could she be worth?

Her nails picked at the sticky, green substance gently.

Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. Or a lie, she didn't know. English had never been her strongest subject. Or maybe it was because she was blonde. Spirit had a ball teasing her about her hair color in school, who's to say anything he said wasn't true? After all, she'd fallen for him.

She just... she felt like litter. Filthy, troublesome, just overall bad.

It was leaving a bit of a residue as she scraped it off.

She was odd. She was disorganized, but she never lost a thing; she never put much thought into her wardrobe, but it took her three hours in the morning none-the-less; she had sex with him, had a child and a marital contract with him, and she left.

Why did she even leave? He loved her; that was clear. He may have fucked all those other women, but he loved her.

He loved her most.

But being loved the most out of a group of women was like being the patient in the death ward with the most amount of time.

Maybe that was an exaggeration?

She didn't care anymore.

She stood, the chewed and discarded gum in her palm. She laughed and threw it behind her, wiping her hands roughly on her skirt. "Gross."

And she stepped forward.