Sabrina's POV:

I can't believe Ms. Smirt is sending us to, yet another, crazy!

Well actually I can I mean she did send us to Ms. Longdon, who swore her toilet was haunted, but sending us to a person pretending to be our dead grandmother is taking it too far!

I look out the window, sighing at the sight of rain trickling down the window.

I'm going to die of boredom here.

In a quick flash, Daphne and Sabrina are whisked away.

Author's Note: Ok change of plans, I was going to add the POV of every character being taken so you know what time zone they're from, but the whole whisking away thing got really boring and frankly I winced at my own words. So instead I'm going to just put Sabrina's and have the others say who they are and such.