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Ch. 3 Explanations and Training Pains

I woke up again from unconsciousness to hear voices arguing.

"Jashin-kun what in Yomi did you do to him?" spoke a man's voice that seemed a little rough.

"Nothing really. All I did was expose him to killer intent." Spoke Jashin.

"You do know that since he is only human he isn't use to our type of killer intent yet, so it actually was deadly."

Wait what?

"What do you mean?" Jashin questioned.

I heard a sigh and felt someone approach me.

"It means that you killed him with it."

Ohhhh… WAIT I DIED!?

"I killed him?" Jashin spoke with no care in his voice. Wow, I feel loved.

"Well, yes you did. Though here in your kingdom, no one can actually die. Now that this boy is your heir, it has accepted it as so, thus making him immortal." Explained the second voice.

"I'M FUCKIN IMMORTAL!?" I screamed as I rocket up from the bed.

I stare out into what looked like a hospital room. In front of me stood Jashin and someone else.

He had short snow-white hair that was lighter than Jashin's silver white. Though that was the only normal thing about him. His eyes were silver in color and they seem to glow, even in this bright room. He has pale white skin with what looked like scale running up the side of his face. He also wore long white doctors coated that looked fray near the bottom and had black gloves on. Underneath he wore a black shirt and pants along with bandages wrapped around his feet and up his pants.

"It seems you're awake, Master." The man replies, giving a smile to show a row of sharp-pointed teeth.


"Kid" Jashin calls bringing my attention to him. "I like to introduce you to Leviathan. He is the known doctor of our Kingdom.

"Wait Leviathan? Isn't that the name of the demon of Envy?" I question.

Jashin gives an amused smirk.

"So you do know about demons. Ryuu's information was correct."


"Yes, information." Jashin says reading my mind again. "It was what he received from the "raffle" when he first met you. It complied a list of all aspects of yourself: likes, dislikes, secrets and things like that and fed that information to him. It also holds information on actions that you took in your life."

"Isn't that an invasion of privacy?" I question

"For us gods, privacy for those below us is meaningless. We are privy to any and all information that doesn't deal with other gods."

That's a bunch of bullshit.

"Just deal with it you brat, now get up. We are going to begin your training immediately so follow me." Jashin gets up and walks over to door.

"Sorry about Jashin-kun, he's a little tense, with everything going on." Leviathan replies reaching a gloved hand toward me.

I grab his hand and he pulls me up off the hospital bed. I lose momentum and I fall face first into the ground. I could hear Leviathan snicker behind me.

"Thanks, asshole" I "politely" say.

"No problem" he replies walking over to the door where Jashin impatiently waits for us.

I pull myself off the ground and dust off my clothes. I walk over to both of them and we begin our journey down familiar dark hallways of Jashin' home.

It was quiet with the exception of our footsteps echoing through the hall.

I hated it.

I mean here I am training to become the heir to Jashin and I'm bored. This is fucking bull crap.

"Now, Now Master, there is no need to be pissy." Leviathan cooed from his spot next to me.

I really hate the mind reading.

"I'm just bored, that's all. I thought things would be a little more interesting seeing as I'm in the realm of the gods."

Leviathan gives me a smirk.

"Don't worry, things are going to get far more interesting here now that you are here. I can't wait." He cheers giving a sadistic smirk.

Okay, I'm starting to wonder if most of the people here are sadists. First that Cerberus, and now Levi. What's going to happen to me?

"A lot actually." Jashin spoke for the first time since the prolonged silence. "I'm going to have to train in many things before you are ready to take my mantle as the new Jashin. I plan that it's going to take a century before I believe you're worthy to take my title and fix the "Naruto world" as you called it.

"Wait!" I said stopping in my tracks.

"What is it? We don't have time to waste." Jashin answered.

"What do you mean by a century?"

"Well, as the heir to Jashin and in general a god. Your required to have an advanced to master level understanding in all aspects of jutsu. Ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, fuinjutsu, bukijustu, kenjutsu, chakra control, elemental manipulation, and anything else that you told me about, you have to know and the amount of time and training required will take at least a century for you to complete. If I were to use the rudimentary timeline that you gave me after our talk before, I would say that you would be ready about a little after that Uchiha Massacre."

I stood there in shock before…


"You heard me, if you want to help fix the world, you are going to have to let these events come to pass and spend your time training. There is no shortcuts to allow you to speed through the training like Naruto did. I will be watching over every aspect of your training to make sure of that."

