I go with the Ondra sisters to take their kids back to Platform 9 3/4 and Hogwarts Express. All of the kids (padawans included) are there. It is a huge brood, but no one seems to mind the noise.

Gretchen and Dennis are doing their best to reassure their eleven year olds that school won't be that bad, they will be coming home for Christmas, they will write, and they will be loved no matter what house they are sorted into.

All of Chloe's kids, most of Gretchen's kids, and those of Bess' kids that are veterans, are all trying to escape the goodbye kisses and find their friends on the train.

Bess, with the baby on her hip and Finn hanging on her tabard, kisses Kennedy and assures her she is swimming in cousins, and had one to turn to no matter what house she is in, and not to forget that Emery and Aengus are there.

Down the platform, I can see Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione with their assorted children preparing for departure.

Draco Malfoy stands with his wife and son.

School rivalries sometimes linger, yet Draco and Harry merely nod politely. Perhaps they go out for a drink on occasion or have a cup of tea at the office.

The train is full of laughing, smiling, happy children, such a different atmosphere than it would have been in this identical setting nineteen years ago.

The train blows two long toots to signal the final boarding call. Jonah, Molly, and Kennedy climb aboard, but look mournfully out of the windows at their families.

The mothers and aunts stand with tears in their eyes and wave. The fathers and uncles roll their eyes at the women, but seem sad to see their young ones go.

Chloe and Bess offer for me to join them for lunch, but I decline. I need to make my report and get their story in the records, because their story can reignite the fervor for the unity their story promotes.

Chloe steps forward and offers one arm to Gretchen and the other to Bess. Bess looks to Kendra, who rolls her eyes and steps forward also. Bess hands Jason Rauri and Ernie takes Finn away. Both cringe at what they know is coming.

"To Oz?" Chloe asks her sisters.

"To Oz!" they concur.

"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz..." they sing as they skip back through the wall to King's Cross. The husbands follow.

I turn for one last glimpse of Harry Potter.

He and Ginny are smiling after the train as their remaining daughter begs them to get lunch on the way home.

I could tell these nineteen years of peace were what everyone had needed.


The end has come. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, review (even though most of those were quite harsh), and a special thank you to my subscribers.

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