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What does that mean? He wondered


Which continued for close to 5 minutes until they were startled out of it.


Her posture straightened, as she threw her sack thing over her shoulder the woman spun on her heel, running in the other direction; stepping so lightly that he had to strain his ears to hear her foot steps, and even then Merlin was pretty sure he had imagined it.

"Wait!" he called, lurching forward only to crash into the rocks that made up the well merlin had unintentionally used to bring her here.

"Owww" he said looking up to see if she was still within eye sight.

No where... well that was fast

Sighing in defeat he turned to face his master who looked ready to blow a fuse. Maybe the dragon would know something. Her eyes would not leave his memory: bright blue, sad, frustrated and soulful eyes, a hint of defeat but lined with defiance and determination.

What has happened to make her so?


Staring at the boy Kagome mentally slapped herself in the forehead. He doesn't speak Japanese! How is he supposed to know what I'm saying?! aw jeez, what he must think of me...

The silence continued and Kagome mentally rushed through what she has been taught in school on the English language. She needed to say something, ANYTHING she didn't care that he is the reason she is here. The atmosphere was killing her! Preparing to say something they were both startled by a yelling voice. It must've been Arthur, she needed to leave and find the young wizard later.

Throwing her bag behind her to stick the other arm under the strap she turned and ran. The reality of the situation began to enter her mind and she was just barely aware of his plea to wait.

no no no No NO! Her throat began to tighten and her eyes started to burn with tears she refused to let shed. Needing to let out this frustration she ran, for hours she ran; Until she was on the verge of collapsing.

How do I get home? Do I go back to merlin? Can he send me back? Will everyone worry about me? Why am I here? Is this some kind of joke Amaterasu-sama? The questions continued to circle around in her mind, beating against the walls and giving her a killer headache.

By the time she had stopped she remembered that this was (practically) enemy territory. Completely new, and she scolded herself for letting her emotions getting in the way of thinking logically, again.

Skidding to a stop she tried to figure out how far she actually ran. Stupid Youkai abilities, running so fast without feeling a loss of breath after words. Stupid son, stupid mate...not so stupid Mokomoko-sama she whined, only to chuckle at herself as she let her fur appear on her shoulder, helping with the cold and giving her a sense of familiarity.

Glancing at the moon she decided that it was high time to make camp. She would do some back tracking in the morning or find the nearest road, and head straight to Camelot.



The next day...

Merlin and Arthur left before dawn. Gwaine was worse than they thought and he needed Gaius, also too the incident at the well has set the Sorcerer completely on edge.

Once their somewhat savior was settled in and his master gone, Merlin went straight to the Dragon Kilgharrah.

"Merlin" the Dragon said in that annoyingly pleasant tone that he always usedwhen first addressing the boy.

"uh, hi" he said almost awkwardly.

"You are agitated young warlock" Kilgharrah said stating the obvious "What has happened?"

Merlin didn't quite know how to start, so he went to the beginning.

"...and before I could really say anything else she was gone" he finished, waiting nervously for the dragons response to his story.


Merlin blanched "'Hmm'? that's it?"

The dragon sat silently "Sometimes," he began "the best answers are found with patience for the right time. Just because you met her NOW doesn't mean that she is important at this point in time merlin"

His face tightened up in annoyance, causing Kilgharrah to turn away and prepare to launch himself up into the cave.

"Why don't you ever give me a straight answer!?" The boy cried.

"In time Merlin! Everything just takes a little time" Was the dragons response, his voice fading, leaving only echoes of what once was there behind.

Huffing in irritation, Merlin turned on his heel and stomped away. Grumbling about fate and retartedly confusing Dragons.

Watching the young sorcerer stomp away Kilgharrah contemplated this situation Emris has found himself in with confusion and worry.

For the first time in his long life, he could see nothing.

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