"But, we have to do something, I mean isn't there anything we could do to at least change one event in the future?"

My anger was boiling. Why can't he do something?

"Possibly, but nothing like changing someone's death." Jashin said before muttering something about people dying to early.

"You're a god, can't you do anything."

"Well, I could change things but, I can't."

I lost it there

"WHY!" I yelled not be able to hold my anger in any longer.

Jashin stares at me with his cold red eyes.


I looked at him confused.


"Yes, you. When you won the raffle and became my heir, my powers and abilities began to transfer over to you, although in little increments. The problem is that by the time we meet these pivotal events in the timeline that you pointed out before to me, neither you nor I will be strong enough to make the drastic change needed to prevent the outcome you saw. I believe that the only thing that we could do is send something, like a scroll with a warning to the human realm, but would anyone believe a random scroll that appears out of nowhere? The answer is no. They would immediately disregard it and ignore it before it's too late. So the only logical option that you have at this point is to wait and train, till you have earned your right as Jashin. Do you understand now why I can't changes things?"

I dropped my head and stared at the ground. I was the reason so many people were going to die? That's bullshit.

"It's true and you have to accept it, though at least with this option we have a chance to prevent the future you told me before." Jashin explained.

That's true. Even if I didn't change those events early on, I could wait till later so I could stop Kaguya from being revived and stop a war. However, a lot of major events happened before the Uchiha Massacre and it was the last event that had any huge significance on the plot for a while till the main series comes up. If I were to go down before I was properly trained, I could cause even more problems than solutions for the Naruto-verse. Hell, people could ignore me than when the events come to fruition, try to track me down and capture me for information on the "future." Or better yet, I could lose control of my powers and possibly kill important players in the series and drastically change the Naruto world.

I sigh and bring my head back up to see Levi giving me a shit eating grin and Jashin giving me an flat look.


"Now, now Master there is no need to insult us, Jashin was only speaking the truth. Now let's continue shall we."

I relented and continued to walk next to Levi.

Silence crept up on us and I was getting bored. I mean here I am with Jashin training to be his heir and all we are doing now is walking down what seemed like an endless hallway. This was fucking troublesome.

Wait a minute? Didn't Jashin…

"Ne Jashin-sama?" I ask.

"What" he grunted.

"After I told you about the plot to Naruto, you went on that rampage and talked about the first followers of Jashin. What do you mean by that?"

"Well brat," is he ever going to stop calling me that?

"From what you told me, these Naras that you told me about are actually the descendants of my present day followers."

So Shikamrau's ancestors were the first Jashinists! Wow, you learn something new every day.

"And for their allegiance, I gave them a gift."


"Well, when their ancestors pledged their loyalty to me, I taught them how to control shadows with chakra, which is now know."

To prove his point, Jashin waved his hand and his shadow began to twitch till a massive claw of shadows rose from behind him.

I stopped and stared at the construct before me, till it began to fall toward me. I jumped back and away from the falling claw as it slammed into the ground with a resounding crash. Rocks and dust flew out from the impact leaving the floor and the wall in ruins.

"Holy shit!"

"Calm down boy, I wasn't even using a fraction of my power. It was to demonstrate what I had taught my followers and ultimately you in the future."

I could only stare at the destruction before I felt something tug me up. I looked and saw the same claw that caused this mess lift me up and pull me up and over to Jashin and Levi. The claw placed me down before receding back into Jashin's shadow. Jashin just turned back and continued to walk down the hall with Levi and me following.

"That was fucking awesome I mean, I never see anyone in Shikamaru's family do anything like that. Why the hell can't they do something like that?"

"Judging by what you told me, they must have stopped following me and I restricted the use of their shadow control to the degree that you know of in the future."

"Wait why would you just restrict their power and not just take it away?"

Jashin gave a feral smirk.

Okay, now I'm a little freaked out.

"Well you see, one can't just pledge their loyalty to me and back out. They are permanently under my influence and I could easily bring them back under my wing. I could make it so their entire clan would be wiped out or they have to follow the commands of my still believing followers."

Okay then, time to add Jashin to the ever-growing list of sadists in this place.

"So, you're saying that if your followers were ever in danger, if it does happen, by the Naras, you could influence said Nara to stand down and not fight."


"That doesn't make any sense then. If you remember what I told you, Shikamaru was able to both face and defeat Hidan. If what you said is true…"

"It is." Jashin interrupted.

"Then, why didn't you stop him?"

Jashin stopped walking and just stood in the middle of the hall. A tense silence has filled the hall.

"I don't know." Spoke Jashin.

"You don't know?"

"I mean, that I don't why that happened. That Nara kid should have been under Hidan's command when I gave him the right to do so. The only thing I could think of that might have stopped that from happening would have been…"


Jashin's face contorts a bit in rage.

"Some asshole over threw me."


"How the fuck is that possible? I mean aren't you a God?"

Jashin's anger seems to roll off of him in waves trying to prevent himself from lashing out at me.

"That's true, but that doesn't mean that he can't be taken down." Spoke Levi for the first time in a while.

I turned toward him seeing a dark look in his eyes and not an aloof one he had before.

Jashin… could be taken down? How is that possible?

"It's very possible." Levi continued again reading my mind. "You see many demons and even souls of the departed despise Jashin and continuously plan ways to take him down and become ruler of Yomi. Hell even, some Gods and Goddesses despise him just because of the job he has and none of them would come to his aid. Only a select few are really on his side but, Master really hasn't kept in contact or visit them in a really long time due to the demons trying to kill him."

Well that sucks.

"But can't…"

We've arrived"

Levi and I turned toward the same door I saw when I first met Jashin. Why in the hell would be heading to the throne room when we're going to be training. Jashin mumbled a few words under his breath while holding the rat seal and the door shined for a second. He pushed the door opened and instead of the throne room like I thought, a waste land greeted my sight. The ground was a light brown with withered trees and rocks scattered about. The sky was cloudy and black but, the land was lit by the glow of the lava that filled the canyons and valleys.

"Where are we?" I questioned.

"Welcome to Yomi, our domain." Jashin spoke.

"But I thought we were heading into the throne room. I mean that was where that door leads to right?

"You're not wrong. You see every God has a multi-dimensional door that allows them to move from one place to another. The door you saw was mine and it allows me to move any place in my domain with the exception of my home, you have to walk from room to room to get anywhere."

"That's fucking awesome. I mean you could go anywhere you want like say the Naruto world?"

"You could but, not without the Council of Gods permission."

"Council of Gods?"

"It is a council of the important Gods and Goddesses that meet together every once in a while to discuss what we should do about the human realm. They also regulate who is and isn't allowed to go down to the human realm. I'm not allowed to go since, even if I'm a part of the council, many of the other members don't really like me besides Kami, Izanami, and Benihime."

"What about..?"

"That is enough questions for now." Jashin chided. "We have to begin your training and I rather not waste time answering your questions."

"Harsh much"

"But needed."

"I have a feeling that things around here are going to be bloody. I should tell Kanon to prep the infirmary." Spoke Levi with mirth in his voice.

"So you're leaving?" Jashin questioned.

"I'll be back. I just want to prep my things for experi... I mean healing our young master."

Levi waved good-bye with a sharp toothed grin before turning into a puddle.

"Should I be worried?"

"No, it also is a part of your training so it should be nothing to worry about."

"That's what I'm worried about."

We continued our little walk till we reached a cliff that overlooked a sea of lava. I stood next to Jashin who has his hand on my back.

"Now my heir, it is time for you to begin your first training exercise to become Jashin."

"What is it?" I say curious to what I'm doing.

Jashin gave me a wicked smirk.

"Pain tolerance"

Jashin pushes me off the cliff and into the lava below.

I was in a shock for a few moments, falling closer to the lava below until…

"What the F…" I start before I plop into the fiery death below.

You know death by lava isn't really bad.

It's unbearably horrible.

The lava burned every part of my body and my screams were from the lava entering my body. It only lasted for a few moments before it goes dark.

When I came to I found myself back in the infirmary, but not in a bed this time. I'm strapped down to an operating table by my hands and feet.

"What the fuck is going on here?"

"Ah, master it's good to see your awake."

My head shoots up and I see Levi standing on my side with a wicked smile and a table of different medical and torture devices behind him.

"What are you doing here and why am I tied down to this table." I yell trying to find out what I'm doing here.

"Well Master, after Jashin threw you into the lava, he decided that building up your pain tolerance that way would take too much time and, that's not something we have, so Jashin decided to leave you with me and gave me free rein on your body. Though, I did have to wait for your body to recreate itself back on the cliff. Isn't it nice to have such a wonderful body, I'm going to enjoy experimenting on you."

"What!" He was kidding, right?

"No I'm not Master. Besides look on the bright side."

"What bright side!?"

"It's a win-win situation for the both of us. I get to experiment on you with no sort of anesthesia and you get to build up your pain tolerance. You see a win-win."

I stared at him in shock and again tried to break through my binds.

"That's not going to work. I reinforced the bindings with chakra and natural energy to give it that extra durability needed to prevent you from escaping."

Levi turns around and grabs a pile of scalpels on the table.

"Don't worry Master," Levi said flicking his wrists showing a scalpel in each hand, "Just think of how this could benefit you. So please, enjoy the experience." He finishes showing a toothy smile.

I think I'm starting to regret this.

OMAKE 1: While Alex was unconscious

Jashin sighed as he waited for his heir to awake.

The only thing he knew after he finished with his rant was his heir on the ground and not moving. After trying different things to wake him up, kicking him, stabbing him with one of his pike or even using his shadows to wake him up, but they did nothing. He decided to bring him to Leviathan to see what was wrong.

When he showed the crazed doctor wasn't there, so he decided to wait for him to arrive. So he decided to take the opportunity to look over the file that Ryuu had compiled on his heir.

Reaching into one of his sleeves, Jashin pulled the file out of a pocket dimension and opened it.

He saw that his heir had a name but, decided to disregard it seeing its useless now. The brat was his heir and his old life holds no weight here.

Jashin then went over to the part that he was somewhat interested in; his heir's interests, likes, dislikes, etc. He wanted to know what he needed to look out for in his training.

Gods and Goddess come with different personalities. Some have greater flaws than others. Jashin's own flaw was his disinterest in anything besides his followers, so things like relationships with other Gods was out of the question and his lack of an emotional connect with anything. They were useless to him so, he didn't think they weren't too harmful to him.

Jashin began reading and, to his surprise, by some of his interests and secrets this kid had. For one he had knowledge of the supernatural, which he hides. Another is a problem of over thinking things to the point where it confuses him. That would be a problem and Jashin knew he had to beat that habit out of him… literally.

However, the next secret made him smile a little. It seems that his heir had a hidden sadistic side to him. He read on that due parental influence and environment, this side of him became dormant in his mind. Well that won't due for Jashin and he was going to love pulling it out of him and watching what madness this kid could make.

Lastly was….

Jashin left out a full born laugh. He couldn't believe that THIS was one of his secrets. He could see why he would hide it in the first place but, here in his kingdom, it would hold no problem for anyone. Hell, it's actually encouraged. So, Jashin's only problem with this child was that he was reserved in releasing any of his hidden aspects in fear of being judged. He knew the kid was a lazy ass and had no interest in boring things, but his environment and family restricted his freedom.

Jashin wasn't going to let it happen and he couldn't wait to see what sort of person he could make out this kid.

He couldn't wait.

OMAKE 2: Back on Earth

You see while our new heir was in Jashin's kingdom going through his training, you have to ask yourself.

What happened to him on Earth?

Well Jashin had a good plan for that. You see he took one of his lowered level staff members and input his heir's personality, memories, the entire that made him, him. The lucky one who was given this job was Sora, a young goat demon that worked under Ryuu as a butler in training. Jashin had chosen him seeing as he was the only one who he thought couldn't handle being his butler.

The problem

Sora was very timid and an extreme klutz.

Jashin just didn't want to handle with the mistakes that Sora made and possibly the colossal damage he could create once his training was finished. Deciding to take the lesser of two evils, Jashin had gave him the job and Sora readily accepted, wanting to do anything for his master. So Jashin preformed the ritual and sent Sora to play his part.

However, a problem arose.

When Sora in route to Earth, a part of his original personality fused with Alex's and as a result created a hybrid personality that resulted in Sora developing a split personality. One being Sora's and the other was Alex's.

So when, Sora came to Earth, he started with his original personality and had chaos ensued. Sora ran into random kiosk causing them to fall, breaking merchandise and paying for them, with the money Alex had, and lastly, knocking himself unconscious when he ran into a column after being frighten by a seeing eye dog.

Looks like Sora has a lot of problems to deal with in his new assignment and he hopes he doesn't fail…badly.

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